Thursday, June 21, 2018

RP: On the LONGEST Day of the Year, I Wrote My Siblings -- and My Nephew Connor -- about WHERE I Seem to Be NOW!!!

RE-PRINTED from here:

Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil, has been controlled by my Kenan Family since Henry Flagler left his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan, more stock in his estate than J.D. Rockefeller ever owned (two years AFTER the Trust was broken into 34 smaller companies -- ALL PROPORTIONALLY-OWNED by the same stockholders).

The United States Congress and US Law Enforcement REFUSED to break up the Standard Oil Trust -- it was FORCED BY PUBLIC OPINION by a JournalistIda Tarbell:

And TODAY, with my Kenan Family being Donald Trump's GREATEST SUPPORTER -- and Kenans wanting to use our Exxon-Mobil to develop Russia's Oil, financed by Kenan-controlled Bank of America, the ABOVE is what we have -- supported by GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS (not all of them)!!!

Dear Jane, Mike, Julie, and Connor,

Yeah, I know Connor is not exactly part of this, but 15 years ago, Mike said Connor is my "spiritual heir" and maybe he IS as smartassy!!! And I envy him living in NYC -- and nobody stealing all his wealth and repeatedly trying to kill, jail, or Nut-House commit him on lies for Political reasons.

Five adults have worked for three days cleaning the yard next-door without ceasing -- and estimate one more day to go. They work 8:00 AM to dusk and have taken MANY loads of scrap metal to recycling, and others of old mattresses, tires, appliances, etc. out too. The city seized the property, and I don't know if for back taxes, it's a nuisance, etc., but NO ONE reports any of it in the news other than the dog-bite mauling that seems to have brought it to a head. The whole neighborhood feels so much safer now, and friendlier too -- and the house will soon be auctioned.

And I got called "The Mayor of Spofford" by my neighbors for keeping up the pressure on Law Enforcement and Politicians -- and for my calling out the CRIMINAL Jonathan Deputy who committed me to a Mental Hospital, using OLD LIES previously spread about me by others. I realize not all in our family believed my shrink who said in 2009 that she'd never seen a sign of bipolar in me in our eight years together -- and to shut me up with lobotomizing Lithium Carbonate keeps the truth of our family's past muzzled -- but I hope EVERY ONE of us confronts the necessarily warped upbringing we had -- before dying. It was not at all easy for me, and I have no idea how honest with yourselves the rest of you have become. It will be easier after Mom's death, which I sincerely hope does not come soon -- unless her quality of life significantly deteriorates.

I have no idea what Mom shares with any of you, but several times I have let her know that it was my stellar upbringing and "Catholic Values" that have made possible that I am even alive today -- plus a GREATER understanding through the study of Metaphysics. Mom's ABSOLUTE FIGHTING with me -- as if any parent has a right to repeatedly DESTROY a child's life once they are legally an adult, but she with Dad did that several times. And I've explained to Mom that all her FIGHTS with me were the psychological/spiritual gymnasium on which I developed so much strength. From forbidding me to become an architect to her forcing me onto Lithium in 1978 when the shrink I had had had different ideas -- and then she had to search to finally find someone 60 miles across metro Philly and the Jersey suburbs -- who was unethical enough to do that.

You should all remember that Gerry Flynn-Miller of Pentagon Publishing told me that Patrick Stansbury worked with top Republicans as well as our parents to kill me, and that I had NO IDEA what a big Political Movement I was up against, or how CORRUPT our US Government actually is/was (and I did NOT -- yet!!!). Mom had LONG discussions with several of the top CIA Drug Traffickers who held me hostage in Mexico, telling them how to CONTROL ME, but never how to RELEASE ME -- yet I've forgiven her, despite her refusing to admit ANY of her CRIMES or ask forgiveness. Mom thinks she is as perfect as Jesus Christ, yet doesn't get what Jesus taught!!!. And of course I was blessed that two top Jewish Business Leaders in Atlanta told me in 1990 that Mom and Dad were then the top NAZIS in all of the USA -- just look at their friends and what they supported while we were growing up!!! 

Believe it or not, I now get along best with Catholics (of Christians -- non-Christians mostly seem better than that), who -- and here I mean all the lay people who actually RUN St. Mary's Catholic whom I discussed this with (plus those I run into every day), say they HATE that people including Coach Lou Holtz, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Sean Hannity, and most of the Catholic Supreme Court Justices PUBLICLY claim they are Catholics, but do the OPPOSITE of what the Catholic Church teaches.

