Wednesday, June 13, 2018

RP: HOLY CRAP!!! I Stepped Out at 10:14 for a Smoke and the Whole CIRCLE of Spofford Was Populated with Cop Cars -- the Focus on Sherry Hall Spivey's House . . . One Held His Light on ME!!!

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Of course I just stood there as he illuminated me -- smokin' and sippin' a cheap but "high-gravity" beer. They seemed to be in a not TOO tense stand-off -- or a negotiation with probably more than one, none of whom I could see.

So I came in to blog this -- and get it out FIRST to all my READER-PEEPS (friend and foe, alike).

FASTER NEWS than the Wilmington Star NewsPort City DailyTV-36etc. -- no???


>>> UPDATED @ 11:07 PM: 

There is now a fire truck as well as the Police -- and a lot of yellow crime-tape strung around the front yard.


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