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RP: My Old Friend Andy Warhol's Magazine, INTERVIEW, Just DIED -- my FIRST Focus -- then that TWO Carloads of Cops at Sherry Hall Spivey's Narco-Trafficking House Next-Door LEFT at 5:00 PM -- and a Letter to Sheriff Ed McMahon!!! (in my next posting):

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Today's Interview magazine was HARDLY the thing Andy Warhol had created. 

I knew Andy, and after the Memorial for Tennessee Williams in the Shubert Theater on what would have been Tenn's 72nd birthday in 1983 -- about a month after his murder -- and then the celebrity luncheon that filled Sardi's restaurant, Jane Smith (a lifelong friend of Tennessee's), and I accompanied Maria St. Just (nee Britneva) -- actually one of the three main PLANNERS of Tennessee's death -- with lawyer John Eastman of Eastman & Eastman, who ALSO authorized John Lennon's murder in his role with the CIA

The other murder-planner was Michael Remer, lawyer for Sewanee (the University of the South) and the Episcopal Church with MUCH HELP from my relative, Frank Hawkins Kenan

And Maria's daughter Pulcharia was engaged to the architect who designed Andy's NEW Factory. Maria got Andy to give us a few-hours-long tour of both the Old and New Factories

Also, Tennessee's closest friend, "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara -- who had grown up in Atlanta best friends with Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother James Graham Kenan and their families, there learning how to act like the Wealthiest Woman on Earth, was TWICE interviewed by Andy for Interview magazine, where when Andy asked about some published scandals Kate was alleged to have been part of, she told him, "Well, ANDY -- if you have seen it in PRINT, you KNOW it has to be TRUE!!!" 

Kate was the model for the character Babe in Tennessee's last full-length play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere. And I was the model for Mac, a tall, gay, observing black guy who CHARGES IN (much like I do today in Political situations), but in the PLAY, Mac has a DWARF interpreter (probably meant to represent Tennessee)

Links to my memoir's chapters on these things will be in comments below -- and a few other things:

About this article

The magazine was facing lawsuits claiming unpaid wages and allegations of sexual misconduct.


After a five-day courtship, sculptor Tony Smith proposed marriage to "Jane Lawrence" Brotherton -- who had opened Oklahoma! on Broadway as a dancer, and nine months later they married in Santa Monica, California. Tennessee Williams acted as best man.

Tony and Jane remained married for life.

Click image to EXPAND.

Several years ago when I found this -- the ONLY photo I've found of Col. Dottie Newman, Secretary of State Colin Powell's retired Chief Protocol Officer, who got me to Mexico in 2010 for Political Exile -- here in bottom in BIG HAIR in her role as a Docent at Atlanta's High Museum of Art -- I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT, because the TOP PHOTO is of Jane and Tony's daughter Kiki Smith!!!

Clockwise from bottom left -- most were part of The Ridiculous Theatre: Georg Osterman, Mark Beard -- in Art School then (recovering from his recent escape from his Mormon TOP BANKING FAMILY -- as well as being great-grandson of one of the three people Joseph Smith dictated the Book of Mormon to), Vasillis Voglis (Tennessee's best male friend in New York who had inherited his male lover's fortune, previously inherited from lover's dad, the President of the New York Stock Exchange), me, Black-Eyed Susan (only she, Mark Beard, and I are still alive)Jane Smith who later performed singing -- mostly in Europe. Jane was my TOP supporter of the NYC crowd, unknown, Tennessee Williams, and more people unknown to me now.

Maria St. Just (see also:, with a Tennessee Williams self-portrait -- and then her Palladian Home, Wilbury Park, which was featured in several Merchant/Ivory films:

Maria got control of her husband's Morgan Grenfell Bank, which became the INTERNATIONAL BANKING CORE of Deutsche Bank, which is Donald Trump and his family's BIGGEST CREDITOR as well as conduit of cash from Vladimir Putin and Russian Oligarchstoday!!!

Texas Kate Moldawer (as we knew her then), accompanied Tennessee Williams when he got his Kennedy Center Honor in 1979 -- and then I accompanied him when he was an Honored Guest in 1981.

Texas Kate flanked by Tennessee Williams and his sister Rose Williams -- the ONLY other photo I have of Kate.

Frank Hawkins Kenan and James Graham Kenan late in life. Kate learned from them and their families how to act like the Wealthiest Woman on Earth -- and at about the time of this photo, Frank supported the Episcopal Church in MURDERING Tennessee Williams and stealing his estate for Sewanee and the Episcopal Church.

Recent photo of an Episcopalian Sycophant with Frank's much younger widow, Betty (Price) Kenan, and her step-son (son of Frank)Thomas S. Kenan III.


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