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RP: SOME People in Wilmington Seem to Have GONE OFF THEIR ROCKERS (now that they know I send my info to the proper authorities in the US Government, which is NOT made up of ONLY NAZI/CHRISTIANS)!!!

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Now, before I get into the subject promised by my title, I wish to REMIND EVERYONE that I have been as transparent as I've felt PRUDENT about the "Spirit Guides" (super-insightful real people who have told things to me as if that were on some kind of mission), that have visited me on VERY rare occasions (six times in my life???), beginning with the high school friend of my fellow 1973 Denison University grad and CHIEF founding partner in -- that about 1974.

She and her husband came to visit Hilary Russell, and her husband was the marketing partner of the just-into-being-manufactured Boogie Board, taking a BREAK before their initial sales campaign -- and they left us two Boogie Boards (so we had them before anyone else even HEARD of them), that we all LOVED to use in the surf.

Anyway, this woman, after observing my relating to her infant as I carried her or him as we all walked down the paved boardwalk, was that I had a very SPECIAL MISSION to perform in this life.

Well WHO doesn't like hearing something like THAT???

Another important one was the guy who exited a home facing Peachtree Battle Park in Atlanta, who walked straight across the green to where I was a few hundred feet away, and came to me and told me that my name is pronounced KEY-nun -- because I HOLD THE KEY to collapse all the negativity in the world, and someday, I would know how to use it -- and do so.

The third, and most recent, was in the bar in the back corner, upstairs in the Market in central Florence, Italy, where I'd stopped to test an Italian liquore, and the bar was filled with old to ancient men, and only local Italians, only one of whom had ANY grasp of English. Some of them began making the sign of the cross in my direction, as if I were a vision of a favorite SAINT, and the one explained that they wanted to buy me a drink because two of them saw auras, and mine was more powerful than any they'd seen before!!!

This was about 1998, and I figured they were drinking too much and my two-meters-ten (6' 11") height had overwhelmed them, but played along, having only ONE drink, which they paid for.

And a few times, I have been told to WATCH OUT because I MIGHT be confused with the return of Jesus Christ, but I am NOT Jesus Returned -- so obvious to me -- and I found that laughable, but it also was MEMORABLE.

I have also told many times about my series of "Catholic Visions" -- about five with my old friend Jackie Kennedy Onassis, two of them with JFK behind her smiling, and ONE of those also with all the dead US Presidents in sepia-tone -- like card-board cut-outs -- ending with George Washington, full-figured in color and wearing a Roman toga -- clacking his wooden TEETH at me -- and laughing like a HYENA!!!

I also had two of JFK, Jr., one as John-John, saluting his Dad's casket on the caisson, the other of him as a young man is the ONLY one I remember distinct words from, he telling me that before that last flight, he had been LAZY and not thoroughly checked the engine first, he knowing the Republicans had been trying to KILL HIM!!!

ALL of these were in vertical pointed ovals, rimmed in licks of flame like a vision of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, floating in mid distance between my seat on the sofa and my big TV -- all late 2009 or maybe a couple in early 2010 -- and I KNEW that as likely as not, they were my OWN MENTAL PROJECTION, and since at that time my whole family (except maybe my brother Mike), and the Republican Party and the CIA -- and Patrick Stansbury, my boss at Pentagon Publishing, Snellville, Georgia -- were DESPERATELY trying to commit me to a mental hospital on the FALSE DIAGNOSIS my mother had first FORCED on me in 1978 of Bipolar Disorder -- when I'd begun talking about the Swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings -- without reason.

I was on Lithium Carbonate, a soft Lobotomy, for 31 years, and luckily suffered no damage to my ORGANS, but LOST all my PERFECT TEETH to Lithium. (Hey there, George Washington -- LOL!!!)

My point is that any of these things could be considered symptoms of a Mental Illness, but NONE of them persisted but a very short time, and I never tried to "live by them", but thought they were some kind of interesting feedback about current and perhaps future events.

My house in Stone Mountain in spring 2010

My house after it was sold in a FIRE SALE, when Army Col. Dottie Newman (former Chief Protocol Officer to Secretary of State Colin Powell), got me to safety in Political Exile in Mexico, May 2010.


OK, the mysterious possible roommate who left his under-pants soaking in my bathtub yesterday afternoon, has NOT contacted me since then, and I'm afraid it was a LAST DESPERATE ATTEMPT by the Christian NAZI Narco-Traffickers to sexually tempt me into taking a criminal back into my house. I hadn't mentioned that Darrell Neil Brutout had actually been TENTING in his crotch after he removed them (which I had had no idea he had done), and I should ALSO say that his undies were new, yet VERY stretched out in the front POUCH -- MERCY, I'm sorry I'll have to miss all the FUN!!!

And almost UNBELIEVABLY -- as if the Christian NAZIS within the CIA (who are CLEARLY loosing their power of late), have been monitoring my writing this posting in REAL TIME, I only a few minutes ago got a Facebook (naturally -- LOL!!!), message from Haston Lavern Caulder II's sister Marsha Caulder -- Haston out on a Continuance until his trial in late June -- or maybe it is from Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, who only yesterday AGAIN insisted that I am the CRIMINAL who has RUINED Haston's LIFE -- LOL!!!:

Marsha Caulder accepted your request.
Marsha Caulder
I believe you made a blog a while back about a Carla McCall..and me and my son Hunter Phillips... I was wondering where did you get all that information from and who is Rommie from Wilmington NC.... Comments made about me and my son,hunter, are completely untrue
I'm asking you if you could please take that post or blog off the internet. Please
I'm sorry if they are untrue, but your brother Haston (Shake), told me all of that. If you wish me to remove them, contact Ben David our District Attorney (who knows both me and Haston very well), to prosecute me. Your brother is very dangerous and all my info now goes DIRECTLY to the top people in both the US Justice and State Departments because they LOVE my blog and want ALL MY INFO to clean the criminals out of Wilmington and Washington, DC!!! Scott
Marsha Caulder
My brother is the least dangerous person I must be mistaken some how...and it's a sad thing that you would speak about a child like that on the internet
Seen by Marsha Caulder at 8:12pm
According to Haston, your "child son" has been banging girls for several years, and was ADDICTED TO ALCOHOL by age 14 or 15. CONGRATULATIONS on your CHRISTIAN SKILLS of upbringing!!!

The above scrolls to see the last lines.

Hunter Phillips, at age 13


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