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RP: And NOW -- Yesterday's Mystery CIA Agent Revealed -- Let's Have Some FUN on FRIDAY!!!

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The answer to the MYSTERY of which CIA Agent I've tangoed with who now lives and works in Wilmington, NC, is KEVIN MAURER, now a reporter for GateHouse Media, parent to the Wilmington Star News, where he headed the City Desk to keep Wilmingtonians from KNOWING about all the CIA/Christian Churches/Politicians of Both Parties NARCO-TRAFFICKING, and he interviewed me EXTENSIVELY by phone while I lived in Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta -- for the CIA -- NOT for his paper or for a book, as he had claimed.

MORE on Mr. Maurer after some OPENING HUMOR:

Assistant New Hanover County District Attorney Lance Oeherlin likes to wear PUMPS when he competes on surf boards!!!

I AGREE with my former Public Defender Jennifer Harjo's and my former Criminal Defense Attorney Bruce Mason's comments on this, BUT Ms. Harjo claiming that Church/Religion has an important part to play is only TRUE if it is a Church with GODLY VALUES, NOT St. Mary's Catholic where Jennifer goes religiously DESPITE KNOWING that Pastor Bob Kus set up the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia with my parents and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman in the 1980s and 90s. I emailed Jennifer about this MANY TIMES, so she DENIES the TRUTH, but KNOWS it!!!

Also, under Father Bob's direction, my parents and their then St. Mark's Duplicate Bridge Club smuggled the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa after Apartheid fell -- because the Pope thought it was UNFAIR to White People. And my FORMER MEGA-Drug-Trafficker roommate, Philip Rosario, whom I kicked out when I found all the evidence of him running drugs through my apartment, told me that HE worked with Father Robert J. Kus for THIRTY YEARS running drugs and WHORE HOUSES in Wilmington.
So WHAT does Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo (a Republican), actually SUPPORT???
And WAIT til you see the photo I found of Assistant D.A. Lance Oeherlin -- LOL!!! Links and photo in comments below this posting:

Offenders face restrictions and limitations to their rights.

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Scott Kenan Actually, Asst. D.A. Oeherlin was in a surfing contest two years ago to raise funds for a Rape Crisis Center -- but the photo is a HOOT!!! Love the aqua high-heeled PUMPS!!!

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Scott Kenan Information on St. Mary's Catholic and Father Bob Kus's drug-trafficking/whores-running support begins 1/4 the was down here: And Goolsby Law has RE-OPENED!!!

Although Jennifer Harjo FORCED Ben David to WIPE MY RECORD CLEAN of the false conviction in Republican Judge Chad Hogston's Court of CYBER-STALKING, because I had BLOGGED about all the DRUG-TRAFFICKING I had seen in Lawyer David Nash's bar Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street (now owned by someone else), while of Judges, ONLY Robin Robinson and R. Russel Davis (both Democrats), have WELCOMED ME back to town to further disclose CORRUPTION, while Ms. Harjo has SNUBBED ME the two times I directly contacted her.

Attorney David Nash's office is NEXT DOOR to First Presbyterian, which he is a member of -- where D.A. Ben David is an ELDER (and so is Republican Judge Lindsey McKee -- previously Lindsey Luther, and Democrat Judge Jeffrey Noecker previously was a Deacon).

As I reported yesterday on my blog, Rex Tillerson put President Enrique Peña Nieto into power in Mexico with the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department, for the OIL and the NARCO-TRAFFICKING -- as told me by an Exxon exec I met in early 2015, and ONLY Pena Nieto is LESS POPULAR as President than Donald Trump, who was ALSO put into power by Exxon-Mobil, controlled by my Kenan Family of North Carolina!!!
Now, Exxon (think Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty Price Kenan)FIRES BACK!!!

Exxon sued the government over the $2 million fine, despite making $7.84 billion in profit last year.

Betty (Price) Kenan of Durham in center; Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill -- with his NEVER-ENDING cocktail!!!

>>> GOOD NEWS for WILMINGTON, NC -- which ALSO has gotten FILM SUBSIDIES BACK (now that the EVIL Republican Governor Pat McCrory has been REPLACED by Democrat Roy Cooper): 

WILMINGTON — It’s called the Container Globe and it could be the new home for Shakespeare – and much more – in the Port City. The Container Globe is the…

And I've been TOO LONG creating THIS posting, so will deal with CIA Agent Kevin Maurer in my NEXT posting:

This was Kevin's BEST-SELLING BOOK, of many others, all FLOPS.

Kevin looks almost IDENTICAL to a young Kevin Costner (but has larger nipples than Mr. Costner)!!!


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