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RP: Trolls, Trolls Everywhere -- and MOST Support Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (and OVERWHELMINGLY they believe on "Jesus-the-Savior" -- BREAKING the Commandment about ONLY One God)!!!

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And when I incorporated THIS IMAGE on THIS BLOG (a Mexican THUG with gun):

Jonathan Deputy told a Judge that I was going to SHOOT HIM or someone else, and COMMITTED ME FOR A WEEK to the New Hanover County Behavioral Hospital ("The Oaks") -- the DAY AFTER I filed Cyberstalking Charges against him for spreading the below -- and THEN he got his Political Protector D.A. Ben David to TRASH that charge, but I easily re-filed it, and NOW (for over two months)Sheriff Ed McMahon REFUSES TO SERVE HIM!!!

How CHRISTIANS kill, commit, enslave, etc. -- and have FULL PARDON from Jesus!!!


Here is the body of an email I received yesterday...I thought that in the interest of "full disclosure" you might want to post it to your "blog".  It seems that these accusations of you being a child predator keep popping up.  Hmm.

Hello , 

       I am one of the people that Scott has harassed and posted lies about on his atrocious blog and I want to thank you for going after him . If you go before the court please ask them if what he does is blackmail. He makes up lies and then when people do not "admit" to whatever delusion he has created he continues to make the lies bigger and even more ridiculous and refuses to take it down.

     I am one of his victims from mexico and there is nothing I can do from here but he was literally run out of every town he lived in for his lies and generally crazy and dishonest behavior.  Not to mention his extremely inappropriate sexual advances of minors on the beach .Taking pictures of  them and offering to get them high back at his house. (that happened in Vallarta and is the real reason he fled back to the US) 

     If there is anything I can do to help while remaining anonymous please let me know .  Believe me there are others besides me that are very thankful for what you are doing. Especially the other people who live near him at this moment. 
Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals




So does that mean you're afraid to post it to your blog?  I thought so...

I would recommend the help of a professional specializing in mental illness.  Perhaps with a regular dosage of medication, you can overcome some of your issues.  I get it, you live a life of complete friends, no family that wants to be near you, living alone in an apartment on a dead end street...kind of symbolic.  You're not even a good writer.  This entire story about working with an "FBI task force" is your minds way of compensating with the fact that nobody believes anything you say.  You create scenarios in your head that make you feel important...the problem is, that's the only place they exist, in your head.  Hell, I bet you never even met Tennessee Williams...

BTW, this new "working" relationship that you have with DA Ben David...did that come to you in your recent dream about him?  lol 

My advise to you is to NOT have any more contact with your fellow tenants at Spofford Circle...they've had enough of your behavior.  And...stop harassing your mother, haven't you been enough of a disappointment to her already?

Jon Deputy

Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals


Scott Kenan
It doesn't MATTER which of these TWO crooks is the brunt of the joke -- it is FUNNY!!! 

Here's ANOTHER -- in comments below -- and CLICK IMAGE to see FULLY:


I posted this on Facebook and for an HOUR five Hillary Clinton SUPPORTERS (not a single one of them had a name or other identifying info in their profiles so they could be searched)HAMMERED ME with insults and invective -- until I added this:

Scott Kenan My original comment was ONLY that regardless the names of the two in the JOKE, it is funny. 
For the record, I pulled the lever AGAINST Trump, and SADLY for Hillary. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter who would have liked to see Sanders go up against John Kasich, the ONLY thinking Republican who ran.

Scott Kenan I ALSO like a little POT (now and then)!!!

Kenan Research Center - Atlanta History Center 

Actually, this was not built, and a lower structure was, instead, as seen on this website:


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