Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Follow up Sen. McCain as well. . . .

I'm not following up with Sen. Bette-Davis-Eyes (Lindsay Graham) right now. He's gotten the message, I believe. Southerners think alike and understand each other intuitively.

The letter (without the copy of the Lugar letter which is in the most previous blog post here).

Dear Sen. McCain:

Here is a copy of a letter I sent Sen. Lugar a few minutes ago, and then posted on my blog: . Did I tell you my blog was recently picked up by several major blog compilers? How cool is that???

Please give my regards to your fabulous wife, Cindy, and your handsome, bright children. How proud you must be! But you cannot be as proud of them as we ALL are that a Patriot as selfless as you continues to lead in the Senate during these extraordinary, trying times.


(Lugar letter below was pasted in for Sen. McCain's consumption and digestion.)

Following up with Sen. Lugar!!!

Dear Sen. Lugar:

Senor! Muchos gracias for endorsing Ms. Kagan. This is a powerful step in bringing the Republican Party forward out of the slump caused by Congressman John Linder and Newt Gingrich's illegal drug operation. As a Denisonian, I am proud of you and feel that your fellow DU trustee, my friend Dean Hansel, joins me in congratulating you on this first step.

Do you think you might convince Sen. McCain? I don't "require" it, but it would be nice, and no one doubts John's patriotism or his extreme distaste (read: hatred) of the Bush/Cheney camp after what they have done to him over the years.

Anyway, I'll continue to watch. Also, I'm now in the business of marketing high-end real estate in Puerto Vallarta to only the best of Americans in the arts, primarily, but also in science, education, politics, and other fields, whose work honors one of the greatest spiritual documents ever written: The Constitution of the United States of America. Also, they must not be among those who have sought to dishonor my former employer, Mr. Tennessee Williams.

Again, my heartfelt thanks. I have Hoosier roots, you know. . . .

Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in exile)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



This is a reply, interspersed between his words, to a potential investor:

Hi Scott:

Is there someplace I could go to determine the value of the Sister Louisa art? No, not really, or at least not easily. And actually, I don't recommend that people who are not fairly well steeped in the arts buy art of any significant cost. The value of this painting rests primarily in its story, a TOTAL intangible -- the opposite of investment in land, gold, diamonds, etc., and a VERY tricky field for the uninitiated. I think this painting is really meant for someone else.

I've looked around a bit, and can't find much on how his art has increased in value. I'm not so fond of the one you want $3000 for (I do not particularly like its dark colors. I bought it as an investment.), but I do sort of like the Last Supper version. I LOVE that painting, and if you go for what I eventually propose after making notes within your words, I'll add an OPTION that you can buy it for what I paid for it, $266.60 + $85.00 to cover shipping by my friend in GA who has it in safekeeping. It would come packed and shipped FedEx, and I've added a little to help cover my friend's cost. She's a now-single woman who is raising five foster children -- a person of the very highest calibre!!!

I notice he tends to sell his stuff on his website fairly cheap -- $66.60 for example gets most of his stuff. I'm sure that certain pieces are worth more. Grant hasn't updated his site in years that I can tell, except that if you click on a lot of the paintings you will find many have actually been sold. Most of what is on the website is junk compared to what he has in his gallery. In his gallery, he has 4 or 5 price points., but nearly everything falls into 3: $266.60, $166.00, and $133.xx. If you go to the end of the pages on his site, you'll find two paintings for $3,000.00 each. Why Hollis Gillespie has not bought the original of the cover of her book is a complete mystery to me. I suspect she's just cheap and holding out for Grant to give her the painting The two of them are best friends (and I DO strongly recommend Hollis's books, which can be bought on Amazon and at finer book stores.

I still think you are a nice guy (This implies that someone or something is conspiring to change your mind about me. Say it isn't so!!!) - by your own admission in the past, suffering from the demons that bipolarisim often brings. I also admit to believing, in the past, ONLY, that anyone who leaves the Catholic Church will go straight to hell without passing GO when they die.The Church and my mother both taught me this. It is AMAZING to me: the things we all believed in the Past!

As the father of two bipolar kids, I recognize that you are off on a trip that the rest of us can't go along on right now (I would say "that some of the rest of us do not chose to take now." Also, and I believe this is important: No one needs to have two bipolar children to share your perspective. I'm certain I could prove this.) but it doesn't make you a bad or evil person (I naturally agreed with your judgment, but do not accept the judgment of anyone but God. I got this idea from Jesus, my fave Jewish teacher.), or even necessarily crazy (I like to claim I am crazy -- but not insane. LOL!!!).

Hopefully all of the people in your life that care about you are smart enough to recognize this, and are patient enough to help you over this hill. I had really hoped that you would have conceded the one point I have so ineffectively demanded from a few of those who have known me over time and seem to claim a right to control me: STOP THAT!!! The US Constitution guarantees the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Currently, the Constitution is being used as an image to hypnotize people so that those actually in control can exploit the general public's addictions to ideas, drugs, sex, or other things, and then these same people sell the public these addictive substances (tangible or not) in a spiral that has all but wiped out the middle class. I had become a serious danger to these people. For the sake of unfair simplicity, let's call them "Republicans."

This is why I had absolutely no choice but to flee the United States (or the "United Snakes," as they are known, locally).

The only help I have requested is for cash to help me through a temporary low spot. And I make exceedingly profitable deals for those of faith. I don't NEED the money. I am ALWAYS given (often through the most surprising ways), my Daily Bread.

I'm not unwilling (I just ADORE double negatives -- they provide shades of meaning impossible through simple positive or negative.) to help you out a bit in the short term, fully understanding that I may not see a single dime back. TRUE!!! All things in life worth having or doing involve risk. It may end up I just make a car payment or two for you - much of the Sister Louisa stuff doesn't appeal to me, but one or two pieces are at least interesting. I'd have to put them under canvas ("wrap(s)" would be a better word here because "canvas" is often used interchangeably with "painting.") when half my family visits. :)

Did a little reading on your family ("distant family," I presume.). We have a lot of things in common. Unfortunately, my family were peasants (this description, "peasants," fits my immediate family. We had no money in the past, but station in life depends on level of consciousness, not money. In that regard, unfortunately, my immediate family DEFINES "peasants.") and didn't enjoy the luxury of money (Money is not a luxury -- you cannot pay your bills or buy food without it. It is not the "root of all evil." The root of all evil is the perceived lack of money, and the idea that money is an undeserved or unexpected luxury creates personal peasanthood.), but they did settle the Everglades in the early 1920's. I was raised steeped in the lore of Henry Flagler and all of the wonders of early Florida. (See, you are RICH!!! Tales of wonder and adventure enrich our souls more than anything else. I'm so PRIVILEGED to be a writer!!!) Have driven by the Flagler Museum many times, have relatives who live nearby, but have never had the opportunity to visit. I feel I must be blunt: Your last clause is a bold-faced lie.

Again - my preferred email is I'm no longer receiving emails at my work address (You don't explain -- and maybe it's not my business -- but if you were laid off or fired, I'm sorry to hear it. You deserve better anyway. From what you told me of your responsibilities and compensation, they should have been paying you a lot higher salary!!!) - and wouldn't have gotten this one except that Jonetta forwarded it to me.

Any more pictures of Fernando? Yes, but they are on the chip which is in the camera which I accidentally left at Padrino (Godfather) Hector's ranch in Mezcales, last I was there for a meeting. I'll retrieve it soon and send you a few.

With much care and concern, I do understand what you call your "concern," but what have you or are you taking care of or with? I like to take great care with language, but then, I'm a Tennessee-Williams-trained writer, Praise Jesus!!! (A very select few will now fully get the implication of these last two-words. Jaw-dropping truth: He's already come and gone. Sorry if you missed him. A few of us didn't.)


Now, if I haven't totally pissed you off, I think the car-payment deal is the best one for you. FULL DISCLOSURE: In addition, this would include any late fee due this month -- probably about $25 or so -- and the "convenience fee" of $15 for making payment by phone. if you decide to continue with the payments (or pay the balance in a lump sum) and receive the $100,000.00 credit bonus only six months after beginning this process, or as soon as the car is paid off -- whichever comes first, I'm sure we can figure out how to avoid that damn phone-payment fee. You MUST commit to a minimum of two payments, and as I said, I'll throw in the "Last Supper" painting by Sister Louisa for a total of $351.60.

You must get back to me within 36 hours saying you accept, if you do. After that, if you have not accepted, I'll make the offer again to others. If you accept, I'll quickly send you info on how to send moneys to GMAC and possibly me as well.

Have a Swell-o Day!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bush Family did what???

Buenos Dias Senor y Senora!

I've gone totally Mexican now, although I still have much Espanol to learn. And speaking of S's, the Spanish-speaking are forever wanting to pronounce my name "eh-SCOTT," the clue being in the name of their language's home country, Espana. But they are at least somewhat used to the Inglesi words beginning with S's that have no soft vowel before them, so not too terribly trying, but they do all slip up from time to time. This is just a small example to show what multi-dimensional fun everything seems to be, here in Puerto Vallarta.

Frankly, I feel as if I've been entirely consumed into heaven, and I mean that quite literally. And if I get to people my own personal heaven, I want the two of you to know that you would be the very first companions I would snatch in through my door. Really. I know I had a tough time not long ago, when others tried to keep me in my old life. I know I sometimes suffered paranoia and misinterpreted facts. I often abused people who did not deserve it, but I'm past all that now and hope you all forgive me my trespasses.

