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RP: Tab Hunter or NC Senator Richard Burr -- WHOM Should I Write to FIRST???

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Tab Hunter

Sen. Richard Burr -- my EARLIER letter to him with his RESPONSE

Scott Kenan
Anthony Perkins literally HEAD-BUTTED ME in the gut as he quickly tried to escape the ten or so fans waiting at the stage door after I saw him in "Equus" in 1974. 

I met Tab Hunter at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival in the mid-aughts. Tab had been in Tennessee's "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore" with Tullulah Bankhead, who Tennessee loved to claim "RUINED my show!!!" when I worked for him 1981 and 82:

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The story of a hidden Hollywood love affair could soon become a biopic.

>>> And more SHOCKING POLITICAL NEWS from Wilmington, North Carolina!!!:

Scott Kenan
Scott Kenan · Writer at Self

Everyone on City Council knows that on February 13, 2017 I was knocked 12 feet out of the crosswalk in front of City Hall after I emailed Mayor Bill Saffo I was coming to DEMAND the full Police Report of the murder of my friend Evan Fish, forced by Police to jump to his death from the parking garage next to the Library, Sept. 5, 2011. NHC Sheriff's Deputies also on scene TOLD ME Police forced Evan Fish to jump. Evan knew my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, Georgia supplied all the Politicians of BOTH Parties and many of Wilmington's Christian Churches with HARD DRUGS.

And then when I met Charlie Rivenbark a couple of months later, he said, "I hope you get a dog and it is RUN OVER TOO!!" 

This was witnessed by Saffo's secretary, Dawn GrantsChristianity in Wilmington is the root of all EVIL!!!

WILMINGTON—One day after Wilmington City Council approved the large-scale development The Avenue, no one seems to know why the development’s website listed Councilman Charlie Rivenbark’s employer as…

I first reported on this yesterday, and although you will discover this if you read today's MANY COMMENTS on the Port City Daily's site that ALL AGREE WITH ME, our Republican Congressman, Michael Lee, REPRESENTED this monster development in the City Hall meeting.

Also, our FORMER Democratic NC State Rep, Susi Hamilton, is a PRINCIPAL in one of the three huge developments proposed for the over-busy-already Military Cutoff (and actual road), and today, we have news that one OTHER of them just passed the PLANNING COMMISSION!!!:
ANOTHER screw-job of Wilmington by CHRISTIAN, NARCO-TRAFFICKING Politicians of BOTH PARTIES!!!

WILMINGTON — Just one day after City Council approved the 44-acre development known as The Avenue, Wilmington Planning Commission approved another major urban mixed-use development. Related…

Of course Susi Hamilton was promoted to Democratic Governor Roy Cooper's Cabinet -- Roy, as North Carolina's Attorney General for ten years before replacing UBER-RACIST Republican Governor Pat McCrory, and as more than one of Gov. Cooper's close associates has told me, Cooper PROTECTS my Kenan Family's (with both Parties and MANY Christian Churches') Narco-Trafficking -- Wilmington, NC not only having the HIGHEST RATES of Drug Addiction in ALL of the USA -- but also the most Narco-Trafficking!!!

Gov. Cooper appointed Democrat Deb Butler, now running for re-election, to Susi's seat, and Deb Butler MENTORS Jonathan Deputy, a Republican who is the apartments manager of my current building -- owned by Gold Walker, whose son, Allen Walker, owns, which several local cops told me is SUSPECTED of being one of the LARGEST drug-import ports in this region.

When I blogged about Rob and his then roommate Aaron Gallimore of apartment One, and Pete of apartment Two selling LOTS OF DRUGS here, first Pete, then Jonathan Deputy, PHYSICALLY THREATENED ME SERIOUSLY (so did Rob, but two hours later, Rob came over to apologize)

And THEN Jonathan Deputy began CYBERSTALKING ME, and after I took out a CHARGE of that against him, he committed me to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("The Oaks"), for ten days, got Democrat D.A. Ben David to VOID my charge, and after I quickly got it FILED AGAIN, Democrat Sheriff Ed McMahon has REFUSED TO SERVE IT for over two months now. 

I think Sen. Richard Burr is whom I need to write FIRST about this -- wouldn't YOU agree???


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