Sunday, July 2, 2017

RP: This Intrepid Blogger Reveals WHAT Trump Will Propose to Vladimir Putin Later This Week / First Presbyterian Parking Lot is a GHOST TOWN for Their COMBINED-to-Only-One Service This Morning -- HA!!!

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And CNN's response came from Cat-Lickin' Cuomo:

"Eat a FISH -- I do NIGHTLY to keep up appearances of being STRAIGHT!!!"

Catholics pray using Jesus-Icon paraphernalia:

But FINALLY SANITY arrives via the Street-People -- YAY!!!

First Presbyterian, Wilmington, North Carolina's parking lot behind Boney Hall USED TO BE over-full on Sundays for the main SECOND service (not the earlier service in small Kenan Chapel), with cars lining the drive to the left, and jamming street parking as well.

But they have a COMBINED service mid-June to Mid-August, and parking has been gradually less needed for months now, although this is 4th of July Weekend, so naturally, even FEWER attended today.

This is the area just to the left of the Boy Scouts trailer seen in the above photo, and I took these shots at 10:20 AM -- twenty minutes after today's service began.

Meanwhile, St. Mary's Catholic, around the corner, continues to PACK 'EM IN (slightly lower attendance since many travel this weekend), but Catholics GO STRAIGHT TO HELL if they miss Sunday Mass, so they are CONSCRIPTS.

But they SURE LOVE THAT CANNIBAL COMMUNION (which they SHARE with Anglican/Episcopal and Putin's Russian Orthodox -- as well as Mayor Bill Saffo's Greek Orthodox):

And this Cannibal Communion is SAFE for vegetarians, and the wafers are now GLUTEN FREE!!!


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