Tuesday, June 12, 2018

RP: This Trump-TV Episode of a Korean Summit Will be FORGOTTEN by FRIDAY!!! / CIA or Russian Hackers BLOCKED My Email to Sen. Kamala Harris, Yesterday -- and MORE!!!

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REMEMBER: The reason Totalitarians are so ANGRY at me in not just because I know so much about my Kenan Family's involvement with the Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Families' Narco-Trafficking -- or my family's White Supremacy -- or even so much that I know how and why the Episcopal Church with the Republican Party and others murdered Tennessee Williams, then stole his estate, today worth over half a billion dollars, from Harvard University, but there is a DEEP BACKGROUND to his "friend" Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), one of the three primary planners of Tenn's murder. Maria was a native of St. Petersburg, Russia.

I will post link to the info on Maria's Morgan Grenfell Bank becoming the CORE of Deutsche Bank's International Banking and the LARGEST creditor of Donald Trump and his family -- as well as conduit of cash from Russian Oligarchs -- in a moment, but as EVERY ONE of Tennessee Williams's closest friends knew (or at least firmly believed), Tennessee Williams's plays were HUGELY popular in Russia, and Tenn's favorite writer was Leo Tolstoy. During Tennessee's life, his accumulated royalties in Russia could NOT be converted to dollars from Soviet Rubles.

I recall joking around with Tennessee and several of his friends many times, especially "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara, about going over to the Soviet Union, buying TONS OF FURS with those Rubles, and bringing them back to sell.

Texas Kate flanked by Tennessee Williams and his sister Rose

The families of Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother James Graham Kenan were BEST FRIENDS with Kate Schweppe, while she grew up in Atlanta -- before Frank moved his brood to Durham, NC.

And it was from the Kenans that Kate learned to act like the richest woman in the world, which led to Tennessee Williams basing the character Babe in his last play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere on Kate:

And here is Tennessee with Maria St. Just:

The first two years (2004 and 05) that I attended the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, Allean Hale, "the oldest living and working Tennessee Williams Scholar", Professor Emeritus of the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign (Allean was in her upper 90s then, worked to 99 and died a few years later), told me she had spent a whole SUMMER trying to track down WHAT had ever happened to all those Soviet Royalties -- and the Episcopal Church/Sewanee BLOCKED HER EFFORTS at every attempt -- and she HOPED I could get to the bottom of it.

Sewanee, aka the University of the South, that hold possession of the Confederate Mace, Symbol of the Episcopal Church's Temporal power, has gotten about $100,000,000.00 over the last hundred years from my wealthy Kenan relatives:

Allean Hale. I have NOT been able to fulfill my promise to Allen to uncover that truth.

And finally, what I published about Maria St. Just and her Morgan-Grenfell cum Deutsche Bank -- almost EXACTLY one year ago:

The OTHER NEWS of yesterday that I had not gotten around to reporting, is that I got a Letter from New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital granting me a "financial needs scholarship" to "The Oaks" for the next 12 months, reducing hospital charges to a mere $20.00/day (versus well over $1,200.00/day), and it discounts hospital-dispensed drugs well -- and it "MAY" cover charges retroactive for eight months.

Republican Jonathan Deputy

Democrat Deb Butler -- Mr. Deputy's ADMITTED MENTOR!!!

I had applied to get my huge bill discounted so that Republican Jonathan Deputy who had committed me on LIES, would have to pay less -- I'm SURE that he and his MentorDemocratic NC Representative Deb Butler, never expected they would get CAUGHT -- or I would have the BALLS to pursue this in Court!!!

DEMOCRAT SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS OF CALIFORNIA NEVER GOT MY EMAIL, yesterday, of the Letter I HAND-DELIVERED to Republican Senator Richard Burr's Office on Friday!!!

The CIA, Russians, or other HACKERS have BLOCKED nearly all of my emails whether mass-emailed or sent to individuals -- and then from MANY, I get "received receipts" -- or notice when they are out of office for a few days, so THOSE go through -- but I JUST CONFIRMED that my own immediate family and some new friends here in Wilmington do NOT get my emails -- regardless which of my two accounts I send from. 


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