Tuesday, May 29, 2018

RP: CONFIRMED by Another US Marine -- TODAY!!!: "We were ordered to guard US Air Force planes in Afghanistan while the Hillary Clinton State Department loaded them with Heroin to bring to the USA"!!!

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At Barack Obama's First InaugurationGeorge W. Bush informed him that the Republicans had ALL THE DIRT about his and Rahm Emanuel's life-long memberships to Man's Country private gay bathhouse in Chicago -- and they used it to keep Obama PROTECTING the CIA Narco-Trafficking.

>>> Here is how I broke my latest news on Facebook to Bob Jones, my high school friend:

Scott Kenan shared Bob Jones's post.

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Bob JonesSo you are the first to know

A Spectrum Cable tech who was just here was formerly a US Marine, and he like 30 other Marines in 2010, swore to me that they WERE assigned to guard US Air Force planes in Afghanistan as they were loaded with Heroin

And my friend Stanley Winborne III (from Wilmington, NC but in my Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco writers group), told me his SON was 2nd in charge of the US State Department under Hillary Clinton in Afghanistan and in CHARGE of shipping the Heroin back to the USA

It's ALWAYS nice to find people like me who KNOW the top Narco-Traffickers (like my parents and the wealthy Kenans around UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), instead of people who APE what Politicians, Press, and ESPECIALLY lying Narco-Trafficking Christian Clergy (which is not every single one of them), tell them -- LOL!!! 

I'll be blogging this in a minute.

Scott Kenan

Just now

HA!!! US Veterans are STANDING UP TO the NAZI US Government that was made that way by the BushCheneyClinton, and my own Kenan Families!!! 


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