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RP: "And my TOP GOOD CIA contact from Puerto Vallarta, but living in Atlanta, just gave me a HUGE THUMBS UP!!!" / MORE Trouble from Corrupt-Brained or Narco-Trafficking Clintonistas on Facebook / YES, I Finally Got to the BEACH!!!

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Kure Beach (cure-ee) at 9:45 AM when I arrived for 90 minutes in light clouds. I managed to get enough sun to feel it still, but not be uncomfortable.

A wedding was about to commence, and when I walked up to speak with them, a couple of them were the ONLY people I spoke with today (a few dozen -- I'm a Talk-a-Holic), who DON'T want Donald Trump out of office -- but they had CHANGED THEIR MINDS before I left

My skills of persuasion are IMPROVING, as I now make certain people know I UNDERSTAND the fears that drove them to their ideas -- but I have INSIDE INFORMATION that very few are privy to, particularly since most were from North Carolina and ALREADY sick of the well-known and well-documented Racial and other Hatreds of my Kenan Family -- and their BushCheney, and Clinton Family Allies.

Most knew the Kenans of Chapel Hill run the Narco-Trafficking in North Carolinafewer, that the Kenans run it in the USA and actually Internationally.

The other big theme -- and at this hour on a Sunday, Christians are in their services, so they were under-represented -- "Christianity is the BIGGEST SHITHOLE of LIES that ever visited the Earth", as one older man put it.

When non-Christians (of other or no religion), are asked, they overwhelmingly say Christianity is the most EVIL of all religions, because if you are STUPID ENOUGH to believe in a literal man-god, then you can be tricked into believing ANYTHING

And even the Ten Commandments states there is only ONE GOD -- and disallows graven idols. But look what Roman Catholics FLAUNT, breaking that Commandment (and I believe the Orthodox Christians do the same):

Why, it's JUST AS GOOD as an Ancient Roman Temple!!!


It was a REAL THRILL to see how popular my most recent posting immediately was -- and in how many countries, as well. I think the piece at the END from The Onion satisfied many of us in LETTING OFF STEAM -- as well as TRUE TALES of Steven who FIRST shook President Clinton's hand here in Wilmington, and his OUTRAGEOUS harassments of me for being Gay -- WORSE than anyone else ever has done, including the Born-Again Christian Narco-Traffickers I kept naively taking on as roommates.

And of course the RIDICULE of me in New Hanover County District Courts by Democratic Judge Rebecca Blackmore. That said, the TRAMPLING of my Constitutional Rights by District Attorney Benjamin R. David, and especially Judges Chad Hogston, Sandra Ray, Lindsey McKee/Luther, and Jeffrey Noecker, with LESSER trampling by James H. Faison III.

I don't recall being in Judges Crouch or Robinson's Courts, but Robin W. Robinson THANKED me for returning to Wilmington to help CLEAN UP CORRUPTION. Judge Richard Russell Davis STOOD UP for my rights -- and MORE than once. And the Chief Judge, Jay D. Hockenbury, of Superior Court and I had a GREAT conversation in 2011, and then just about two months ago, District Court Chief Judge J.H. Corpening kindly RELEASED all my commitment records so that I could SEE that Jonathan Deputy had SINGLEHANDEDLY had me Nut-House committed in March on lies -- that after I sent Judge Corpening the following Letter -- see halfway down:

What is so BIZARRE about my hearing from Averyl McDaniels last night shortly after I posted my latest, is that I met him in Costco in Puerto Vallarta in 2013 -- if memory serves me right. And we spent most of TWO DAYS together while he tried to REPAIR the CORRUPTED HP computer that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of 14 W. 75th Street, Apt. 5, NYC 10025, cell: (212) 866-5453, and, had sent me.

Just now, I saw that Joseph Faulk had not ONLY tried to get me killed by Drug Mafia in Mexico many times, but what I had FORGOTTEN is that he ALSO tried to get me in more trouble with George Cutter of Carolina Apartments (who is a BUSINESS ASSOCIATE of Gold Walker and Jonathan Deputy)!!! I just left him a voicemail letting him know I am blogging about this today -- and his cell phone STILL WORKS!!!