I've got most things pretty well sorted out now, and the best news is I'm not mad at ANYBODY, and that includes those who fought me hardest. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten here, so how I possibly hold a grudge against them? Too bad my mother is so screwed in the head she can't imagine this sort of thinking. There's no way for me to talk to her yet. She'd accuse me again of condemning her, which I have never ever done, but she's so caught up in Republican and Catholic (and maybe Nazi) pretzel-logic, she can't see the forest for the trees, or an expression of appreciation without thinking it is its exact opposite. But she will come around, and she's a tough bird. She ain't a-dying soon.

Not so sure the same is true for Dick Cheney, but then that's another story. But I will say, we had a nice little celebration here because picked up my blog. I and my ideas have nothing but incredible support down here (such a difference from the shit white people -- mostly -- were giving me in the States!). So call me crazy, call me sane -- I really don't care. I just hope you can listen without judgment of me and then check out a few things for yourselves.

Bandaras Bay (means bay of flags -- long story) is the most popular place in the world for humpback whales to calve. They spend several months here every year and everyone thrills to watch them cavort all about the huge bay. Turtles nest on much but not all of the beaches, and porpoises/dolphins run races just off shore. Deeper waters are suffused with the glow of various kinds of bioluminescence. On my first hike in the jungle, half a mile in from the beach a wild buffalo blocked my path. We studied each other for a minute, and then I backed off. The climate is Mediterrannian and Merced onions are for sale everywhere, as is the best street and off-street food you have ever eaten. Everything costs pennies on the dollar. You can eat like a king for under $3, but usually spend more.

Luxury two-bedroom condos in high-rises that have full views of the bay and the mountains on the other side start at $200,000.00 USD, but I recommend spending a bit more -- you can afford the unaffordable here: the materialization of your wildest dreams. Mexican craftspeople and engineers can work out anything, and are proud to do so. Tell 'em the basic idea and the feel you hope to achieve, and they WILL achieve it!

Fernando's and my padrino, a Mexican Jew (all five of our billionaire USD backers are Mexican Jews, but contrary to what I reported elsewhere, not all are gay) is fluent in six languages (but hates what America has become and refuses to learn English for that reason. This love of America and American Dream coupled with hatred of what America has become is very common here and gets quite rabid among those who are native-born Americans -- especially the white Americans who have relocated here. I am an exception. I cling to the Dream: Our Constitution.)

I never got to the end of that last sentence. "our"(really Fernando's) padrino is an engineer who fixes major systemic problems in infrastructure, and when only a short time out of college, was a lead engineer on the Chunnel. He's quite the guy! Our backers have secretly backed certain key new energy technologies that the oil industry killed in other countries, and within a year or two, the houses we build will be entirely energy self-sufficient at next to no cost. I can't get into details, but what the oil companies and their allies killed so thoroughly in other areas of the world, moneyed Mexicans secretly nurtured. HOW COOL IS THAT???????

Anyway, time is flying so I need to get to my damn point: Whale's Tale needs to have a puerto Vallarta address. It is already the IT spot for the culturally aware and will only get better under intelligent planning. Maybe your kids, employees who need the opportunity to grow professionally before they get too frustrated and find another more growth-or-responsibility-capable employer (you can't keep the good down), or even the two of you could open a store here. Rents and property prices are temporarily depressed due to US recession (Mexico is not in recession at all, except as affected by American tourism), so perfect time to fly down and take a gander. It's business expense entirely.

Gotta wrap. Fernando and I have to show a woman who's packing $200,000.00 USD in her purse some property. We've already got a guy recently retired from high in US Army Intelligence to commit to two condos: one each for him and his male partner. He just has to decide for certain which ones. Was great showing him around. He confirmed for me many of the claims in my blog but it was also clear that some things I said about the US disturbed him greatly, but he clearly saw how they were logical and explained some things that had been mysteries to him.

He's the one who surprised me with the info that we invaded Afghanistan not to defeat the Taliban because of their abuse of human rights, but because they had absolutely stopped opium poppy production, and in 2001, the CIA relied on heroin trade for its financial support more than any other source of income. The CIA is only tangentially related to the US Government. It started there, but is now more or less independent of allegiance to any particular country. It is a sort of free-floating center of Fascism that seeks endlessly to sink its tendrils into any and every host country it can worm into.

Daddy Bush got this part set up, and the Bush family and Royal Saudi families (maybe with Cheney) own the bulk of the Carlisle Group which controls many key armaments companies. The 9/11 attack, engineered by Cheney/Bush, used all Saudi operatives. No Afghans (or Afghanis) were involved whatsoever. Get the picture???

Must run now. Please consider an expansion into PV. Fernando and I can do much to ensure you wouldn't regret it. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010 now covers this blog!!!

My profile on THOORA:

(love that pic!)

Thank you to all that made this happen! We are making the United States of America ready for Democracy again! (Thanks and a hat tip to Leonard Cohen)

Letter to Sen. Al Franken

(I might end up writing everyone in the Senate and House before I'm finished. LOL!!!)

Dear Senator Franken:

THANK YOU for your encouragement of Progressives. With luck, within a few years there will be enough momentum for change that they can join me in proudly declaring myself a LIBERAL!!! How brainwashed Americans have been. Liberal is still a dirty word. . . .

I'm writing you from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I barely escaped to with my life after the Republicans in Georgia tried five times within two months to commit me to a mental hospital. They tried to murder me several times as well, including one poisoning by the former lead attack lawyer for Walmart Corp. that I survived. I kid you not.

Here's why I believe I am one of the most dangerous people alive to the Republican Party:

1. I am Tennessee Williams' last significant assistant, and can testify in court to how operatives of the GOP bribed several people I knew to claim he was incompetent when he signed the codicil to his will. One of them bragged to me how a high-placed GOP TN state legislator kept him in high style afterward without trade for sex. Additionally, I was with TW and Jackie Onassis when she convinced him he must let Harvard make all decisions about his rights and their proceeds after he died. This is what they overturned illegally. I can testify in court. I also worked with or knew Pat K.L. and Patricia K.S. and several other Kennedys when I worked for TW.

2. My former employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA is partnered (maybe now the verb is "was.") with GA Cong. John Linder to bring in major illegal drugs via US Air Force to Maxwell AFB. From there they travel UPS to GA, and then are sold to fund Republican Black Ops. I've seen some of the drugs and heard the talk. I can testify in court.

Recently, I confronted Senators Lugar (who like me went to Denison University), Graham, and McCain demanding they stop this trafficking immediately or they will suffer consequences brought on by me, including the ousting of Lugar's school of politics at Denison. I am afraid of nothing and I always win.

I last tried to break up this drug ring in 1990, and was illegally held in Dekalb County Jail by Judge Linda Warren Hunter for 14 weeks on trumped up trespassing charges. Newt Gingrich was in charge of the drug ring then, but I didn't know it. Boy, did I learn how not to report drug crimes. LOL!!!

I am related both by blood and sex to the Kenans of Chapel Hill, NC who inherited Henry Flagler's wealth and use it in support of education. By blood at the year 1700, by sharing a boyfriend, from 1985. Thomas S. Kenan III, now in charge of all the Kenan and other-named charitable trusts and I both dated the same guy but at separate times. I know how to work my connections!!!

See my book's site: , and my political blog that has recently been picked up by THOORA: .

Please contact me if I can be of any assistance. WE HAVE ALREADY WON. We just have to have fun following through with the actions and words to make it real in time and space. Of this, Sir, I assure you! To loose would be death for everyone. Literally.

Please send my congratulations to all the other lovers of freedom and liberty. Tell them that in spirit we HAVE ALREADY WON. So now, fight like crazy to get it done on earth and HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in exile)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Letter to Provincetown TW Festival Director

I certainly hope you all have a great festival this year, but frankly, I find it shocking that you have never invited me. I was TW's last significant assistant and Alyson Books was to publish my memoir, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS.

Of course you are beholden to Michael Remer, Sewanee, et al, and I am the only person alive who can prove Remer, Maria St. Just, and John Eastman successfully conspired to bribe Leoncia McGee (TW's maid), Gary Tucker, and Schuyler Wyatt to claim Tom was incompetent when he signed the codicil to his will. Maria perjured herself, and then with the help of Republican politicians, saw to it that much of TW's proceeds went to Republican Party black ops.

I can (and will) testify in court to this as well as Thomas Keith's total support of the plan. Ask Allean Hale, Kenneth Holditch, Gregory Mosher, Mitch Douglas, or other Williams scholar if you want to know who I am. I tried to introduce myself to many of you at the Poet's Corner (I'm 6' 11" so easy to spot), but Thos. Keith kept running interference. He was charged with seeing that Alyson never published my book and that anyone who spoke with me learned Remer's claim that I'm bipolar and off my rocker. Ask anyone else.

Thomas is addicted to at least three legal drugs that he admits to me. He supplied drugs to Paul Willis at New Orleans festival (ask Paul), to keep him in line. But do ask the Williams scholars. While you're at it, read what John Lahr, Thomas, Kenneth, and Larry Myers wrote about my book HERE.

Thomas then helped Don Weise (who's paid NO ONE lately) cancel my book when I protested that Alyson had not paid my $3,000.00 petty cash advance after 5.5 months. Don and Thomas then swore that my book would never be published. Ask them why.

I have a publisher in the UK looking at hardcover rights worldwide now and two filmmakers are considering it as well. But things did get quite complicated. See my book's site: and my political blog: . I promised Tom I would eventually get his revenge against the Republican Party that has stolen so much of his royalties since he died, and I will.

Please don't fall on the wrong side of history, now that you know. But PLEASE: ask the scholars about me and my book, or better yet, you can order an electronic copy from my site. Sewanee really FUCKED Tennessee. Thomas keeps scholars in line, but his influence is falling apart now. My book contains damning evidence that I WILL testify to in court when we get there.

Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (formerly Stone Mountain, GA)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An offer Sen. John McCain cannot refuse

Dear Senator McCain,

Have I got a deal for you!

The preliminary work has already been done, and your bringing Sarah Palin to the forefront of Republican Politics guarantees that you will complete your mission, which I have been asked to reveal to you now. Hot Damn!!!

You see, Sarah, greedy little @itch that she is, is going to take the entire Republican Party down just so she can make a fortune selling books she doesn't even write. Now I'm a writer, and while I think it best that people write their own books, I respect that many best sellers are ghost-written, like many politicians are puppets manipulated by ghosts (read: Darth Vader), sometimes even by skeletons in their closets, if you get my gist -- which you do. Hell, how many more Republicans politicians have to get caught in toilet sex to make this point? Y'all are just a bunch of fags, if you'll pardon my English.

OK, not you, and Praise Jesus for that! The Republican Party has GOT to have a few straight guys in it (not Todd Palin -- ask Sarah. LOL!!!), and you're the best.

I digress.

This is your day, Sir. You have suffered for Our Country, Freedom, and Liberty like no one else in the public eye. Even your enemies are moved to tears when they contemplate what you have sacrificed. But you, the consummate Patriot on all levels, do not take credit. You are a McCain and patriotism is irrevocably embedded in your DNA. I know. I come form a family of patriots as well, and lucky for you: I won't belabor that point now. HA!

Anyway, the root of confusion and corruption in American politics today is Newt Gingrich and John Linder's mammoth illegal drug importation operation, using US Air Force planes (many Marines have sworn to me that they were ordered to guard AF planes in foreign countries while they were loaded with illegal drugs for US delivery), at least partly centered at Maxwell Air Force Base. There, they go to GA via UPS, and then are sold to finance Republican Black Ops.

My former employer, a defense contractor, is partnered with Congresman Linder to sell the drugs. Newt Gingrich ran this operation in 1990, when I last tried to break it up, but I was not fully conscious then, so naturally fell into the hell-pit of Dekalb County, Georgia Judge Linda Warren Hunter's court, and was held in jail 15+ weeks before being released to enhanced probation (house arrest) for a year on trumped up charges of Criminal Trespass for trying to pick up a severance check from my employer, but left without making a scene after he refused to give it to me.

Imagine my shock when two days later I was arrested! And the punishment cannot be said to fit the crime, had there been one. But I was forced onto Lithium without a doctor ever having evaluated me properly. (I'll spare you the dish on my mother as well. It's all in my blog. I'm still trying to sort out the confusion caused by the swastikas on our everyday china when I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s.)

Anyway, Sir, here is your mission (if you care to accept it): Expose and shut down the Republican Party's drug operation. (OK, you can do it behind the scenes if you don't want to disillusion the American public.) Just do it, or it will destroy you. That is their plan, you know. They are busy trying to destroy my family as well. You may or may not know that my distant relatives, based in Chapel Hill, quietly use Henry Flagler's and others' inherited money through various and many-named foundations to support education throughout the United States. There is no enemy of drugs like education, and drug trafficking and taking (Hi Rush!!!) have already made the Republican Party the champion of pretzel logic -- look at the Republican campaign rhetoric or the consistency of Sarah Palin's endorsements!!!

Did you think we handed Vietnam to the Communists through simple bad judgement? Think again! Nixon/Kissinger had already made that back-door deal with the Chinese. Later, Mr. CIA Bush moved things along quietly, to be followed by Sonny Bush, who mortgaged the entire, previously-in-the-black country to the Communist Party. And yes, Bush/Cheney engineered 9/11 to lubricate the passage of laws that collapsed the US economy.

The Bush/Cheney/Limbaugh people really believed the Chinese Reds were going to let them rule as a dynasty and impoverish the American people for their own enrichment. Wouldn't they have been surprised when they were murdered or disappeared so the Chinese could enslave the American people to harvest the vast natural resources of our country while totally raping the earth. The best intelligence I now have is that this Chinese take-over has been averted, but that's not yet set in stone.

Sir: You MUST act. Should you accidentally water-board any Bushes or Cheneys, I promise to look the other way. Technically, I'm not allowed to support anything I find immoral, but I AM allowed my fantasies!!!

Please see my blog for more details. I have already set up Senators Lugar and Graham to work with you. A triumvirate of fundamentally patriotic Republicans could get this done and reform the Party to its proud tradition of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, et al. I do not mention President Reagan as, although he was a patriot of the first order and really loved this country, he was a pre-Alzheimer's puppet, manipulated by others who kept him controlled with drugs and trotted him out to make his heart-felt speeches. I met him in the White House while I worked for Tennessee Williams, and I can tell you I found him to be the most dis-arming of men, and a good sport when I accidentally (OK, I was a bit tipsy) gave our Commander-in-Chief an order. (This is reported in detail in my book: ). Nancy, on the other hand, was nothing but a Pez dispenser (when she wasn't oralizing this one or that one -- see my blog: . See Kitty Kelly -- whom no one sues for libel -- or Peter Lawford's book.)

It was Jean Dixon who became famous as a psychic after predicting JFK's assassination. She accurately predicted RFK's assassination as well. Another of her important predictions, although less dramatic and mostly forgotten, remains in the record: The American People (but not the World) would be shocked when it discovers who the true Communist Traitors in US Government are. You may recall that years after she made her predictions, documents were made public under the Freedom of Information Act that revealed she had never been a psychic at all. She worked as J. Edgar Hoover's spokesperson. You see, what everyone has always known about that cross-dressing faggot is actually true.

And while we're on the subject, I'm gay, as are so many American Heroes. The "Rebel Yell" was the scream of defiance against Northern aggressors by Southerners ready to fight beyond death to protect their buds. Even then, we Southerners were a bit too gay for the North. And we're damn good soldiers. But don't get me wrong. Slavery in any form is an absolute abomination, and thank God Father Abraham put an end to its covert practice. Now, Brother Obama seeks to end the Republican drug trafficking that has sickened our Nation, but this has to be an inside job. It's too entrenched and the Republicans are too addicted to its mammoth profits. Only after the drug collapse can enough Republicans be elected to bring back some fiscal sense to our Nation.

Have at it, Sir!

If I can be of assistance to you or our Country, do not hesitate to ask. And God blessed you, Sir. Your crowning achievement still lies ahead of you and you will have a lot of fun on this mission. I guaran-godamn-tee it. I fear nothing and I always win.

You, too, are cut of this cloth. Or you can leave the GOP to Sarah/Rush/Hannity and their ilk. Your choice.

Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in exile)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new apartment's pool

My and Fernando's "godfather" lets us stay here free!!! Villa Santa Barbara on the south side of Puerto Vallarta.


Finding the best in the Republican Party (Does this surprise you???)

Dear Senator Graham,

Thank you for your vote for Ms. Kagan. Although certain activities of the Republican Party in recent years have prevented me from even THINKING of voting for a Republican, I have been watching Republicans and feel you are fundamentally an honest man.

I am distantly related to the Kenans of Chapel Hill who founded the University and support education worldwide through foundations founded on Henry Flagler's and other money which they inherited. Tommy (Thos. S. K. III) and I once had the same boyfriend, so we are quite well connected despite the blood ties being way back about 1700.

Anyway, I am hoping to solicit your help in reforming the Republican Party, and the first thing necessary is to get rid of Newt Gingrich/John Linder's drug dealing operation which is detailed on my blog: . As you will see, I have reported it to the FBI, Obama Admin. and others, and have received considerable support from our government. Unfortunately, the moneys collected are so great, they have also funded many attempts by agents of your Party on my life as well as five attempts to commit me to a mental hospital, which was a big joke.

Please speak privately with Sen. Lugar whom I've also enlisted. I've warned him I would have his School of Politics thrown off the Denison University campus if he does not shut Newt down ASAP, and I will, but he is not strong enough to work alone and he must have Republican support.

Thank you, Sir!
Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in exile)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Posted on CNN this morning

July 19, 2010
Posted: July 19th, 2010 10:33 AM ET
Sarah Palin said Sunday that plans to build a mosque at Ground  Zero are an ‘unnecessary provocation.’
Sarah Palin said Sunday that plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero are an ‘unnecessary provocation.’

(CNN) – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the proposed construction of a mosque and community center near "Ground Zero," the site of the 9/11 terror attack in New York City, calling it an "unnecessary provocation."

"Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts," Palin wrote in a Twitter post Sunday. "Pls reject it in interest of healing."

The former Republican vice presidential nominee also posted a plea to "peaceful New Yorkers," asking them to "pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real."

Plans to build a $100 million, 13-story center - focused on what backers describe as Islamic, interfaith and secular programming - has sparked an emotional debate.

New York's Landmarks Preservation Commission is scheduled to hold a key vote in August on whether an 1850s structure currently on the site of the proposed center should be granted landmark status. Even if landmark status is approved, however, it may not necessarily halt construction of the center.

Voices opposing the mosque dominated a hearing on the subject last week.

"It would be a terrible mistake to destroy a 154-year-old building in order to build a monument to terrorism," one woman said.

The heckling and intense nature of the hearing got to be too much for some participants.

"I'm ashamed to be an American today," said Rakif Gathwari, a Muslim-American, who reminded the crowd that people from many countries and religions died in the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

"I want to prove to this hall that I am a citizen," Gathwari said, holding up his passport.

Some Muslim community leaders say the mosque could provide an opportunity for improving interfaith relations.

The project, according to a Muslim outreach group called the Cordoba Initiative, calls for the construction of a mosque, a performing arts center, a gym, a swimming pool and other public spaces.

