Sunday, June 17, 2018

RP: And THEN, at 5:15 PM Today, Sherry Hall Spivey Called Me Over to the Seven-Foot Privacy Fence, and Through a WIDE CRACK We Spoke for HALF AN HOUR, both THIS WAY and THAT!!!

RE-PUBLISHED from here

Sherry Hall Spivey, from her Facebook Page.

When we spoke, Sherry CLEARLY looked about half-better than that recent MUG SHOT that TV-3 found, and so at first I thought I should NOT post it again -- as it would PREJUDICE my audience toward her. And then I realized that her claim of doing nearly EVERY DRUG in the distant past -- but none for years -- could NOT be true. She is so much WORSE OFF in her Mug Shot for a PAROLE VIOLATION than she is today, after a few days in "Incarceration Detox":

You DON'T re-vitalize in a few days from this if your ONLY problem is cancer.

And TRUTH BE TOLD, I was just in another Facebook Messenger discussion with Benjamin Schachtman of PCD (google it/him -- if you have NOT been paying attention), and with barely a VEIL, made clear to Ben that since I can't worship his "treasury department" -- as he calls his family jewels -- then I can lick them and all his man-muskiness METAPHYSICALLY/metaphorically, and it is NOT cheating on anyone if I can't actually TASTE THEM (like I did all of Chris Millikan's, again, yesterday -- he kept insisting we needed to pull over on the highway and "take a walk in the woods").

Chris is worse than just a mess, but REALLY, REALLY appreciates what I do, so I succumbed to temptation and drained him SERIOUSLY!!!

Have YOU eaten a CHEROKEE, lately???

Disclaimer: I am 1/16 Cherokee.

Anyway, I DO believe that Sherry Spivey actually suffers from a cancer that no one seems to know how to lick.

She claims that I slander and libel her -- but she has NEVER read this blog, only screen-captures of it sent by her friends of what she would find most EMOTIONALLY DISTURBING. To her CREDIT, she immediately apologized for claiming I am a child molester -- but when I asked her if she got THAT from Jonathan Deputy, she would only reply that "the neighbors all told me that".

"Hmmm" -- to quote Jonathan Deputy.

She claims she has TOTALLY STOPPED the drug sales since her brother Fred was arrested three weeks ago (and then claimed he was NEVER arrested and is still on the lam). And she introduced me to two minors, whom she said now also live with her -- a boy and a girl -- who will spend the next week cleaning up ALL the trash in her entire yard.

The only other thing she really said is that she was for several months out of town, and those in her house said everything was REALLY FINE THERE. But arriving back recently, found it all had GONE TO HELL and NONE of that could be blamed on her. However, she has been here ever since I moved in 12/1/17, hockin' and spittin', cussin' and verbally abusin' EVERYONE ELSE I ever saw there (maybe not her HOT brother, Fred).

I told her that ANOTHER brother of hers (I meant to say her estranged husband), claims to half-own the property, and Sherry said she HAS no other brother, but I told her to just hit THIS hot link, that I would soon post, to see who CLAIMS THIS, from HERE

Chris Spivey · 

Thanks for watching the place Scott if you see anyone around that house please call the law they will be arrested I am Sherry's husband we've not been together but I am the co owner of the property I don't agree with none of this is that has taken place I was there today I put no trespassing signs along with my phone number on the signs there is to be only one person around Angie who I allowed to be there for reasons she's to be cleaning up from all the activities also y'all watch so good who is it that has stolen all the stuff from the house they stole truck today TV's last night and all tools etc you did not call the cops then call me then the undertaker can pick whoever up that is stealing Chris Spivey 910-299-2192

Looks like CONFUSION runs in the FAMILIAno???

Sherry also said she NEVER, EVER wants to actually read ANY of my blog, and when I told her that marijuana is MEDICINAL, and it SHOULD relieve some of her PAINS (physical, mental, and spiritual), but she said it ONLY -- ALWAYS -- makes her SUPER-PARANOID -- which is an admission that she can't LIVE WITH HERSELF, and she has virtually NO INTEGRITY AT ALL.

Pot isn't for everyone, of course, but it DOES make one confront one's DEMONS -- something she and many others REFUSE TO FACE.

And just reminding Mr. Schachtman that I RESPECT others' familial commitments, so he has NO REASON to fear getting high on either pot or alcohol with me, I will let Jesus -- him- and her-self -- have the FINAL WORD, tonight:


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