And I had heard from Mr. McDaniels -- after all that time -- again in early 2016, and then mid-2017, and I have waited until NOW because I couldn't decide if I should identify him or not, but this is ALL from the internet, so NO SECRET.

Averyl McDaniels made this MEME from his own photo in 2016.

Now, Averyl -- a GREAT family man -- resisted my amorous attempts, and listened INTENTLY as I told him my story (mostly about my immediate family's corruption and Tennessee Williams's MURDER by the Republican Party, Episcopal Church, and corrupted elements in the CIA and FBI -- like Jackie Kennedy Onassis had WARNED Tennessee in January of 1982), as well as of US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O (a Bill Clinton appointment), and how I had seen her ACCEPT a large packet of cash from Carl Timothy of 

Kelly had also gotten my mother to PAY Dr. John Mabry-Crouch to try to MEDICATE ME into shutting up, which he, before long FREELY ADMITTED, as well as that as an American, he had gotten his MD in Mexico, and then stayed, and the Mexican woman he married soon proved to then be the LARGEST exporter of cocaine from Mexico to the USA FOR THE CIA, which forced him to work for the CIA for life. He even BEGGED ME to tell his true story when I write my books.

Kelly Trainor in 2017

Carl Timothy was ALSO who was going to SPONSOR me and "Fernando Merino" in our aborted adventure for ME to sell $7 BILLION USD of Mexican Real Estate to American Celebrities -- that was ACTUALLY a disguised contract for me to join the CIA for LIFE!!!:

AND Timothy Real Estate Group HANDLED the bookings and attempted sale of Jamie Lee Sutherland's Casa Vista Los Arcos in Mismaloya -- Jamie with Wilmington D.A. Ben David and Fox News Talking Head/Lawyer Dalia Saper were who STOLE MY COPYRIGHTS by working TOGETHER in 2013!!!

But HERE is what I learned about Averyl McDaniels today, that he had NOT told me back then -- and it had been CONCLUDED:

Georgia Northern District Court
Judge:William S Duffey, Jr
Case #:1:12-cv-03036
Nature of Suit890 Other Statutes - Other Statutory Actions
Case Filed:Aug 30, 2012
Terminated:Dec 06, 2012
Last checked: Sunday Jun 12, 2016 1:15 PM EDT
The United States of America
Kelly Trainor
Averyl McDaniels
210 Auburn Avenue, N.E. Apartment 112
Atlanta, GA 30303

And THIS is the note I got from Mr. McDaniels last night AFTER he read the latest posting

Averyl McDaniels DID tell me in 2013 that he had had a career of some years in one of the "Special Ops" Divisions of one of the US Armed Services, but I forget which one. 

And both LAST NIGHT and CONTINUING TODAY, I have gotten MORE CRAP from my Facebook Friend and noted Gay Author Kevin Sessums and his Clintonista Friends -- than I have EVER BEFORE gotten in one thread on Facebook. I put Kevin on my permanent list of Blog Postings Emails -- and OUGHT to do what I did to my Personal Friend Randy Jones of The Village People -- whom I met while managing Tux restaurant in Key West in 1981.

I CONFRONTED Randy just over a year ago -- because HIS best friend on the Lower Cape Fear whom he ALWAYS hangs out with in Wilmington is Narco-Trafficking Ryan Lee Burris, and Randy then FREAKED OUT and even CANCELLED his participation in the Meals on Wheels Fundraiser at the Lazy Pirate on Carolina Beach -- where I actually (in the hotel adjacent to it), had sex with George Bush's cousin Bill Toups -- and we were up ALL NIGHT LAUGHING over the Narco-Trafficking and Treasonous Crimes our Kenan and Bush Families have committed over the DECADES with the Cheneys and Clintons as well!!!:

Bill Toups

Anyway, they are MOSTLY APING the lies claimed by Disgraced NC Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby, former New Hanover County Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris, and my current Property Manager Jonathan Deputy -- employed by Gold Walker (and Mentored by Democrat NC Representative Deb Butler).

This is a DEVELOPING STORYand if Kevin doesn't DELETE the thread, you can read it all here:


I see he went back into the hospital, today -- PITY!!!

Poor Li'l Barack Obama just DIDN'T FIT IN (WHY Trump is erasing his legacy for both the Bushes and Clintons)


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