– CNN's Deb Feyerick, Julian Cummings, Ed Payne and Alan Silverleib contributed to this report

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slamic terrorism???

Bush/Cheney Terrorism is the truth of it!!! I turned over my evidence that Newt Gingrich and GA Republican Congressman John Linder run the world's largest illegal importation of drugs into US via US Air Force planes. I've seen the drugs, have inside info from Linder's partner.
Many US Marines have sworn to me that they were ordered to guard Air Force planes in foreign countries as they were loaded with illegal drugs to take to US.

Two days after I sent my info to FBI by secure server, Tom Houck ( ), MLK Jr's former white-boy driver, consultant to Kennedys - whom I knew from my stint working for Tennessee Williams in 1981-82 - now consultant to Brother Obama), invited me to a meeting with top GA Democrats. I've kept them informed since then.

Recently, I also gave the info to my co-alumnus of Denison University, Sen. Dick Lugar, but he has not yet acted to divorce the Republican Party from this primary source of income. (Did you really think those cheap sons-of-bitches DONATED all those campaign funds TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY???)

Anyway, I've begun a campaign to kick Lugar's school of politics off the Denison campus. He should be ashamed of his cowardice - or stand up as a man and a Patriot, and take action immediately.


Scott D. Kenan

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in exile)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting aggressive, Praise Jesus!!!

From: Scott Kenan
Subject: Posted on today, and a promise to kick Senator Dick Lugar out of Denison University
Date: July 18, 2010 3:09:30 PM CDT
To: Richard Lugar
Cc:, Jeremy Bird , Eric Gray ,,,,,,,,,,, Dean Hansell,, Tom Houck , Don Weise , Thomas Keith , Cynthia Zigmund , John Willig ,,,, Michael D. Remer , Nan Nash ,, Billy Mitchell


Posted to CNN online. Let's see if it stays.


My intention is that since Sen. Lugar has known about the drug-dealing black ops for at least two weeks now and has done NOTHING to stop Newt Gingrich/John Linder's drug ops (and I can testify in court that I saw some of the drugs and Pentagon Publishing employees have repeatedly told me of the operation. A former co-worker confirmed in email that Republican Congressman John Linder was in charge and offered to take me into "protective custody"read: disappear me, and later said that Dick Cheney had authorized my assassination, emailing me with the details of how. In fact, former head of Walmart Corporation attack-dog lawyers, Amy Fortenberry, did in fact poison me, although I survived. Stone Mountain Police and council-people Troutman, Nunn, Nash, and Mailman claimed the Fortenberry family is too powerful for the police to even THINK of questioning. Dekalb County GA Community Service Board can confirm that some of these people repeatedly demanded they commit me to a mental hospital after they declined MY demand that they sue me for libel.

Anyway, I will soon start a very visible campaign to demand that Sen. Lugar's political school be thrown off Denison University's campus. We did this kind of thing in 1969-72, and we alumni, in concert with concerned students, can do it again and with MEGA PUBLICITY. I didn't work for Tennessee Williams for nothing. I KNOW how to get top publicity!!!

A word to the wise is sufficient.


From CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart
Washington (CNN) – With midterm elections less than four months away, the top Republican in the Senate said Sunday that the GOP is “proud” to oppose many aspects of Democrats’ agenda. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, also laid out some issues where he said Republicans support President Obama.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, McConnell ticked off a litany of Democratic agenda items that his party has opposed.

“Look, what we are proud to say no to, and I think what the public wants us to say no to, are things like the government running banks, insurance companies, car companies, nationalizing the student loan business, taking over our health care,” McConnell told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley.

McConnell also pointed to the recently passed financial regulatory reform bill, the growth of the federal workforce, action by the Federal Communications Commission to assert authority over the internet, and the possibility that the National Labor Relations Board will change the law regarding how unions can be formed.

“Yes, we are opposed - let me make it clear, we are absolutely opposed to all of those things, and proudly so,” McConnell said.

But the GOP leader quickly added that his party agrees with the president on other issues and is willing to work on passing some legislation the president says he wants.

“There are some things the president is trying to do that we support. We support his efforts in Afghanistan, I think he is on the right track there. I think he continued the policy successfully in Iraq. He says he is for trade deals, where are they? We would like to help him pass them.”

McConnell also mentioned some aspects of energy policy, specifically nuclear power and clean coal technology, as another area where the GOP might work with the White House.

“So the question is, what are you saying no to? We will proudly say no to the litany of things that I just mentioned a few minutes ago.”

On the GOP’s prospects in the midterms, McConnell said, “The environment is very good for a good year,”

With Republican candidates “either competitive or ahead in 11 different states now where there are Democratic incumbent senators.”

But he would not predict exactly how many Senate seats he thinks the GOP might pick up in November, only that it has a good chance of increasing its number of Senate seats.

“I'd like to be in better shape than the 41 that we have now. And I think the chances of that are pretty good,” he told Crowley.

Related: McConnell says Republicans have gotten their groove back

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Scott Kenan July 18th, 2010 3:18 pm ET
I'm sitting on the beach in Mismaloya, Mexico near Puerto Vallarta as I write this. My partner's five billionaire Mexican "godfathers" will provide the land we will market to the top arts, education, science, etc. professionals in the United States, starting with those who have supported the work of my former employer, Tennessee Williams. The movie set ruins from NIGHT OF THE IGUANA are an avocado-pit's throw away from my chair.

I had to flee here because I can prove the Republican Party stole most of the proceeds from TW's rights after he died, and also that Republican Congressman John Linder (in cahoots with Newt Gingrich), imports vast quantities of illegal drugs via the US Air Force into Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, which travel via UPS to GA where they are sold to finance Republican Black Ops. (Only the very top - the Bushes and Cheney, Dick Lugar - know of these secret operations, so don't blame ALL Republicans, please.)

I've seen the drugs and hear the details from co-workers at Pentagon Publishing, Inc ( ). I CAN TESTIFY IN COURT ON BOTH THE WILLIAMS AND DRUG OPERATIONS. No wonder they tried to supress my book and murder me. But I got out. Down here, everyone laughs at the United States. She is so deluded, but Brother Obama is doing a good job, although he's naive and has made some mistakes. Good thing he's got Hilary as his deputy!!!

Scott D. Kenan (in exile)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Escalating my attacks on Sewanee

Sewanee pretends that it broke or lost its infamous mace in 1997. Still, the Episcopalian Seminary school is famous for its racist past and angry alumni. Bishop Alexander (Atlanta), tries to reform, but the Tennessee Williams rights are now valued at $1/3 Billion, and he's afraid to confront Michael Remer about how much of the proceeds go to Republican Party Black Ops people.

Ask the Bishop: Exactly how much of the proceeds of $1/3 Billion goes to EXPERIMENTAL writers as is stipulated in the playwright's will. As TW's last significant assistant and with all due respect (none), I will demand an answer until I get one.


Subject: I can't get this posted to Sewanee Writers Conference blog. HELP!!!
From: Scott Kenan
Date: July 17, 2010 4:04:58 PM CDT
Cc: J. Neil Alexander , Allean Hale , Kenneth Holditch , Thomas Keith , Annette Saddik , Robert Bray , John Uecker , Larry Myers , Robert Leleux , John Shanley , John DiLeo , John Lahr , Mark Beard , Donna Pierce , Michael D. Remer , Don Weise , Cynthia Zigmund , Christopher Bram , Christopher Rice
Bcc: 300 MORE


It seems that even after paring it down to 1/3 the size of what I'll paste in below (what I'd hoped to post), it is too big for Sewanee's puny little mind, and it keeps coming back as too big a comment to post. Do be sure to see what I wrote on my blog about Sewanee's outrageous illegal activities. I also recently sent all my info to the FBI, Harvard's legal department, etc.

I'm blind copying at least 300 TW friends so they know what's up and how TW's huge endowment is being wisely spent!!!

See you in court!!!

Sewanee's impossible-to-comment-on blog:



Google alerts sent all of us with "Tennessee Williams" as an alertable topic an alert today, titled: "Pertetual Folly: Sewanee Writers Conference -- Day 4."

Of course all the Williams scholars, caring directors, actors, producers, etc., get these daily alerts. WE ARE LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF AT SEWANEE AGAIN!!!

Even Thomas Keith (Michael Remer's toadie to Williams scholars, publishers, etc.) was mortified when the Sewanee Conference people read at the installation of TW in the Poet's Corner in Cathedral John Divine in NYC late last fall.

Wyatt Prunty read the poem from LA NOCHE DEL IGUANA as if it were an accounting speadsheet!!! (I've written the title in Spanish because I've escaped Remer's Republican henchmen and now live in Puerto Vallarta, and will soon sign an agreement with the wealthiest businessman in Guadalajara to re-develop the IGUANA movie site ruins in Mismaloya.

Ask yourself: "What have I done for Tennessee Williams today?" (He's paying your salaries and expenses, even from the grave). Ask Mr. Prunty why he and Remer have so far kept my TW memoir from being published. See its website here: . Don't miss my blog that gives the evidence I sent the FBI on Sewanee and Mr. Remer.

Write Vanessa Redgrave and ask her if it's true she refused to attend the Bishop's reception afterward. Olympia Dukakis DID attend, as did others including me. No real Williams scholar was in attendance, with the possible exception of Annette Saddick, but she is said to be Mr. Keith's accomplice in subverting the truth about Tennessee Williams.

Administrator of this blog: Do not bother deleating this posting. I will be emailing it to my list of over 300 people who actually care about Tennessee Williams and don't allow prattle like this blog to be in any way associated with his legacy.

