Monday, July 31, 2017

RP: This Must Be "Sober-Up Monday" (as I finished off a 750 ml bottle of Tequila Anejo the last two nights -- CELEBRATING Current Events)!!!

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Here in Wilmington, our ULTRA-SUCCESSFUL Mayor, Bill Saffo, has ONLY "half-wit" challenger, and since Bill's NARCO-TRAFFICKING with Christian Churches and the Democratic and Republican Parties is LIKELY to have him INDICTED before the fall election, get used to saying "MAYOR TODD ZOLA"!!!

Scott Kenan
1 hr

And my own Wilmington, North Carolina is NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION, is where MY PARENTS with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, whom I knew, Father Robert J. Kus who now heads St. Mary's Catholic three doors from my apartment, and PPD Pharmaceuticals (then owned by the Bush, Cheney, Saudi Royal, and Bin Laden Families -- until the last two sold out after 9/11 which they ALL planned together), FOUNDED the Christian Drug Mafia, now headed by Mayor Bill Saffo, D.A. Ben David, and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous -- and LOTS of Christian Churches and Clergy -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

Nearly 16,000 people die every year from prescription drug overdose.

But there is GOOD NEWS,too!!!

NBC News
21 hrs
The Republican president is doing worse in these solid southern and southwestern states than he is in the Midwestern battlegrounds.

These numbers could signal the beginning of a geographic/demographic shift with serious political impacts.

Proud of the incredible work Kenan students continue to share! 
Congrats to Louden Richason on a newly published paper in the journal Child Care in Practice.

Well, the need of ethics is more URGENT than that of spelling, no???

This photo is meant to represent my landlady Gold Walker, because it matches her age, hair-style, and general body shape (but not eye make-up -- or nose size-- however, I am the one getting FAT eating addictive potato chips!!!

STATEMENT OF CLARIFICATION: For me to drink 750 ml of Tequila split over two nights, is NOTHING compared to the YEARS of drinking at least that much EVERY NIGHT + smoking 2.5 packs of cigs, and TONS of MARIJUANA every night, the pot and cigs most of the day as well -- while I was in Mexico most of 2010-2015 by help of Colin Powell's people -- running from the Republican Party that tried to commit me in Georgia five times in one month with the help of my parents and both of my sisters.

But while CAPTURED five times by Drug Mafia in the Puerto Vallarta area in 2010, I learned that ACTUALLY it was the Hillary Clinton State Department with CIA and Episcopal Church and RICH KENANS, led then by BLACKMAILED HOMOSEXUAL BARACK OBAMA, who were "Persecuting Me". 

I guess it is safe to say: "CHRISTIANSin general, and REGARDLESS of Party."

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to THIS:

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The two GOP senators consistently opposed party leaders' efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, often in the face of sexist attacks.

So this morning, as I was about to go to Benefits Management, Inc. to get my weekly allowance check, it turned out that Gold Walker, her jack-of-all-trades Ben (the Atheist), my new roommate -- whom I shall refer to as "Warden" (for reasons soon obvious), and I were all within "hootin' 'n hollerin' distance".

Therefore, I called to Gold, introducing "Warden", and she called back, "WELCOME to our neighborhood, and PLEASE make Scott BEHAVE!!!" We all had a chuckle, then Gold continued, "NO ONE can get that boy to behave AT ALL!!!"

And Maddie (sp?), emerged from her apartment, head down, trying to slip through us all unnoticed, Gold calling to her that she hadn't seen her or Steven in AGES and was worried about them, I calling that I hadn't seen them but had NOT worried. But Maddie got in her car mumbling something and drove right off.

USED to call Gold Walker the "NEW Mrs. Madrigal" -- especially since I met and had fun with Olympia Dukakis in late 2009. I can't find the photo of me speaking with Olympia, but here is one of me standing behind Marian Seldes (whom I'd had a two-person breakfast with at a Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans), and John Patrick Shanley, whom I got to know WELL -- until later he BLOCKED ME on Facebook after I EXPOSED his homosexual behaviors whilest he was flirting with BIG-BOOBED GIRLS -- LOL!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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Jack O’Connell had never read or seen “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” before he signed on for the West End revival. He didn’t even know that the play was written by Tennessee…

Frankly, having read this piece, I was SHOCKED to see that ANY ACTOR can be so IGNORANT and UNABLE to speak INTELLIGENT ENGLISH, that I have NO DESIRE to even PEEK at Jack O'Connell's obviously LARGER HEAD -- the one that is part of his "one-eyed trouser-trout" -- that the play opens with being out-of-trousers for a steamy showerin'.

Apparently, Jack has made a CAREER of displaying himself. Let's HOPE the intelligence of Tennessee Williams's play RUBS OFF and improves his UPPER head, no???