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RP: Now, Park Yer Bike -- and Let's RELAX a While . . .

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Maybe everything I know IS wrong! Hmmmmm...

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Eugene Montalvo
Chops Deli is still a-clingin' to LIFE!!!

About this article

This meeting will determine if Chop's can continue to operate.

I found this article rather confusing -- but NOT this part: 

"Corpening met with staff from the Department of Revenue today and got favorable reviews of plans, which include a “good faith offer,” a plan for paying down debt, selling off some of Chop’s assets, excluding the downtown location, and taking on new investors."

WILMINGTON—After a whirlwind three days, all four of Wilmington’s Chop’s Deli locations will remain open, co-owner Brad Corpening confirmed Wednesday morning. Related: Wilmington’s Chop’s Deli will…

Well if these fellas can go to all this troublecorrect things, and then PROSPER, then at least they are a HELL OF A LOT BETTER than Donald Trump!!!

He'd have declared BANKRUPTCY at the first sign of serious trouble.

And now Wilmington can relax a little.

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Sandra Beckham
“I admit, I have a tremendous sex drive. My boyfriend lives forty miles away."

~ Phyllis Diller

These images are RELATEDno???

I got re-interested in Gerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead whilest incarcerated in the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("The Oaks"), back in March -- compliments of Mr. Jonathan Deputy. And I've decided this afternoon to honor some fellow "Nut-House Inmates" from that hospital -- beginning with my most recent commitment in March 2018: 

This time, I've kept up only momentarily with any of them, including the HOT young Aryan Male Acrobatic, who showed all off as often as he could get away with it; the older gent whose bridal shop had had a similar tax fate as Chops Deli (and he deliberately OD'ed on pills); as well as the 23-year-old son of The Grateful Dead's GREATEST GROUPIE who had lived at least a year in Mexico chasing Garcia while his 6' 9" (now) son was "pre-school". 

And then from my two incarcerations in 2011:

Tammy Stanley, who was married to Bruce Lee (who was dying of cancer and was the HEAD of the New Hanover County Ku Klux Klan), and THEY made a pretend offer of a place for me to live so I could get SPRUNG from The Oaks the time Brenda McKnight got Judge Sandra Ray (then Criner -- don't ASK!!!), on the Perjury of Brenda's cousin and CRACK DEALERGerald Austin-Wynn.

Bruce Lee -- but Tammy called him "Billy".

Judge Sandra (Ray) Criner was FAR MORE AIR-BRUSHED then -- than she is now -- since getting the divorce from Sherman Lee Criner!!!

Sherman Lee Criner

Brenda McKnight

Gerald Austin Wynn

And Danny Sinatra helped me get my belongings out of Brenda's house on Oleander Drive.

This posting tells much MORE about all those things, and has a GREAT photo of my parents at home in Raleigh in 2005: 

And also in 2011, there was Deb Baratta, who the CIA and Sheriff's Deputies THOUGHT had seen a mini-sub being unloaded under Snow's Cut Bridge. They drugged her, RAPED HER REPEATEDLY so that her inner thighs were TOTALLY black and blue, then dropped her off at The Oaks: 

I still have Deb's and her husband's cell phone numbers, but here's part of the story

And -- of course -- Evan Fish, from his HIGH-FLYIN' DAYS of selling Patrick Lee Stansbury and Lee E. Gosney, Jr.'s COCAINE from my employer 1990 - 2010, Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA:

All the COMMENTS from here have been REMOVED, but they are all PRESERVED elsewhere ON THIS BLOG!!!:

"Yes, Frank, I'm ready for that drinknow . . . "


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