Scott D. Kenan,
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in exile)
17 July, 2010, 3:40 PM CDT

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To be as clear as possible in my allegation:

Michael Remer, Maria St. Just, and John Eastman bribed Leoncia McGee, Gary Tucker, and Schuyler Wyatt to falsely testify that Tennessee was incompetent when he signed the codicil to his will. (Maria perjured herself in doing the same.)

A question no lawyer or scholar has answered, even when I've asked them directly: What happened to the royalties collected in the Soviet Union? Tennessee told me he had more there than in the US, but back then you could not convert or move rubles. He and Texas Kate often joked about going over and bringing it all back in furs.

I suspect Maria St. Just managed to get most of it out and split it with her Republican Party allies. Can ANYONE answer this question???


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why did the Republican Party need to have me killed? Read below:

This is from the Epilogue of WALKING ON GLASS. Please remember: As the writer and copyright owner, I reserve all rights:

The coroner, Elliot Gross, on the scene the morning of Tennessee Williams’ death, determined that Tennessee’s body may have become intolerant of the drugs he had used throughout his life, and in the end they had simply overwhelmed his system. Tennessee’s health had declined, and during his last year, he had lost a lot of weight. A medicine bottle top such as the type used in eye drops was not found in his air passage as reported, and in any case, as Gross later acknowledged, would not have been large enough to restrict airflow. Gross was certain that the event that had caused Tennessee’s death was inadvertent.

He filed a false report stating that the playwright had died by choking on a medicine bottle top. He had surmised that if the press, clamoring loudly outside the hotel, heard that any drug had been part of the cause of death, they would report it as an overdose or suicide—an unjust verdict—but one that would live in the mind of the public forever.

Six months later, after the hubbub died down, Gross quietly corrected his report. (1) The legacy Gross left is that for all these years, most, like myself, erroneously believed Williams died by choking.

In his will, Tennessee Williams left the bulk of his estate, including the copyrights, in a trust for the care of his sister Rose. After her death, ownership was to go to the University of the South (commonly referred to as Sewanee), a small college in Tennessee. He left the bequest in honor of his beloved maternal grandfather, Walter Dakin, who had received his divinity degree there in 1895. Administration of the estate, including permissions to produce his plays, to use quotations from his work, and to access his papers, was to be split among an administrator from Sewanee, one from Harvard, and a third one appointed by the other two.

However, in late 1982, Tennessee added a codicil to his will. Now, Harvard, instead of Sewanee, was to receive his papers. While the codicil specified that Sewanee was still to keep actual ownership of the bulk of the estate, it charged Harvard with making all decisions concerning the use of the intellectual property rights as well as the financial proceeds of the bequest. Tennessee further stipulated that the bulk of the proceeds should form a fund to support creative writers, specifically clarifying that it should be used to support writing of a “progressive, original and preferentially of an experimental nature.” (2)

Tennessee’s groundbreaking plays had been exactly that: progressive, original, and experimental, and anyone studying his later plays knows what he meant when he wrote the codicil. In the course of his career, he had continually broken taboos as he unflinchingly explored the deepest regions of the human heart. As a result, he often battled censors and self-appointed guardians of public morality. In the last few years of his life, Reaganism came to full flower and Evangelical Christianity was surging, its adherents demanding that the nation’s laws—even its Constitution—bow to the Bible. Many Christian leaders proclaimed that AIDS was God’s righteous punishment of gay men—and they thanked God for that. Few politicians dared denounce them.

Tennessee’s fear that his plays would be sanitized after his death no longer seemed so paranoid. In the context of this national trend, it seemed eminently sane that he decided on Harvard rather than a small religious university in the South.

Not surprisingly, the codicil was contested. An agreement was reached. As the dust cleared, Maria St. Just emerged as the de facto manager of the rights, and she anointed herself guardian of Tennessee’s legacy. In an attempt to suppress knowledge of the aspects of Tennessee’s life that she found unsavory and to shape his image and the world’s understanding of his work to conform to her view, she refused to allow most scholars access to his papers, and she micro-managed the major productions of his plays that she allowed. As a result, the most produced English language playwright since William Shakespeare dropped under the radar—many of his plays going unproduced and his papers rarely studied—until after Maria’s death in early 1994. (3)

The bulk of Tennessee’s papers went to Harvard. Following the death of Rose Williams, the rest of the estate, including ownership of the rights and funds, went to The University of the South. The estate—valued at $10 million at the time of Williams’ death (2)—was the largest bequest the school had received to that time, and Maria St. Justs’s and Sewanee’s management of the estate has increased its value more than ten-fold (actually, lawyers who are alumni of Sewanee have confirmed to me that the estate is now worth upward of $1/3 BILLION). Based at Sewanee, the Walter E. Dakin Memorial Fund supports a few writers directly and indirectly.
Whether the codicil to Tennessee’s will stood or not was a moot point for Leoncia McGee, even though in it he had added that she be paid a stipend until her death—something he’d forgotten to include in the original will. Under Florida law, the fact that she had witnessed the codicil would prevent her from receiving the stipend he had granted in it. Maria St. Just stepped up to the plate, and Leoncia received an income until her death in 1992.

Several months after Tennessee’s death, Gary Tucker and Schuyler Wyatt moved to Atlanta and Gary worked as a deejay in a leather bar. They lived a stone’s throw from the Alliance Theatre in a Victorian mansion on Peachtree Street, rent-free. Their parties became legendary. I occasionally ran into them, but turned down their party invitations.

After Gary’s death from AIDS in 1989, Skye moved to Chattanooga and worked as a server for a caterer. He visited Atlanta occasionally, and when I ran across him, he bought rounds of drinks in the bars and bragged about his lavish lifestyle in Tennessee. He repeatedly claimed that his luxury condo, sports car, and wads of spending cash were provided by a high-placed Republican politician in the Tennessee State Legislature (without trade for sex). He refused to name the man to me. Skye died from AIDS in 1992.

Helen Chuba returned to her trailer and her husband in Homestead.

Vassilis Voglis died from AIDS in 1990.

Edmund J. Perret II went on to become the Executive Director of the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, was very active in the Catholic Church, and sat on the boards of several national charities. He died in 1991 from a long but unspecified illness.

Rose Williams died of cardiac arrest in 1996 at the age of 86.

Jane Smith died of natural causes in 2005.

Bruce Smith continued to run a public relations firm in Chicago.

“Texas” Kate Moldawer married a physician, was widowed several years later, and then died of breast cancer in 2007.

After Tennessee’s death, John Uecker, who had intermittently served as Tennessee’s literary assistant both before and after I worked for Tennessee, became James Purdy’s literary assistant, which he remained until Purdy’s death in 2009. John’s credits in theater include acting, coaching, producing, and directing. After Tennessee's death, James Purdy, with John’s assistance, wrote many works for the theater, as Tennessee had inspired both of them to do.

Mark Beard developed six distinct artist personalities so that he could paint in as many different styles. Today, his work is in the collections of major art museums around the world. Abercrombie & Fitch commissioned him to paint murals on their flagship stores, and in 2009, he completed an eleven-story mural, his largest so far, on their Tokyo store. Mark has won awards for his set designs as well.

Robert Carroll lives in West Virginia.

The whereabouts of Filippo and Matthew are unknown.

Searching the internet in 2007, I discovered that Jeanne Wolf released the documentary film, THE DONSINGER WOMEN AND THEIR HANDYMAN JACK in 1983. It won an award in San Francisco. The short story remains unpublished.

André Ernotte continued directing on the American stage and won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director of a Musical three times before he died of heart failure in 1999.

After leaving the Goodman Theatre, Gregory Mosher produced or directed over 200 plays on stages in America and abroad, and won every major American theater award, including two Tonys. He is now the Director of the University Arts Initiative at Columbia University.

I remained in Atlanta and worked in restaurant management until 1990, when I suffered a second, more severe bout of mania (or so it seemed). I was arrested that time too, but due to new laws meant to protect the rights of the mentally ill, the judge (although she stated her belief that I should be committed), was afraid to do so. Over a six-month period, I spent a total of 14 weeks in jail. After my final release, I dedicated myself to the care of my mental health. I stabilized on Lithium, found work in sales, and then one day late in 2003, I decided I would have to trust myself. I had a story to write.

In the course of coming to terms with bipolar illness, I had learned the truth of what Tennessee said that day he rebuked me, “Never support anyone’s delusions. It’s the cruelest thing you could do.” My suggestion at the time had been to play coronation anthems for his sister Rose who thought she was the Queen of England. It is easy to point out delusions in others, but it is our pernicious day-to-day delusions that lead to our private insanities. Only in staring down my own delusions was I able to find my own grounding and the clarity to write this book.

I also came to understand that Tennessee had reached a place of transcendence. He had spent his lifetime wrestling demons, and in the process pulled Blanche Dubois, Stanley Kowalski, Alexandra del Lago, Lady Torrance, the Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon, and all his other characters from within. He thrust them onto the public stage for our contemplation. Although his characters—aspects of himself—collide, compete, win, lose, and survive or not in this world, the greater thing within him, the über-thing that fueled Tennessee, the man John Patrick Shanley called “that gorgeous, unstoppable beast,” could not be—and never was—harmed. As he watched his work unfold upon the stage, he allowed that greater part of himself, that thing that drove him always onward, to possess his conscious being, and, he laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed.

