Monday, February 15, 2010

Nancy Reagan: Queen of the Hollywood Blow Job!

>>> NEW PRESIDENTIAL SEX HABITS, added April 15, 2015:

Most of the gay Presidents named are nothing new (except to those who don't follow the news):

Playwright and legendary AIDS activist Larry Kramer expounded on his new book, The American People: Volume 1: A Search for My Heart, which is billed by its...
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>>> NEW INFO ADDED TO BOTTOM on 11 May 2013 !!!

According to Peter Lawford and others (not just Kitty Kelley), Nancy worked her way through Hollywood by giving the best blow job in town, and was rumored to have sucked off Frank Sinatra in the Oval Office. It said that Nancy had invited Sinatra to the White House for lengthy luncheons and instructed staff not to disturb them.

Her moralizing was bad enough,
but it was compounded by the hypocrisy of the woman. They say that when Nancy was in her prime, during her starlet days, she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

Ronald Reagan's
attitude towards gays was,
"Fuck 'em, they're faggots." I was there. I remember. Like Bush, Reagan had no time or money for "faggots," so he refused to fund research into AIDS. And unqualified Nancy (with her "psychic") was running the White House, while Ronnie zoned out on drugs for pre-Alzheimer's.

A famous Hollywood Mogul
introduced Ronald Reagan to Nancy when he needed someone to give Ron a blow job to settle his nervousness before shooting a movie scene. Beauty wasn't required.

Email me with the correct name AND the best published report that I can verify of one of the recent Republican Presidents getting a blow job, and I'll send you a piece of valuable Tennessee Williams memorabilia that I collected while working for the playwright for half a year.

>>>And the Republicans impeached Clinton for what???

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>>> SPECIAL BONUS added April 15, 2015:

Frank Sinatra attempted to cover up the fact he was well hung - because he thought the size of his manhood was one of many negatives about his body, according to the late star's new biographer Jame...
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In the end (of the unravelling of the LIES and DECEPTIONS I'd lived in all but THREE of my 61 years), I came to realize what a DEBT OF GRATITUDE we owe Nancy Reagan!!!

Homely and from a broken home on the East Coast -- and money was NOT "Republican Plentiful" -- she got to Hollywood and turned her ONLY KNOWN talent into marriage of a FUTURE PRESIDENT!!!

And when she REALIZED that Ronald Wilson Reagan was being used (eventually, unwillingly), by Dick Cheney and George Herbert walker Bush as a PUPPET, she got DESPERATE and hired psychics to set the President's schedule -- and kept Ronald Reagan SEPARATED from his top advisers and Cabinet.

This was not a-WORKIN'!!!

In fact, Nancy fought most with Donald Regan -- and in the process of THAT fight, the details of the Iran Contra Affair began to leak out. Now, I don't know about YOU, but I bet Reagan never even KNEW about it until then -- and then they used their BLACKMAILING TRICKS to make him support Ollie North and all the others.

I mean I don't KNOW, but when I met the Reagans at the White House, my Liberal butt was SHOCKED at how not only affable and smart and enduring after nearly 300 others had been through the receiving line ahead of me and Tennessee Williams, President Reagan WAS, but how much FUN he was to banter with as well.

I just think he lived in that "Shining City on a Hill" and they manipulated him eventually so BOLDLY they even medicated him for "Pre-Alzheimer's" and dozed him off in a distant room so they could run EVERYTHING!!!


Ronald Reagan DID get ONE THING he worked for!!!


>>> YOU CAN READ MORE about my visit to the White House HERE:

Tennessee Williams and me the night we went to the White House (only for a visit).

>>> EXTRA BONUS -- Me in High School!!!:


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Phil Stewart said...

My wife worshiped Nancy emulating her in every way even today a 66.