You see Mom and I reach for the same goal -- God's Love and Justice on Earth -- but Mom actually told me more than once that she has NEVER in her life questioned the authority of Popes and the Church, so that means she is a TOTALITARIAN (Nazis, Communists, etc. -- all actually the same thing), while I believe that education and encouragement of self and others to bring out our God nature is the way. And Mom has definitely softened at least her rhetoric -- remember how Connor and Max when young REFUSED to come to Mom and Dad and how embarrassed Gail was by that??? Kids sense these things.

Well, I hope to now get going on finding some income, and a LOT of people who violated my Civil Rights in Wilmington cost me in money and really should be made to pay -- but the Sheriff still refuses to serve Jon Deputy my Cyberstalking Charge against him, and the D.A. Ben David CAN'T get the false conviction of Libel of me in Chicago that he got (with others) overturned -- although he has told me he's been TRYING. So I guess I will soon go to the Governor there for assistance. That copyright theft alone cost me at least a million or two since such top producers were interested in turning my book into a movie, someone would have bought it. And our 2nd cousin in Burgaw, lawyer Robert C. "Bobbie" Kenan, Jr.'s Admin told me that since I had pissed off key lawyers in Wilmington who are Kenan-Family associated, I would likely have to go to Asheville to find a lawyer who would rep me. I believe my activities have already softened that and I will soon find one or more here. Kenans are pretty well wedded to Klan robes (if Protestant), and Swastikas (if Catholic), but their  POLITICAL INFLUENCE is waning -- THANK GOD!!!

I do think I will be able to continue living here after 12/1/18, as the owner's lifelong maintenance man who manages all of Gold's other rental properties said that Jon Deputy has NOT been doing his job here, and they know he spread lies about me being a child molester, never having even KNOWN Tennessee Williams, and that he can steal copyright to any new books I write -- like his buddy D.A. Ben David with a Fox News Talking Head in Chicago, and a Wells Fargo, Chicago exec who admitted HIS huge drug dealing in Puerto Vallarta for his bank did in 2013 -- never serving me, then trying me in absentia -- illegal and unconstitutional.

I guess Mike and Julie should BLESS YOUR LUCKY STARS for getting into the biggest industries Mom and Dad always promoted: OIL and PHARMACEUTICALS, problematic things that we need, but NOT the way we have been doing it. My County is SUING Julie's Teva Pharmaceuticals (and four other drug manufacturers), for a lot of money -- for ILLEGALLY PROMOTING overuse of Opioids in our County. Wilmington is the most ADDICTED with greatest TRAFFICKING of Opioids and other hard drugs of ANY CITY IN THE USA -- thanks to those who set that up through Nixon's Aide John Ehrlichman (did any of the others of you ever meet Ehrlichman like I did twice???), the Catholic and other Churches back when Mom and Dad lived here -- and then PPD Pharmaceuticals, founded and HQ'ed here in Wilmington by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families, the last two selling out after 9/11, to make their planning that together less obvious).

Remember, it was Imran Anwar, father of the Internet in his native Pakistan, and a Talking Head on both Fox and CNN around 9/11 who TOLD me that EVERYONE at both those networks knew that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. had planned that together -- and only because Americans were CHRISTIANS so easy to dupe, that they will DEFEND the Traitors to the Death and for Jesus -- and that was in 2010 -- LONG before Trump was elected -- and some idiots STILL think Trump is CHRISTIAN -- LOL!!!

Of course I met George W. Bush's biggest Drug-Money Launderer, Martin Lamb, in Colima, Mexico, and he told me how Bush flies small jets regularly to his jetport off Panama for him to launder it -- and knew the rich Kenans are totally into that too -- with their Episcopal Church, so assumed I had money for him to launder. And my last date was with a Bush cousin who knew ALL ABOUT the Kenan and Bush Families working together for decades in Drug Trafficking and to DESTROY DEMOCRACY.

At least you were all allowed to keep your jobs, unlike me, so it was PERFECT that I had these eight years plus to have all my wild adventures -- and RESEARCH for the TRUTH -- instead of simply believing lying Politicians, Press, and Clergy.

I really had not expected at all to get into these things -- but being relaxed, it just came out -- and again, I THANK YOU for your help all these recent months!!!



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