It is now November, and I am finishing the final edits. Earlier this month, I traveled to New York City for Tennessee’s installation in the American Poets’ Corner in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. On that Thursday evening, people from all walks of life gathered in the soaring Gothic cavern. Marian Seldes, Eli Wallach, Vanessa Redgrave, and many others performed or read Tennessee’s work. John Shanley delivered an electrifying address. Three days later, Tennessee’s stone was formally unveiled at Sunday Evensong service. Many fewer attended the quiet event; I was back in Georgia. The movie critic John DiLeo wrote me later that he, too, missed the service, but he did see the stone, “and it is beautifully placed, as if the poets surrounding him are mere supporting players.”

These words are inscribed on the face of Tennessee’s stone in the Cathedral:
Time is the longest distance between two places.

And on Tennessee’s tombstone in St. Louis:
The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.

An added personal note: God bless you Patricia Clarkson!!!

1. Baden, Michael M. 1989. Unnatural Death, New York: Random House, 1989. pp. 73-74.
2. Lindsey Gruson. March 22, 1983. “Harvard to Direct Williams Bequest” The New York Times,
3. Lahr, John. December 19, 1994. “The Lady and Tennessee” The New Yorker, , pp. 76-97.

Stolen from

There's no place like Rome!

There's no place like Rome!
This man (on the left wearing a fabulous vintage chiffon-lined Dior gold lamé gown over a silk Vera Wang empire waist tulle cocktail dress, accessorized with a 3-foot beaded peaked House of Whoville hat, and the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz) is worried that The Da Vinci Code might make the Roman Catholic Church look foolish.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life in Puerto Vallarta

Everything is going better than my wildest dreams here. By the time you (reader) are ready, I will be legally able to find you the home of your dreams here, and at the very best price. I am going into the real estate marketing business.

And I have two books to sell.

I will soon be fed exclusive offers on properties that will never be publicly listed, as the owners want to be sure that the buyers are of the calibre preferred (read: appreciative of nature, God, and art). All properties that I am talking about have the very highest standards of eco-friendliness, respect for the natural terrain and architecture, but I also must be clear that they will start probably as low as $150,000.00 USD, so many affordable to good people with less money.

I'm now leaving the US politics in the past. I have spilled my beans in ways that cannot be stopped. They will germinate, grow, and bear fruit in time. It is not my job to save the US from itself. I am reminded of Jesus who reportedly said, "Pick up your damn bed and WALK, goddamn it!"

Everyone here is THRILLED that my Denison friend's (Dean Hansell's) law firm is suing Arizona for Mexico PRO BONO. Dean is the coolest guy, although we had no contact for many years, I occasionally saw in the press what he'd been up to. Always knew we would re-connect. Maybe PV is in his future too. . . .

I have more good news!!! Victor, who lives next door, is a cab driver. He has a girl friend who visits, but lives with his mother (who has hair down to her knees) and three chihuahuas. The dogs are trying to make friends with our cats. Victor is also the exclusive chauffeur for the CEO of a global oil exploration company when he is in town. This man owns a private island with house and horses and Victor takes care of it. He has invited me to go by boat Sunday for 2-3 days to fish and grill fish and fruits from the trees on the beach, go swimming and horseback riding, and just relax. He seems to like me and he knows that I have a husband. He is OK that we are gay.

I am hoping that if it goes well, he will let Alfredo and me use the island for a honeymoon when you return to PV. Is that a great idea?????????

Also, I am beginning my career speaking about TW. This Thursday, at Hotel Mercurio, I will talk some about Tennessee, and then will show THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA. After that, I will do other films if it goes well. I have met many very well connected people here: some Mexican, others from all over the world. They tell me the most courageous people in the world have been gathering in PV and I have no worries here at all. I have been invited to some meetings, and it is suggested that the newspaper should do an article on me soon. We'll see. Timing is everything.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Today, I dealt Newt Gingrich a fatal blow

. . . but it will take time to fester and kill him (metaphorically). I regret that I sent it through his "secure" website form so I cannot paste in the "proof of sending." Also sent it to hundreds of others, powerful and not:

My Dearest Little Newt: I read that you are in Iowa today, groping fellow Republicans (about a future run for President of the United Snakes of America). You were recently groping the boys in South Carolina too. How true to form. I hate to have to inform you of this, but you will not be President. Indeed, Sen. Lugar (co-alum of Denison University and trustee there as well) should have by now received photo copies I made of all the missives I delivered in 1990 to your pipe-smoking, benevolent, black-Lincoln-Town-Car driving office manager in GA. (Henry Ford lobbied for the US to side with Nazi Germany. It is no surprise that Reds drive Lincolns, Blues drive GM products. Only Ford did not need government help after Bush/Cheney torpedoed the American economy, GM was all but dead). I trust you saved those sheets of legal paper that your manager said you had been reading carefully. Surely you knew that when I learned the truth that YOU had been in charge of the illegal drug traffic into the US then, I'd come back to finish you off (metaphorically. I'm in Mexico and not about to re-enter the US for a while. In any case, I have never been violent with anyone, nor will I be). I find it also interesting that at that time, I had some evidence that my mother had tried to murder me then, and went to then-Dekalb Co. DA Bob Barr's office with it. My mother later informed me that she set those people straight when they called to begin an investigation. She said she told them I had a firm diagnosis of bipolar and could not be trusted. HA! I do love GA politicians. Y'all are so colorful: Pat Swindall, Congressman "Cooter," and the three of you who have since, or had previously planned to soon, run for President: Cynthia McKinney, Bob Barr, and you. Let me say something about a current Georgia politician whom I see as the next winner: DuBose Porter for Governor. He and his wife are TOTALLY dedicated to education (People dear to my Kenan heart!) In fact, in perusing some Kenan literature, I notice the family name DuBose popped up, so maybe we are very distantly related by blood. Certainly we are in spirit. I'm no soothsayer, so cannot predict the future, per se, but I dare say that even if DuBose does not win (I bet he will), he will have planted the seeds of truth that cannot fail to germinate in Georgia. Praise Jesus!!! Anyway, please do run for President. It will be fun to see how you react publicly as what I have to say (and can prove!) about you and the Republican Party slowly makes its way into the public record. Do check my old missives for clues to your future. All best to you and Calista (Was there ever more fluff to a name???) Scott D. Kenan Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in exile)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Loving Mismaloye and life in Puerto Vallarta!

Mi Amor: Your phone loses its charge and it lost your number as contact. Please use email and I can check it at free internet places. I LOVE the apartment and will make it a wonderful home by the time you get back. I'm at Mismaloya Beach today, at exact place of beach palapa in movie. Free internet here! Was out last night and turned down many sex ops. I only want YOU.

I ran into several people I knew, and everyone wants to help us with our projects. I ran into the best friend of Buster Hymen, SVP of Wells Fargo Securities, who owns the Mismaloya house we will buy. He's a total drug dealer and has healed from the two black eyes and cuts he had to his face from fights. When he heard that I had defeated the Republican Party's attempts to keep me from moving here, he immediately fled -- no doubt to call Buster!!! LOL!!! After what Wells Fargo did to my VISA, they will give us the house if we're lucky. I'm suing everyone!!!!

Sorry about the typoes. Jose Cuervo says to tell you hello. Don't worry about me, but send moeny as soon as you can. Leave me info via email. If I don't here from you, I'll buy phone card and call from pay phone, but am trying to conserve money right now.

No emails from anyone in over three weeks now, except Allean Hale, queen of TW scholars who also tried to bust the Republicans who hijacked TW's estate years ago. She got nowhere, but is my strongest supporter. She's 96 and still writing, lecturing, etc. She's my top hero, except for you!

I send copies to others, all so you can see who. It helps keep a good record for legal reasons.

All my love,


PS: I just sent Newt Gingrich an email telling him to fuck himself and that I have copies of all docs I took him in 1990 when I thought he wanted to stop drug traffic but he was then in charge of Republican Black Ops. Sen. Lugar is going to come through to clean up his party, but everything takes time.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Calling a Spade a Spade (within the family)

Subject: Re: Max D.
From: Scott D Kenan
Date: July 5, 2010 1:02:56 PM CDT
To: Julie Duffy

Please reply to the two emails I just sent you today with a declaration of where you stand in your opinion of me, my mental health, and how much responsibility you personally bear for my money disappearing through Catholic (or Christian) and Republican Party tricks. State how much you will pay me to makes amends as called for by Alcoholics Anonymous, and prayers as called for by Catholic confession. Don't forget to tell me when you will pay the cash money.

Then I will be happy to conjure up some fine memories of Max Duffy. He's a great kid!!!

Most sincerely,

On Jul 5, 2010, at 10:19 AM, Julie Duffy wrote:

Hi Scott, I am putting together a binder like I did for Connor and Max K. for Max D. He graduated in June, so I'm a bit behind but we're going to have a little celebration for him. Could you reply with what you like about him and/or some fun memories of him? I know you don't have a ton of time with him but thought I'd ask. Thanks. Love, Julie

Exciting developments, pos and neg = ALL POS

Subject: Exciting developments, pos and neg = ALL POS
From: Scott D Kenan
Date: July 5, 2010 12:52:40 PM CDT
To: Jeremy Bird

OK. I thought I just had some thrilling news to report, but more has happened, so I'll not dwell in any of it too much and then get this and yesterday's message out.

