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RP: My Dwarf, Double, Yellow Angel's Trumpet Opened TWO Single Flowers Last Night -- an OMEN??? Then Today, I Spoke with Jeanne Wolf's Assistant in Los Angeles -- Fancy THAT!!!

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My big paw, that can span an octave and two keys on a standard piano, holds up the fading double flower -- and every other blossom that has opened is double -- next to two SINGLE flowers that opened farther out on the same stem -- last night.

At the TIME, I thought it was a SIGN that my two postings of yesterday were the CORRECT PROGRESSION of thought about and even "forgiveness" of my mother. At the bottom of the the most recent one, I acknowledged that my mother, like us all, is a creation made in the Image of God, as claimed in the Bible, but I'm more into Metaphysics. And most AMAZINGLY, my top metaphysical teacher of the 1980s, primarily, Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, then President of Religious Science, International (Science of Mind), and founder of the Atlanta Church of Religious Science (now the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta), was one of eight leaders of denominations invited by Mother Teresa in the very early 80s to join her in a walking tour of downtown Washington, DC near the Capitol, to find a place to open a soup kitchen and shelter.

When she suddenly claimed she had found the right area and told her assistant to immediately look into buying or leasing a suitable property, many of those in attendance were AGHAST!!! The area was run down, but HIGHLY VALUABLE property there, and she could NEVER afford anything near where they were.

She dismissed that, and as Kennedy said, Mother Teresa was one of the WEALTHIEST people he had ever met (and a few years before that he had been seat-mate to Donald Trump on a long flight), even if she lived by her Vow of Poverty. THAT because the TRUE measure of wealth is not how big anyone's pile of money is, but in having ENOUGH to live the WAY you want to, and to do the THINGS you want to do, in the MANNER that you want to -- and Mother Teresa had all of that in SPADES!!!

And while my mother has all she needs to live in comfort and independently at age 94 in her own home, still, she is motivated in too much of her life by her fears -- and THAT is why she has opposed me at seemingly every turn since the day I announced -- and I recently tested at 12 points above genius IQ -- I wanted to be an architect while I was in high school (having realized that my junior high goal of being a Catholic Jesuit priest would not suit my evolving understanding of things), and she and Dad STRICTLY FORBID ME to think that way -- they claiming that since I had a head for numbers, I needed to be an accounting clerk like my father (who eventually rose to be head of accounting of Sun Oil's -- now SUNOCO'S -- financial centers on the East Coast).

Call that "small-mindedness" or perhaps "poverty of spirit", but it was POVERTY of some kind (at least of confidence and courage), so I think this MEME definitely applies -- as it applies to us all as we ALL could stand a little better understanding of what being made in the Image of God actually MEANS for the possibilities we have in THIS LIFE!!!:

>>> AND NOW, JEANNE WOLF (one of TWO people in my life who immediately SPUN my head and heart around to a NEW PLACE when I met them): 


Mini Bio

Jeanne Wolf is one of the country's most respected journalists. She covers every aspect of show business for TV, internet, radio, newspapers and magazines. Her contributions have been rewarded with the coveted Publicists Guild Press Award.

She produces exclusive video profiles for, including her series "Closer Encounters" which examines A-list stars such as Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, through the stages of their career.

Wolf has earned a reputation for inside scoops which has made her a sought after TV guest.

As West Coast Editor for Parade Magazine, her stories on Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and Javier Bardem made international news, while her daily column "Celebrity Parade" on created a continual stir on the Internet.

Wolf has been Editor-at-Large for US Magazine, Redbook, and Ladies Home Journal; Contributing Editor for TV Guide; and regular columnist for,, and

On radio, she hosts the syndicated "Jeanne Wolf's Hollywood." Wolf did a daily celebrity report for the ABC Radio Network and produced successful ABC network specials including "The High Price of Fame" and "Countdown to the Academy Awards."

On TV, Wolf honed her skills on "Entertainment Tonight" (1981), where she created "Inside Entertainment Report." Her wide-ranging career includes reporting for "ABC News Nightline" (1980) and ABC's "Good Morning America" (1975) and her PBS interview series "Jeanne Wolf With ..." She has been a frequent contributor to the E! Channel. For the Food Network, she was executive producer of "TV Guide's Celebrity Dish."

Jeanne Wolf is president of Pentacom Productions -- a team whose creative programming has won many major awards in television to include: An Ohio State Award and a Freedom Foundation Award for "Eric Hoffer: The Crowded Life"; the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco Film Festival for "Moments Without Proper Names"; a regional Emmy for "The Best"; and a Du Pont/Columbia citation, a Chicago Film Festival Award, the Freedom Foundation Award and a Gold Medal at MIFED in Milan for the PBS special, "The Crisco Kid." Pentacom's promotional film for Marco Island, "Florida Get Away From It All!" was awarded an Addy. "The Donsinger Women and Their Handyman Jack," profiling playwright Tennessee Williams, was judged Best Program at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. 
Other projects include "Carnival in Rio" with Arnold Schwarzenegger; "The Best of Brazilian Television" with Candice Bergen; and "The World of James Joyce," hosted by Peter O'Toole; "A Day in the Life of Hawaii"; and "Son Of A Son Of A Sailor."

From here:, the real action beginning about halfway down the chapter.

Anyway, I had a long conversation with one of Jeanne's assistants, and now must REST UP so I can send Ms. Wolf a fairly long email, part of which I will likely share, later. I'm a little VERKLEMPT right now -- LOL!!!



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