Wednesday, May 30, 2018

RP: And then STEVEN ROSE Waded Back IN!!! / My Email to My Family about a SPECIAL MATTER -- that They MIGHT NOT Have Received:

RE-PRINTED from here

Steven Rose with Deborah Ross (a couple of years ago)


Steven Rose
Scott, I don't read your blog because its a giant conspiracy theory conglomeration; where you connect dots that don't exist.

The "Almighty Kenan Representative" cannot even control his own money. You have a payee. Get a life Scott.

Not to mention "your" Tennessee Williams book. There was a damn good reason you lost the rights to the book.

Scott Kenan
Glad you have just now CONFESSED you were part of that copyright theft -- or know the perpetrators and AGREE with them and they have shared their methods with you. I have already sent this all to Federal Law Enforcement -- and will soon send to Local Law Enforcement.

I will NOT ask you to stop contacting me. Both you and Jonathan Deputy have been sending me all the proof I need of your complicity in crimes. I thank you -- no one else was STUPID enough to do it -- LOL!!!

And I have ALREADY blogged about it -- and sent it to my 230 Contacts that do NOT include you or Jonathan Deputy!!! 

>>> ADDED @ 11:26 PM:

Scott Kenan say another word about me and I will sue you for libel. I'm also pursuing a restraining order. Fuck you.


* * *

Hi Mike, et al!!!

Connor and Bob Jones are on here for information purposes only. And I recently heard from the 24/7 workaholic Dr. Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk, who has NO TIME EVER to speak on phone and rarely to answer a text. She said our date for the 50th Henderson High Reunion next year is definitely ON, but wonders what the dates are -- perhaps Bob knows.

What is important to me, is that my being supported and validated by others "in the know" has been on a crescendo, lately, including yesterday's Spectrum tech being a former US Marine who ALSO was ordered to guard US Air Force planes in Afghanistan while the Hillary Clinton State Department loaded them with Heroin for the USA. My Puerto Vallarta buddy Stanley Winborne III -- originally from Wilmington -- his SON was 2nd in charge there then and CHARGED with shipping of the Heroin, and it was Patrick Stansbury, my Pentagon Publishing boss of 20 years, who distributed much of that from Maine to Florida, but especially in Atlanta and Wilmington. I will soon be more specific on blog about the other 30+ Marines who swore that they TOO guarded such planes -- all of that in 2010.

And I've spoken with Mom about this and also my former neighbor Steven Rose attacking me like a Trump Republican or Fox News Talking Head. Mom and I continue to get on GREAT!!! This is NOT about Party -- the Clinton's BOTH worked for Bush and Cheney and our distant Kenan relatives with all the dough. 

MOST of them hide behind devout Christianity. I have NO PROBLEM with those who follow Jesus -- at all. I'll drop those two postings into this email, since to my knowledge, only Bob Jones regularly reads my blog so knows what happens in my world.

EXPENSES out of the ordinary:

Costco Membership MORE than pays for itself as Costco has a deal with my most expensive and important med for Arrhythmia: $60.00

Looking at my tires, I do NOT expect to have to replace any for inspection, which with all fees is about $35.00

Car Registration is $105.00

This comes to exactly $200.00, so add the $100.00 for a week to make $300.00

Now, I would like you to also consider just throwing something extra for my birthday in half a month -- I haven't bought a steak to cook since Mr. Faulk was still generous (or some good seafood). I KNOW you all are not Joseph Faulk who typically sent $600.00 extra for my birthday -- after typically sending $400 - $500 for "annual gardening" that he knew relaxed me so well. I got a GREAT GARDEN GOING mostly from seeds this year, and do NOT need to spend extra except for a very long hose and nozzle so I don't have to carry buckets and buckets of water.

NEXT month should be better after a misunderstanding and five pay weeks had my Benefits Mgmt, checks at $32.00/week, so I have been eating a lot of "beans and rice" this month.

Also, I just got a statement of my S.S. income from B.M., which after the $135 monthly Medicare payment (you pay until you die), and B.M.'s $42/month charge, my net is $1,333.

This I will use to try to get "The Oaks" to pay the great bulk of the remaining $1,340 hospital bill -- they sent me financial assistance forms. I still intend to get Jon Deputy to pay ALL those expenses, but might as well try to get it drastically lowered. I won't pay any of the other $500.00+ bills associated with the hospitalization, and take a hit to my credit if I must, BUT, part of that is to my primary care physician, and to stay good with him, it might be best to pay the $67.66 off -- and get reimbursement (if possible) from Mr. Deputy, later.

THERE, lots for an accountant to play around with, and WHATEVER your decision, I THANK YOU!!!


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