Yesterday, Alfredo and I went (for about the fourth time), to Los Amiales, which means in native language "Birthplace of the Waters." It is near a neighboring town about 15 km from here. There, from a cave in the mountain, an enormous flow of blessedly warm (by cave-water standards, I guess the local geo-thermal activity heats it from "ice-cold" to "touch-of-brisk." Praise Jesus!!!). The water flows into a smaller stream that has been meandering a flat plain peopled with cow and steer pastures. Palms, giant umbrella-tress, and jacarandas line the road we travel to get there. Then, for a length of the stream at least a quarter mile long (we haven't explored it all yet), there is a series of pools 2-4 feet deep and anywhere from an eighth to a full acre in size, separated by low dikes that have passageways for the waters to boil between and over rounded volcanic boulders and flow down a few feet to the next pool. The locals swear the pools are natural; the appearance is of rice paddies, totally flooded. Papyrus and similar vegetation grows at waters edge, except where the pools are accessed by people. The whole of it is surrounded by giant palapas owned as businesses by different families where they sell food and refreshments to visitors. If all the seats in these restaurants were filled, I'd guess it would hold at least 3,000 people. It is not a small place. There are grills to rent made from the metal wheels of cars; some tractor-trailer wheels also available for the more "Catholic-sized" families. (Mexicans recycle EVERYTHING -- except plastic, which they use in packaging that uses FAR less than American packaging.)

Anyway, we have been going to one palapa owned by the most handsome of families, and we've gotten to know them a bit. We have gone all four times during the past week, three of those times despite the now-continual off-and-on rains. It's just too beautiful to be at this place and observe (and sometimes join) the Mexican families having the best of fun (also despite the rain). But before we left yesterday, the owners of "our" palapa approached us. Their son had asked them to ask me to be his godfather. Catholic confirmation (at age eight) is Wednesday, and although Alfredo explained that I am not Catholic (sparing them the details), they said they had no problem with that. I could not possibly imagine turning down such an honor. I got down on my hands and knees and neighed like a caballo.

Ha-ha! They had already told me he would give me the present of a bottle of tequila, and he hoped I would give him a horse. Maybe I should have mentioned that first, but this is the kind of fun everyone has almost continually in Mexico. It is truly the beginning place of Heaven.

I need to get moving here in the story. Time's a-flowing.

Last night I kept having experiences that pointed in one direction, and I was moved to put on Oliver Stone's movie, JFK. 'Nuff said, if you are with me. I'd only seen it for the first time a month ago, and I swear Jackie and Jack possessed my soul for about three minutes as I was watching it. Of course I had known -- OK, more like "enhansed-met" Jackie, so I knew it was actually her. Jack I'd only seen in person from in a Louisville audience once, soon after he was elected. My parents were so wonderful in so many ways back then, exposing us to everything educational. I wish I understood more fully what happened.)

Anyway, all "signs" demand that I file lawsuits against everyone imaginable, both companies and individuals that have fucked me. I had been operating on the idea that I alone am responsible for me, and to sue over the past would mess up my future. But while this is often, probably usually, true, it is not always. I don't give a damn about the money. Any I receive will go mostly to support Alfredo's and my foundation (once we get it up legally, and running). But it seems the way to stop these Fascists (better term than Nazis, I've decided), is to get them legally. Otherwise things will just keep festering. And I'm not the only one who suffered at their hands in America.

In fact, I'm not the only one who has suffered at their hands in Mexico. This morning, I got a call from Alfredo, who was beaten up in the street last night. He did not go to hospital, but from his description, he's got a fair amount of chest pain and two black eyes. He actually ended up the victor in the fight with THEM (number unknown to me). He did not get a good look at their faces (How can this be? Ski masks? Alfredo is the king of leaving-out-details.) He did file a police report, and he filed one three months ago when they beat him up in Puerto Vallarta and stole goods worth $4,000.00 (bought by me. These Republicans and their agents do everything to steal what I have paid for, regardless who owns it. This time, they only got only $100.00 USD equivalent.) After this event, the movie, etc., i am charged with the strength of the Lion of Judah in my commitment to sue all the bastards that I possibly can. The assault on Alfredo last night was the Republican Party's shot across my bow, daring me to do so.

Let's see how big a PR campaign they now begin about "excessive lawsuits" and the need to curtail them. It is Republican operatives who fake claims and then sue the crap out of others to drive up insurance and other costs. Who do they think they have been kidding? Democrats sue for justice.

So, we'll be detained two days longer than expected in Colima for the Confirmation. Then to PV, where I'll be rearing my front parts to demonstrate to all just how big a horse's ass I can be. Praise Jesus!!! There, finally, I should get at-home internet service and not be in a hole of no service on my phone when at home. Events and circumstances have kept me severely restricted in communications here in Colima, but that has been good. I've had the opportunity to spend hours daily in meditation, and more in getting to know the great people called Mexico. Perhaps Senator Lugar will find ways to work forward or behind the scenes. I believe he will. Maybe Denison friend Dean Hansel will give me some legal advice, point me toward the right council. Perhaps his finger is even crooked. Who knows what the future holds, but I'm bettin' on it!!!

(For a number of reasons, I will NOT sue my immediate family.)

NOTE FROM TWO HOURS LATER BEFORE SENDING FROM CIBERCAFE: Things have gotten worse. Alfredo has had to go for x-rays, and the mechanic, who has learned of no new problems and will not even get the necessary part needed to begin work, now tells us it will take until Thursday to have the van ready. Previously, he'd insisted many times he'd have it ready this evening. My enemies work hard in Mexico now. they beat Alfredo up a second time, they steal our time and money. But we are not afraid. we are the Kings of Our Own Lives, and we will have the helpf of the Mexican and American Legal Systems soon. I see foundtains flowing in gold. Gold to support our foundation (which we hope to set up soon).

"Democracy is coming to America. . . ." Leonard Cohen. Or is it?

Subject: "Democracy is coming to America. . . ." Leonard Cohen. Or is it?
From: Scott D Kenan
Date: July 5, 2010 12:42:21 PM CDT
To: Scott D Kenan
Cc: Allean Hale , Kenneth Holditch , John Uecker , Robert Bray , Mitch Douglas , Gregory Mosher , Larry Myers , John Lahr , Paul Willis , Mark Beard ,, DuBose Porter , Eric Gray , Tom Houck , Don Weise , J. Neil Alexander

I didn't get this message out yesterday, because an extraordinary thing happened that had me too excited to even care. My intention had then been to get it out with that addition, this morning. But now something mildly disturbing has happened overnight, and not only that but the rains have lifted, the volcanoes are back in view, and the hot one is smokin'. Things are heating up. . . .
Note #2. Two hours later, I came here to Cibercafe and the moment I hooked to the internet, the original of this email disappeared from my line up of emails to go out. But I have retrieved it. These adversaries of mine are not to bright, so don't fear them.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

I hope everyone has an opportunity today to spend at least twenty minutes or so meditating on the state of their own personal independence. Reading or studying the United States Declaration of Independence or Constitution would be swell activities as well. But if all you can do is watch some fireworks from a distance, please thank God for our forefathers who had an enlightened vision, even if we have allowed it to be thoroughly corrupted and subverted. We have earned our current reality by allowing what has come to pass, but please remember this: The Past is History, the Future just a Dream. The only point of action we have is this elusive moment we call NOW.

I'd really wanted to spend some time writing about what a wonderful experience I have had since entering Mexico, although the first week was marred by having to deal with the consequences of my adversaries having stolen my passport (or if you prefer, I have no problem if you think you know more -- or would it be less? -- than I, and I simply had to have lost it. This would not be the truth, but it would cause the same effect.), the rush to buy a car and the days and dollars "wasted" traveling the most of the length of Mexico three times to become a legal visitor and to get my car out of hock in Nuevo Laredo. But, in the rush to buy a car (for Alfredo's continuing use, so we were going to buy one anyway, we didn't vet the car completely, and have since dealt with a blown transmission on the original trip to Colima, and later, a blown head gasket and head, and now, it seems we have a crack in the engine block that miraculously can be repaired.

But I don't want to blame my adversaries (directly or indirectly) for all of this, as I could have put my foot down and insisted we check out the car further before buying, and it seems completely clear now that the gasket/head/block problem was caused by bad gas. Our mechanic said that is what had to cause the problem, and indeed, when he siphoned some of the gas, it looks like wash water after someone washed an orange garment of the non-colorfast persuasion for the first time. Samples of Pemex gas from two pumps shows it to normally have only the faintest of pinkish tint. Actually, the bad gas looks about the same color my urine did the first few days after I was poisoned by Amy Fortenberry. And i can't blame Pemex, as it was bought at a franchised store in Guadalajara (the three-hour tow back to Colima was another financial blow, but graciously paid for by Alfredo's boss because Alfredo was traveling on business). The gas station was chosen spontaneously, so the "Republicans" are off the hook as well. Praise Jesus!

On the advice of the Mexican government office that polices the quality of products sold in this country (yes, they take this seriously, unlike the Republican-gutted agencies in the US who prefer to sit around watching porn on their computers and schtupfing those they are meant to watch over), we will be suing for monetary and time costs as well as punitive rewards.

My house in Stone Mountain was realistically appraised this year for tax purposes at $126,000.00, and my agent and I felt with a few months time, I could have sold it for at least $100,000.00. But my adversaries made sure that once I had ousted Amy Fortenberry, not a single white person made it to my three more weekends of yard sales (advertised on Craig's List, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution electronic ads, and with posters six or seven strategic places around town. They also made sure not a single white person looked to buy my house. In the end (so much time wasted by allowing Greg Bolton, who had been suggested by Nan Nash, queen of the drug-traffic protectors, although to her credit, she avoided claiming he would sell my house. She always rapturized on how hard he'd TRY -- perish this word from you vocabulary! -- and how well-connected he was.) So in the end, fed up with the continuing attempts to commit me to a mental hospital and correctly reading the situation when Nurse Jacobs came out from the county with FOUR deputies (three of them burly), when in the past, she had come with only one, I knew I had to sell fast and get out of the country immediately, no matter the cost. By then, we had already reduced the price to $79,900.00, but for Memorial Day Weekend, I decided to go down to $69,900.00 ($650.00 more than I paid for it in 1988. I only owed $45,000.00 on my mortgage, thank God.)

