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RP: My ENTIRE Hospital Bill from My Recent POLITICAL NUT-HOUSE-COMMITMENT Has Been FORGIVEN!!! That Will Save Jonathan Deputy (who committed me), a LOT of MONEY!!!

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Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
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Of course, this is the biggest story of MY day, and I have waited about two weeks for a revised bill (or NOT revised bill), after New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("The Oaks"), granted me financial aid going forward a year that MIGHT be applied retroactively -- to see if they had done that. When I called this morning the very charming young woman told me I had a ZERO BALANCE, and then that they don't send bills out for a zero balance.

Well, there is a communications problem there, but she went on to say that I should call all the others who billed me (several doctors and the "Emergency Room" that I never noticed going through). So from a GROSS charge of well over $25,000.00 for ten days, after Medicare paid the great bulk of things, and this hospital-forgiveness, Jonathan Deputy still owes them a total of $300.60 -- which I will work Monday to see if not all or most of that can also be forgiven.

My work on this BENEFITS Rock-Ribbed Republican Jonathan Deputy who is MENTORED by Democrat NC Representative Deb Butler -- not me -- and I need a BREAK!!!

And I just checked and Sheriff Ed McMahon still has NOT served Jonathan Deputy my Summons on Charge of Cyberstalking. It has been THREE MONTHS, now!!! 


To begin with, for Benjamin N. Schachtman, Asst. Editor at Port City Daily, to be worried about the gunman shooting up the News Room in Annapolis, Maryland, while he PROTECTS Drug Traffickers in Wilmington and KNOWS the HELL I've been through at the hands of CORRUPTED Law Enforcement, and NEVER follows up on my leads -- or even HIS OWN STORIES, except the fate of Brad Corpening and his Drug-Dealing, too-stoned-to-make-expensive-sandwiches-correctly Chops Deli, is VERY TELLING!!!

There were TWO BIG BUSTS locally in the last few days, and Law Enforcement deserves a LOT OF CREDIT!!!
But on Port City Daily's reports on both of them, the one with WHITE DEFENDANTS has NO COMMENTS -- while the one with NON-WHITE DEFENDANTS gets a TON of comments -- mostly of THANKS to Law Enforcement:
This report of a bust got NO COMMENTS from readers.

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — A four-month long narcotics investigation helmed by the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Vice and Narcotics Unit led to the arrest of four individuals, 50-grams of…
There are TWELVE comments and sub-comments on this story, and PROPERLY, most give THANKS to Law Enforcement

But the SECOND one lamented the drugs disappearing from the streets, and a reply said DON'T WORRY!!! I just checked and Hansley Rodney is a CLOSE friend of Sherry Hall Spivey whose house next to me was SEIZED BY THE CITY for being HUGE in Drug Trafficking. 

My comment to Mr. Rodney: "Hansley Rodney I see you are Facebook Friends with Sherry Hall Spivey of my neighborhood. Her house was SEIZED BY THE CITY for all the hard-drug trafficking that ran through it, so I GUESS YOU KNOW about drug flow in Wilmington -- LOL!!!"

WILMINGTON — After a four-month investigation that concluded Wednesday, the Wilmington Police Department Narcotics Enforcement has arrested 31 individuals this week. According to a press release…

Dexter Dowe
Wow ....Wilmington will be shut down for a while
Hansley Rodney
Not hardly, my brother
Katherine Arnott-maheu
Scott Kenan
Hansley Rodney I see you are Facebook Friends with Sherry Hall Spivey of my neighborhood. Her house was SIEZED BY THE CITY for all the hard-drug trafficking that ran through it, so I GUESS YOU KNOW about drug flow in Wilmington -- LOL!!!

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The Witty Liberal

It is exceptionally rare for those who employ illegal immigrants to face any kind of criminal prosecution, let alone jail time. For example, immigration raids on six meat-packing plants netted almost 1,300 suspected illegal workers. But no charges were leveled against the company that runs the plants. ~Patrick

I helped open Tennessee Williams's last play produced in his lifetime, and yesterday I used it to illustrate the same thing. But I am NOT quite as pessimistic about the End we come to (I can't afford to be):

It is impossible for any doomed population to grasp how fragile the decayed financial, social and political system is on the eve of implosion... The Trump administration did not rise, prima facie, like Venus on a half shell from the sea. Donald Trump is the result of a long process of political, cul...


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