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RP: WORSE than Donald Trump, My NAZI/Catholic Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Just Told Me I Need to GO BACK ON Lithium Carbonate -- LOL!!!

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Mom and I on Memorial Day 2016, in her home on Castle Pines Drive in Raleigh.

I called Mom at 9:00 AM, and filled her in on my latest -- beginning with the DEATH of my microwave oven this morning, leaving me with room-temperature coffee after the two hour heat of the warmer plate gives out (and I use it all the time to thaw and re-heat food as well). I thought she might offer to send me some money to replace it, they being so cheap now but I'm BROKE, but of course not.

So I caught her up on these FACTS:

1. I can't get Joseph Faulk on the phone since late Wednesday, despite at least five tries per day and leaving messages some of the time. That after I DID speak to him and said that the woman who called me from NYC Adult Protective Services said she'd been to his place TWICE, so far, and he had NOT responded to her calling his cell phone.

So I have no idea if he is refusing my calls or has done something stupid -- or fled to hide elsewhere (if he's as big a criminal as he appears to be), but I'm NOT in New York, so can't call their "911" -- and if he DID commit suicide, it's too late, anyway. I have decided not to do anything, and wait until Protective Services calls me this coming Wednesday to update me on their efforts. I have better things to do than worry about what I am not on the scene to TRULY be involved in.

2. I explained that Brian Williams, the lawyer in Raleigh handling my claim against Spectrum Cable for hitting me with a TRUCK in a crosswalk in broad daylight and NOT SEEING ME until the driver, Rhys, FELT the impact, said it will be another two weeks, minimum, before they can make me an offer, and that I wrote the Senior VP and General Counsel of Spectrum Cable Corporate in Connecticut, letting them know all the OTHER harassment I have had from their CHRISTIAN employees here in Wilmington -- and it was delivered there by tracked mail this morning.

That letter is published 3/4 the way down, here:

Of COURSE there are plenty of FINE CHRISTIANS, but it is NAZI, Ku Klux Klan-associated Christians that are IN POWER in Wilmington -- led by the wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill.

And of course, David Allen Young, who committed the HATE CRIME against me on my birthday, 6/16/2017, has NOT been served the Criminal Summons to Court -- despite the Summons being issued 6/18, and his home and his business have the same address, and his phone number is known to Sheriff Ed McMahon as well. I may have to soon have the FEDS come in to look at this. I DOUBT that Ed McMahon would WANT to keep it from being served, but MUST bow to the CIA Agents on his force -- and District Attorney Ben David as well.

But Sheriff McMahon is a PROFESSING CHRISTIAN, and I have WITNESSED him hobnobbing with Pastor of the BIGGEST black narco-trafficking church in town, New Beginnings Christian Church, where the Pastor is Trump-loving and his wife is "First Lady" -- the OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught his followers to be:

Pastor Robert L. Campbell

Pastor Campbell's bitch

Bitches come in ALL COLORS!!!

3. And I told Mom how I'd written Rev. Dan Lewis of First Presbyterian in Statesboro, Georgia, who is to take over as Pastor here at First Prez on August 1, filling him in on the HISTORY and CURRENT EVENTS of that Hyper-Criminal congregation, all my CONNECTIONS to him and one of his current organists, Allen Henderson, and how I am HAPPY to fill him in on anything else -- if the Search Committee here in the Wilmington congregation had NOT disclosed the TRUTH of what he is about to head.

I also asked if she remembered when we got the first edition of the book The Kenan Family in 1967, and how it was PRINTED at the Kenan Print Shop in Statesboro, GA, where LOTS of Kenans live. First, she hesitated as if unable to decide how to answer. She had ERRONEOUSLY told us all over and over for YEARS, that we are all descended from Charlemagne, the book claiming those descended from one of the three brothers who landed at Wilmington in the 1730s, Thomas Kenan (the wealthy branch), are -- due to his marriage to the daughter of Colonial NC Governor Gabriel Johnston(e), but we are descended from brother William.

But FUNNIER, is that when the wealthy Kenans commissioned the TOP genealogist then in the world, Marie DeLamar, to update the book, she proved that the Elizabeth Johnston that Thomas Kenan married was NOT the daughter of Gov. Johnston (they dropped the ending "e" when they came to America), so NO ROYAL STUART/FRENCH EARLS/CHARLEMAGNE line for the wealthy Kenans -- HA!!!

And that 1967 book was shipped out with a companion book, Keepers of Memories, by Ruby Kenan Marsh, a collection of stories of KEEPING THE CONFEDERACY ALIVE, still listed on Amazon:, and reminiscent of my part-time lover 1990 - 2008, David Terry, a Sewanee alum:

And the wealthy Kenans have given the Episcopal Church about $90,000,000.00 over the last 100 years, BECAUSE their Symbol of God's Authority on Earth is the Confederate Mace, kept at Sewanee and retired ONLY for "Political Correctness" in 2005:

Also, two years ago, the Church of England (Anglican Communion)BARRED the Episcopal Church USA from VOTING with the Anglican Communion for three years, still in FORCE -- for the Episcopal Church's CRIMES, which is NOT KNOWN by any Episcopalian I've spoken with -- LOL!!!

And the Kenans ALSO shipped out this Coat of Arms that they had just MADE UP for marketing purposes (and continue to use today -- and I am the first to ever publish it on the internet, about 2008):

And the following one is the one RECOGNIZED by Heraldic Authorities as GENUINE:

But FAR FUNNIEST of ALL, is that my sister-in-law, Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan's mother, Ann Godley, found that SHE is descended from Gov. Johnston, so while the REST of my family does NOT have this blood line, my nephews and niece, Connor Michael Kenan, Maxwell Andrew Kenan, and Taylor Ann Kenan, DO!!! 

4. FINALLY, when I pointed out to Mom that former Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian had given me over $2,000.00 in several installments from his "Pastor's Discretionary Fund" in 2011 while I was homeless -- MORE than ANYONE in my family had ever given me (far more than all of them COMBINED, not including the $1,000.00 my parents sent me to drive back from Puerto Vallarta in 2010), I still hoping she might send me $75.00 for a new, small microwave oven, she said: "Do you remember when you had a nice home and yard in Georgia and life was going well for you??? Well that was because you were taking LITHIUM, and you need to TAKE IT AGAIN!!!"

My home in Stone Mountain, GA

Some True Things:

Lithium was used to LOBOTOMIZE me so I did not CARE about all the crimes of my family -- or consider them carefully. Mom also MURDERED her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS via a Veterans hospital in Mississippi with DOUBLE STRENGTH Lithium, guaranteed to produce Diabetes, which was a VERY painful death for Uncle Bob, as his extremities were amputated one-by-one, and by order of Pope John Paul II, who gave Mom her orders then, she and Dad having had at least TWO private meetings with that Pope in Rome.

This because Uncle Bob allowed his daughter Janet, to marry the JEW, Kim Opperman, and ALSO because as Uncle Bob told me TWICE, he was a HOMOSEXUAL.

This illustrates my relationship with my immediate family:


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