And it worked. A local business owner financed his employee's purchase of the house. No involvement of the American Banking System, which with the exception of Bank of America, was already doing all it could to screw me in illegal ways (and yes, I have the proof to back up this claim. You see, when it gets down to the last desparate hour, your enemies will get desparate and make grievous errors as they flail about determined to destoy you. All of these errors would have been easily covered up had I been murdered as planned, but that just didn't happen and it's a little too late now. More than one lawyer has said I could easily win a lawsuit against Citi (whose actions were first and somewhat independent of the other banks), as well as a RICO suit against American Express -- I'd demand "American" be dropped from their name -- Wells Fargo, and SunTrust). I'm not inclined to tie up my time doing this. My future is far more important than punishing those in the past.

And speaking of the past, it is not worth my efforts to sue my former employer. His company is falling apart rapidly and will soon collapse (if it hasn't already). I don't need my $38,000.00 for the company stock, which even he admitted he owed me -- and agreed to pay (briefly). The most shocking thing has been the behavior of my immediate family. I expect to never again speak to much of my family. My mother is the Devil incarnate (although it is ironic -- "ironical," in New Jersey. Thanks Hilary! -- that I don't even BELIEVE in the Devil. My father gave in to her completely. Witness his repeated claims over the years that the Kenan family is one of no distinction (except, of course, when he wrote UNC and claimed that the Kenan family had done so much for them over the years and would they please re-consider Jane's application on in-state grounds rather than out-of-state, which were higher and on which Jane's application had at first been turned down. It worked!

So it is no surprise that my parents would continue to insist that i am mentally ill, and continue to directly and indirectly aid and abet those (Don Weise, Thomas Keith, Linda Rosen, Christal Presley, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, John Linder, Dick Cheney, etc., etc., etc., and don't forget to include Michael Remer and Thomas Keith who were out to absolutely destroy me). My siblings are another story. At this point, especially given sister Julie's absolutely cold, clinical words to me when she alone followed me to my car after the entire family came at me like a pack of dogs when last I saw them (Mike, not in attendance), I have to assume that Julie and her dog-hating husband are fully consciously bent on my destruction as well. Mike is the only one who told me some time ago that he would stop helping them and try to listen to what I have to say. I believe he has done this and I believe it has probably torn him apart. Bottom line: When I had no other easy way to make my car payment, I emailed (yeah, I know, email is no way to send credit card info, but I had been stripped of all privacy already, so it really didn't matter), the info so he could make the payment for me and charge my VISA card. If he wanted to act for my adversaries, he could have then spent all my money. He hasn't. I knew he wouldn't. I've always known that Mike was a serious cut above the rest of my family. Hell, Jane even tried to convince me to give them power of attorney!!!

But then Jane has been so mind-controlled by them, she makes no sense to anyone anymore. And she doesn't know it. Her last email to me said she had learned she could not control other people and many things in her life. That she had been and was then continuing to try to destroy me and my freedoms had not even crossed her mind as a contradiction. La-de-dah-dah-dah! Written to me like from a true Nazi.

(Unlike Julie, I'm not actually blaming Jane at this point. She had it at least as rough as I have, and she did have that fall on her head.)

Anyway, I've made an executive decision just now. All along I've had no intention (despite my threats), of taking legal action against anyone, but the Government of the United States of Mexico (I bet you didn't even know how close their real name is to ours, or that I have some cool Mexican connections as well as my American ones now. Doors just seem to always open for me. Even Don Weise often marveled at this one.), has awakened me to this necessity.

I'm down to less than $1,000.00 of my own money now, but I'm far from desperate. Alfredo has been busy. We haven't even spent but one full night together as he got a night job as a waiter in a sports bar soon after I first met him, and his extraordinary success in bringing in new clients and getting old ones to spend a lot more, led his employer to quickly promote him. The last month, Alfredo has been cleaning up the owner's sports bar here in Colima (The city is named for the local Rey (King) Coliman, the only Aztec King never defeated by the Spanish). He has, of course, enjoyed huge success, and the bottom line is that he signed a contract with his boss (hence the trip to Puerto Vallarta and its return through Guadalajara-of-bad-gas) that gives him 30% of profits from the Colima bar, and 50%, yes, that's the big FIVE-OH, of profits from his Guadalajara bar, which at the moment is closed due to the difficulties that his boss had there and could not handle on his own. Alfredo will re-open the Guadalajara bar next.

So now (I only knew I was unconditionally supporting Alfredo financially while he has worked around the clock the last month, sleeping on a pile of blankets in the back of the bar due to the fact that it is only closed for about three hours a day, and his agreement included no salary. Strictly profit based and no profits could be taken for the first month. But I fully trusted Alfredo. I had seen his heart.) I really hadn't expected this, but he tells me he will be supporting us both financially from now on. Who knew -- I have actually gotten what I have long dreamed of, a Sugar Son. LOL!!!

For the record (and I know that it has been language and cultural differences behind some of the misunderstandings about who Alfredo is), he is 31 years old, and a close spiritual relative to Tennessee Williams, but NOT his reincarnation. The date I saw on his ID was not his birth date. It was the fifth anniversary of his birth date, and the date his parents finally could afford to register him with the Mexican government. This is not an expensive thing, but Alfredo's family are of small means. In fact, although Alfredo is near the last of ten children, not a one of them or their parents have ever owned a car. And I DID have to help financially with the burial of his father (the death only grunted at by my own family -- not a word of empathy or sympathy or anything that fools sometimes call "Christian.")

Alfredo DID run away (like my friend Sue Hobbs/Dietz) with the circus when he was in high school, but 1.5 years later, he left, finished high school, and then went on to complete a university education, liberal arts. So now, what was it I've heard rumor that my friends and family have been claiming about Alfredo's character behind my back? "Whore" is one word I know they have liked to call him. "Mexican" is another. And NEITHER of these words is a pejorative in my book. Mexican, I need not explain. Whores at least have integrity. They tell you the price, unlike a wife who keeps upping the demands for gifts, security, etc. as things go on. It's no wonder that Jesus and his apostles had no use for women and ditto St. paul, especially. But make no mistake, they were referring to HUMAN women, and at this point in history, we are becoming post-human (I know not what to call us now). Post-human men and women enjoy total equality of rights and abilities.

It is the End of the World as prophesied by all religions and in all cultures. Volcanos, earthquakes, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and internal cannibalism of Republicans. Oil gushes into the Gulf off Louisiana, as if Tennessee Williams' butt-hole was fouling his own spiritual home in anger at the TW/New Orleans Literary Festival, a Republican Party front organization to subvert TW's truth). However, it is not what most expect. We once jumped from being animal to being human (apparently leaving the Republican Party behind, however), and now we are jumping to this much greater, fully conscious form of life. Heaven! Those who fight it will suffer greater and greater "fires of hell" until they come to their senses. Eventually NO ONE will be left behind, but there is a great deal of penance that must be paid in Purgatory (Roman for "the place to purge," in this case, negativity and hate), by those who have opposed God, and perhaps highest among them are those who accepted the the heresy that Jesus was something more than a fabulous Jewish teacher. They must return all our wealth and clean up the Earth, which they have raped. Then they will be granted full citizenship.

Don't misunderstand me. The first commandment is something like this: I AM THE LORD THY GOD AND YOU SHALL NOT HAVE FALSE GODS BEFORE ME. It doesn't say you can't have false gods, it says you can't have them before I AM THAT I AM. So worshipping Jesus is fine as long as you put following the actual intent of his words (complicated by there being no tape recorders back then and the Gospels, including those deemed not serving the political will of the Catholic Church -- read Constantine and the Roman Empire -- at the Council of Trent, were all written many years after Jesus's unfortunate death. In fairness, I also point out that in a society before education and writing were common, story-telling and passing-along was far more accurate than today.), BEFORE (as in more important than) worshipping him. I find that many Christians have done this, and I salute them and am not judging them for their worshiping of Jesus. Neither does this thing we call God (as far as I've been able to discern).

Jesus was the Great Example to be followed, not the Great Exception, to be worshipped. Ditto the United States of America in civil government matters. However, i wouldn't follow the example of what the US has become under the Republicans. That's why I urge a careful reading of our founding documents. They are truly God-inspired.

And you can't help but love the Jews. (I love that not only my friends, but the Supreme Court as well, are nearly entirely Jews or Catholics, many of the latter actually being former.) There is nothing wrong with Protestants, but most sects began with a legitimate complaint against a specific Catholic practice or heresy, and they remain rather linear in their thinking. The Church of England, and its descendent, the Episcopal Church, being an important exception. And don't forget that the great Martin Luther was also a scat fetishist. Don't judge people by their sexual proclivities, unless they are hypocrites like the Catholic clergy who would rather molest children or at least protect child molesters than admit they are themselves human.

You see, the Jews were the first monotheists, so they stopped splitting their focus. The only thing that separates genius from "regular" is the ability to focus like a laser (no minor gods, aka saints, to split the focus), so no mystery why the Jews have produced such an extraordinary number of geniuses. And they knew the answer to how to keep their people true to the pre-scientific understanding of things (foreskin, shellfish, etc.). They said that God had decreed it. Bully for them. They were correct to do this, although nearly all of these constrictions no longer stand in the light of science.

The best thing I ever heard about the Jews is this from my favorite teacher, the now deceased Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz: "There are no Chosen People. There are only people choosing." Choose wisely, my American friends. The whole world continues to watch. And I hate to break the news, but there are no Chosen Countries either.