Saturday, May 19, 2018

RP: Well, if Jesus Is Coming Back -- NOW Would Be the TIME (but don't count on it)!!! / News from Next Door That's MORE Disturbing than Their Narco-Trafficking:

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The problem with the End Times of Judaism, Christianity, and the Muslim Faith, is that they ALL call for absolute Terror and Destruction on Earth FIRST, so to pray or wish for Jesus's or God's return, is to PLAY INTO THE HANDS of the criminals who have "earthly control", now.

THEY only feign Religion and know how to MANIPULATE scared people into destroying the Earth FASTER -- for their Monetary and Authoritarian Power.

According to both the Bible and Scientific "Big Bang" Theory, EVERYTHING evolved from a lone singularity -- which religious people call God. Therefore, EVERYTHING IS GOD, the physical Universe being the manifest BODY of God -- so to call for or to FACILITATE the destruction of Reasonable Society, is to call for the destruction of God, Itself.

Actually, this was NAIVE, as True Christians and others have only forced "Leaders" like Franklin Graham to DIG IN, declaring the EVIL of Donald Trump is of NO CONCERN to "Believing Christians", and that Trump is Christianity's SAVIOR!!!

WHY did the US Government INVITE so many TOP NAZIS to move to the USA???

Well, because NAZISM is TOTALLY CHRISTIAN -- much like the USA, which in the Name of Jesus had ALREADY slaughtered nearly all of the Native population, and enslaved the Black race.


"No one CARES about Right and Wrong, anymore -- they only care about MONEY and POWER!!!"

And then I watched all of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (and former Bishop of North Carolina)Michael Curry's Address to the Royal Wedding -- MERCY!!!

The moment Michael Curry won his election by a HUGE LANDSLIDE.

Given that at the SAME TIME of his election, the Church of England, heading the Anglican Communion, voted to NOT ALLOW the American Episcopal Church to vote with them for THREE YEARS, still continuing for another year -- BECAUSE the American Church has been ordaining WOMEN, supporting Gay Rights, and Marrying Gays!!!

And I suppose it was the American Meghan Markle (who had HAD to be "Baptized into the Church of England"), who was in charge of inviting Bishop Curry. While I had no real problem with what he spoke about (seemingly endlessly), it did NOT really seem appropriate for a WEDDING, and MORE, it seemed a REBUTTAL to what the English Church had done to the American branch of it.

His STYLE was a tempered and educated version of the style of Evangelical Black Ministers in the South -- and YES, I have attended many of that type service, mostly while living/working on anti-poverty/voter-registration projects while a student at Denison University -- in the ghettos of West Philadelphia, and in rural West Tennessee.

Although Harry and Meghan held GREAT COMPOSURE through it all, The Queen and her Consort, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, and nearly ALL the "Tightey-Whitey" Upper-Crust attendees looked like "WHO invited the riffraff in -- and WHEN will he SHUT UP???"

OBVIOUSLY, it is the person who gets his HAND on a gun or pencil who controls what they do.

But what NOW has me extremely upset, is that this morning when I went onto my deck for a smoke, Sherry Hall Spivey was standing in her door, next-door, HOLLERING at people in her back yard -- as is her NORMAL habit, and as USUAL, her words were CHOCK FULL of cussing and profanity, as her shift barely covered her breasts.

Sherry Spivey

And Sherry was yelling at a younger woman (about 35???), saying to GET IN THE HOUSE and into the bathtub and join that CHILD she plans to bathe with who has been waiting in the tub -- and then ALSO called her "the WORST SLUT I KNOW!!!"

Really, I wanted to VOMIT, and Sherry SHOULD HAVE seen me, but must not have, and continued in that vein -- while TWO of Sherry's "HOT MALE THUGS" just roamed about the back yard. I finished my cig early and just did NOT want to hear it.

NOW, I wish I had listened more INTENTLY, written down some of the DAMNING CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE that they discussed and at least the younger woman was ALLOWED to participate in -- in Sherry's house.

So NOW, I have the GIST of it, but not enough detail to be able to testify in Court.

And if I call THE LAW (which clearly PROTECTS their major Narco-Trafficking), I can't imagine they will do ANYTHING about it.

Sherry's DRUG TRAFFICKING makes the Wilmington Christian Democrat/Republican Power Structure TOO MUCH MONEY.

DO THANK GOD for my Roman Catholic upbringing (not that any other religion isn't GOOD at its heart as well), and that I studied Science of Mind very seriously with Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz -- who had worked WITH Mother Teresa.


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