Monday, April 22, 2013

Confronting Salvador Fuentes (Rahm Emanuel & Barack Obama's half-TOP CIA Narco-Trafficker here in Puerto Vallarta) in Front of TONS OF PEOPLE!!!

My FAKE COUSIN Salvador Fuentes and his CIA boss, Luis Melgoza at their PV GEEKS booth at the Saturday "Gringo Market" in Old Town Puerto Vallarta -- earlier this year BEFORE they became TOO AFRAID to show their faces there DUE
Salvador Fuentes


1. It was BRIEF, so this will be too!!!

2. I was waiting for a carton of cigs from the back at the counter at the BIG Farmacia Guadalajara at Insurgentes and Lazaro Cardenas in Old Town. Sal Fuentes stepped up to the OTHER counter to make a purchase, but his also requiring a wait, I waited to speak -- NOT wanting anyone to feel trapped or to have an unpleasant situation.

3. I said in a pleasant tone: "Hey Sal, tell "cousin Luis" I said hello!!!"

Sal snarled.

"I missed seeing you both Saturday at the Gringo Market -- have ya been REAL BUSY???"

"Shut up or I'm calling the Police."

"You ALWAYS say that -- big deal, you never DO call Police!!! What is your problem with me -- we're Kenan cousins, right, and your Mom introduced me to the lady who interviewed me for 60 MINUTES and said they were sent by Thomas S. Kenan III, our distant cousin in Chapel Hill, NC.
(By this time about 25 people were paying attention -- Sal being about 6' 4" or 5" and me 6' 11", so we are BOTH giants among Mexicans.)

"You're a total ASSHOLE!!!" he'd begun yelling, so I cooled things down, not wanting to have a BIG DEAL in someone's store.

"And you and Luis Melgoza are the TOP NARCO-TRAFFICKERS for Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel's CHICAGO DRUG MAFIA, working with former Mayor Chava Gonzales Resendiz's Family -- BIG DEAL!!!"

Sal's face was getting redder and redder and he had lost the ability to grab his bag of purchases, due to some sort of sudden NERVE PROBLEM, but even I can take a hint and addressed the entire crowd loudly and clearly: "Salvador Fuentes and Luis Melgoza are the TOP CIA narco-traffickers working with Rahm Emanuel and the BLACKMAILED US President Obama moving cocaine and meth-amphetamines from Mexico to the USA for the Bush and Cheney Families who really OWN it."

I repeated that (more or less), and then left calmly as Sal was still fumbling at the counter.


Former Mayor (El Presidente), of Puerto Vallarta, Chava
Gonzales Resendiz gives FULL NAZI
* * *
Todd Dillon with son Preston in Wilmington, NC (cute with likely HOT CIGAR, no???)
I just received an email from Todd Dillon, Precinct Captain for the Republican Party of New Hanover County, NC:
Click image to enlarge.
So I picked up the phone to ask and found out his position and location. As I explained to HIM, I intend to sue North Carolina Courts and Republican Party for at least $100,000,000.00 USD for GROSS VIOLATIONS of my Civil Rights -- unless i can make a deal better for North Carolina taxpayers with Gov. Pat McCrory -- I'll probably call him again tomorrow.
So my answer was NO, I will NOT take him off my list -- and since I already had found his picture 1.5 years ago, I can assume he is PROBABLY one of the NC Republican Party Officials I have SAVED EMAIL FROM that is ABUSIVE, so I MIGHT even sue him personally. HA!!!
>>> Note to my new EMAIL LIST FRIENDS in Puerto Vallarta City Hall and Governor Aristotoles Sandoval of the State of Jalisco:
I have given MUCH evidence of the Obama/Rahm Emanuel Chicago Drug Mafia's business via Wells Fargo Bank and the CIA (mostly allied with Republican Party, USA -- except some blackmailed homosexuals like President Obama, to Mexican Federales and both Jalisco and Nayarit investigators. I have done this under Presidente Calderone as well as Presidente Pena Nieto, and I was LARGELY INSPIRED when my good friend in Colima, Colima, Dr. Waldemar Salazar introduced me to HIS good friend, the Governor of Colima in 2010 -- followed by Dr. Salazar's telling me how his BEST FRIEND (back during his term as Mexican Presidente), Carlos Salinas and he drove to Puerto Vallarta and after watching all the CIA NARCO-TRAFICKING, both broke down crying because they were then powerless to do anything.
As the former assistant to Tennessee Williams who wrote LA NOCHE DEL IGUANA, the movie that put Puerto Vallarta ON THE MAP, I have pledged to get my FILTHY, ROTTEN NARCO-TRAFFICKING US Government (the CIA part), OUT OF MEXICO as much as possible!!!
Scott David Kenan
Cyber-General FIVE+ STARS, Estados Unidos y Mexico (self-appointed)

Me in center -- in Parity, Brazil, 2009.

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