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RP: My Letter (NOT) Sent Paper to Douglas Waldrep, MD -- Head of New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital (with hope that the ENTIRE STAFF also reads it -- distributed paper or on the internet):

RE-PRINTED from here

Doug Waldrep, MD

Douglas Waldrep, MD
New Hanover Psychiatry NHRMC Physician Group
2131 S. 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28402

April 1, 2018

Dear Young Dr. Waldrep,

I hope you don’t mind my referring to your youth – you have enough years to be a fully-accredited adult -- personally and in your profession. I’m 66 and allegedly retired – but a writer.

I also hope you will sit back and enjoy this piece that’s masquerading as a Letter. Your staff at the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital EARNED you a fun piece – although I don’t remember your crossing my path at all, that is something I am NEVER afforded, I being 6’ 11” tall. I am ALWAYS noticed – and why when faced with fleeing the USA with Col. Dottie Newman’s (Sect. of State Colin Powell’s retired Chief Protocol Officer), help in 2010, after my parents and sisters tried to commit me FIVE TIMES, also with my former employer’s help, but in GEORGIA – unlike North Carolina – it is not EASY-PEASY to commit someone just because they know too much about someone's Hard-Drug Trafficking!!!

I had MEANT to say – before the sentence ran off on its own – that being “too tall”, I opted to GET IN EVERYONE’S FACE (confront people with what I understand to be their crimes), rather than futilely try to hide.

This is WHY NC is known so well on the internet as “America’s Mental Health Gulag”. And this has NOTHING to do with your institution or people. I quickly learned that in NC, for a shrink to look into whether or not a person in his care was DESERVING of commitment, they by Law lose their license to practice. So when Jonathan Deputy, the property manager where I live (who lives miles away, thankfully), who seems to protect the drug sales of individuals in two of the four apartments, and had been Cyberstalking me, claiming I did NOT even know Tennessee Williams (my memoir:, that he could TANK any book I write like a group of narco-trafficking criminals had done to the before-mentioned memoir, and that I had been having indecent desires over and activities with minor boys.

The DAY after I got charges filed against him (and I blogged it – my blog now well on its way to 2 million registered hits), Jon Deputy (I actually will only get to view the Commitment document on Monday to be certain), committed me to your facility.

I and you and your people had NOTHING to do with that – and you are a crisis managing facility, so necessarily opt for Western Medicine and Drug Therapies, primarily. This did not/does not agree with me!!!

You see, my mother has done everything in her power to keep me in jails or committed – or on “soft-lobotomizing” Lithium Carbonate since 1978, when I first began to tell about the Swastikas on our dinnerplates and the daily beatings of my youth. In 1990, two top Atlanta Jewish business people in my acquaintance first told me my parents were America’s Top NAZIS, and when I first blogged that in early 2010, Rob Reiner’s first cousin Jonathan – who like me is a trained Practitioner in Science of Mind (Religious Science – and I also studied under Elisabeth Kubler-Ross of Germany) – made me an “Honorary Jew”. Today, Rob Reiner’s admin’s phone number is just above my mother’s – I’ve called and written Rob Reiner and his partner, Conservative David Frum, who have the BEST Political Organization -- and I’ve turned my mother’s thinking around (not yet TOTALLY complete).

I’ve suffered the loss of my nearly paid off four-bedroom house, my Art collection and specimen plants. All the money from proceeds was TRICKED out of me by Mexican criminals – and American ones have done as much in Wilmington since then.

Anyway, your staff had no choice but to “Play the Game” (like your predecessor Dr. Patrick Martin OPENLY-to-me did and quickly got me out after I was Politically Committed twice in 2011) – and in North Carolina (at least with Government Money part of the equation), that means ONLY Drug Therapies. I had little problem after realizing that Lithium for now would NOT harm me further – it had taken all my perfect teeth, messed with circulation in my calves and my feet, but NOT significantly harmed my organs – a MIRACLE after I had been on it for 31 years. That ended when my Nurse Practitioner, Alex Widdons of PACT ATL in Decatur, GA took me off in early 2009, saying she had never seen a sign of Bipolar in me in the eight years I had been in her care – and I had been on the dangerous drug for FAR too many years.

It is my contention that I was diagnosed Manic-Depression (later Bipolar), in ERROR, and that I actually suffered extreme STRESS of oppression by my mother and her NAZI and Christian allies (nearly all Republicans as well). Only a few years ago did Mom stop calling my homosexuality my “arrested development”. Mom has had one-on-one meetings with Popes in Rome, with Sean Hannity’s best friend, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (with whom Mom founded the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington – and I knew him well – I have Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’s cell number and he can tell you about Kenan Family Drug Trafficking in Atlanta).

Well, I’m a little tired of proving myself to small-minded people – which I do NOT claim you are. I don’t know you. You can read it all in my Political Blog, here: – or this Letter will be posted here:

Now, PLEASE, stay light and enjoy!!!

Ms. Rita Pellicciari first put me on some anti-psychotic for two days that calmed me – I being TOTALLY STRESSED that in the USA I had been committed for “Political Reasons”. I’m not certain, but either she or Dr. Julia Triggs, then put me on 900 mg Lithium, and then added Risperdone – then INCREASED Risperdone – a HIDDEOUS DRUG that had me fighting drooling as I was semi-unconscious.

Well, the nurses and Techs all know about the problems with long-term Lithium and supported me in first refusing it – but they also said I must “Play the Game” and do as told to get out quickest. So, I accepted what I was given, and soon learned that the staff was ALSO big into the Principles of the Science of Mind, and before I knew it, I was BLOWING KISSES to Julia Triggs and promising to play Beach Blanket Bingo with Ms. Pellicciari!!!

These prescribers got a little OVERBOARD with the Risperdone – and I could joke about that -- but no "permanent harm" was done, and I learned the effects of a drug I do not believe I had ever had before.

You have a woman – an ex-Marine – who heads Recreational Therapy, away this past week to Arizona and Utah, who in ESSENCE (not physicality or exact manner), reminds me TOTALLY of Col. Dottie Newman – and I was blessed to think to tell her that before she left on vacation.

Always treasure her.

And there is a Nut-Ball Nurse – a somewhat fleshy, white gal – hair in a bob, who even monitored my blog, which I continued to write whilest in your facility. She needs to understand that my realization of your people’s philosophy and that I could work with it, was what calmed me down – and too fast for it to have been the drugs. And a day ago, I ran into one of them that also works at Costco. We had a HUGE Laugh-Fest!!!

My point is simply that I am not a good fit – unless you have a therapist who has seen even 10% of the wild troubles I have seen the last eight years. Nevertheless, I made the best of my time in your hospital -- re-centering myself in the Principles of Science of Mind and learning the importance of keeping communications Assertive -- rather than Aggressive or Passive-Aggressive.

I’ve had lots of experience and lots of advice over the years from all manner and philosophies of people – and by trial and error found what works for me. Part of that is a new Radical Forgiveness – and part of it is a far greater understanding of the differences between aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive communications. I got that from YOUR PEOPLE – THANK YOU!!!

Well, let’s hope we never meet as Doctor and Patient!!! I SALUTE your people in doing a GREAT JOB in getting everyone else on track to a better life. They might not be PERFECT, but I found all your employees to be CONSCIENTIOUS – and you can’t beat that.

Thanks again for a GREAT Learning Time – and needed break from the neighborhood Drug-Dealing NUT-BALLS!!!

Scott David Kenan


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