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RP: Sunday Night Chill Out -- and Perhaps a Little Catch Up (as opposed to ketchup):

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My new Facebook Profile Pic -- that will expire in a week.

And with Tennessee Williams as my former boss, how could I see it ANY OTHER WAY???

First, I start off with a little razzing of Joseph Faulk in NYC, who today answered my question of three days ago -- ONLY because I posed it again -- and I DOUBT he remembers I ever asked: Given that my birthday is Thursday, and I STILL have no idea when I'll get settlement with Spectrum Cable for hitting me in a crosswalk with a big ole' cherry-picker truck that ACCELERATED into me in a crosswalk at 9:30 AM on a cloudless day knocking me 12 feet and buckling its hood, popping paint, and breaking the top of the radiator grill, PLUS I've gotten in the OCCASIONAL bills for car inspection, three new (but used) tires, registration, insurance, Costco renewal (so I get the best drug prices, which for mine recently went up $35.00/month and my cable bill without explanation went up $35.00/month recently too), and I'd delayed paying the medical bills (my portion not covered by insurance and had to either start paying installments or they would go to collection, making it MUCH SLOWER to get copies for the lawyer handling things for Spectrum Cable) -- and Joseph had REDUCED his $1000.00/month gift he has sent since I returned to the USA two years ago to only $700.00/month (after I INSISTED on that much while he insisted for a month it would be $600.00).

ADDED LATER: Plus 11 more months of $100.00 installments to pay for the Bed Bug treatment that Gold Walker financed for me.

Well, that was the set up, and here's the question I asked: "Considering the increased costs, several annual or semi-annual bills due, and I HAVE to begin paying on the medical bills -- could you send me a one-time extra $300.00, which will NOT cover that, but I can squeeze the rest out of my already squeezed budget -- and then you always send me a few hundred as a birthday present every year (since 2012) -- if you can let me know what to expect, I can BUDGET and stop worrying about how to make ends meet?"

I didn't bother to also state that I have several types of clothing that are worn out and must be replaced, which until Haston moved out, Joseph HAPPILY ordered and paid for -- usually MORE than I needed, so THAT cost as well. And the $200.00 "test" donation that my brother sent a month ago, was NOT followed by a "ton of more money from Mike once the test worked", as Joseph told me he was CERTAIN OF.

Joseph said that he couldn't talk long -- because his dinner is ready (so I figured it was a hot one), and said, "I can send you a total of $800.00 for this month -- the usual $700.00, plus $100.00 for your birthday." I then asked and he verified that "I can't send you a penny toward anything else."

"Well," said I, "your REFUSING of late to tell me CLEARLY things like WHEN, makes it feel like Psychological Warfare since you remind me all the time how you pay hundreds more per month than necessary for medical care -- all out of pocket, NEVER using your Medicare, and a flip cell for over $90.00 a month when you could have one for 1/3 of that -- and then never take it out of the house as if it's a landline, which you could add to your Cable/Internet from Spectrum at a flat fee of $10.00/month, so why pay NINE TIMES that for a landline-used cell???

Well, he likes to sort of laugh at me over all of these kinds of things as my NAZI mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan likes to do, she being a devout Catholic and HATING me, a homosexual possessed of Love of Liberty-for-ALL, to boot. So, I told him I continue to document all his hatreds for going to Court if we need to, and then asked what his supper he must hurry to is: "Caviar on crackers with dilled cream cheese."

However, in fairness to Joseph, he DID say it was a less expensive BLACK caviar!!! Although ALSO TRUE is that a few days ago when I asked, he was chowing down on caviar for his DINNER (not hors d'oeuvres), too!!!
As breathtakingly stupid as Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. (who keeps giving me the proof to SUE HIM SILLY for Psychological Abuse of me) -- the recluse in NYC who helped support me for 5.5 years until I threw his LUST-OBJECT criminal/bud, Haston Lavern Caulder, Jr. out of my house for narco-trafficking, communicating threats, and trying to sell me skanky MALE WHORES from his Anchor Church here in Wilmington, NC -- and NO "Shirley" included (Haston HATES his middle name) -- LOL!!!

“When he tells you to do something, guess what? There’s no ambiguity in it, there’s no, ‘Hey, I’m hoping.'"
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But Joseph DID say that my blog posts have gotten longer and more complex -- yet better written -- and I said I attribute that to spontaneously reducing to 2 - 3 drinks per day, NO marijuana in about three weeks, and RESPECT from influential people -- and SEEING my blogging is making a difference in both Wilmington and Washington. 

Because I already wrote TWO "serious" postings today, I've put off writing Brian Williams, the lawyer for Spectrum Cable whom I thought I'd get SOME kind of response from about timing, WHAT he bases awards on -- although not yet an offer.

And I am SO GLAD I wrote Mitt and Ann Romney -- warning them about the activities of Bill Romney toward me. It is TRUE that Mormons are TOTALLY into Family, and will handle this nut-case so he does not EMBARRASS the whole Romney Family!!! And THAT despite all the TROUBLES I have had AGGRESSIVELY over the years from Mormons often VICIOUSLY attacking me, 6 - 8 examples are detailed in this posting, beginning about 1/3 the way down:

Here is a REMINDER of the Tennessee Williams/Maria St. Just/Grenfell-cum-Deutsche Bank CONNECTION to the Trump/Russia Money Chain: 
The woman who helped plan Tennessee Williams's murder, Maria St. Just, controlled the Grenfell Bank that became the Center of Deutsche Bank's International banking -- and is the HEART of all of this. 

Maria was a RUSSIAN and close to the KGB. And tonight, THIS has happened: Believe it or NOT -- I just heard from Bill Romney, who first tried to DATE me, but NOW is harassing me with other Republicans, Christians, and Mor(m)ons -- Claiming he SPOKE with Mitt Romney, TODAY, and Mitt said he has THREE LAWYERS who will FORCE the CIA to shut down my blog -- HA!!! 

This posting starts off MILD, but gets RIGHT HEAVY, as they say:

Germany's Deutsche Bank said Friday it would not disclose any information on its links to US President Donald Trump and his family, rejecting a request from US lawmakers. Democratic members of the House Financial Services Committee had written to the…

Nearly ALL of these are in the USA, and NOT counting the several in NIGERIA (and one in the UK), I know of ALL of these except about three. And there are some REAL SURPRISES!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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There are thousands of religions around the globe. It’s even been said that they are some of the most profitable organizations in the world. There are billions of dollars spent…

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And that is IT, for now!!!


Good Night!!!


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