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Email Just Sent to Jennifer Harjo, Chief Public Defender, New Hanover County, NC (and my attorney)!!!


Dear Ms. Harjo:

1. I realize you have been in the North Carolina Courts System for so many years, you have been at least partially hypnotized and like MOST Americans, confused about the US Constitution, North Carolina Constitution -- and PERHAPS your own "Oath of Office" as a Public Defender.

Once, you even criticized me for criticizing YOU in my blog (which you claim not to read). I did not care about the inconsistency of your words -- but that you acted like an "emotional, un-evolved female" rather than the PROFESSIONAL LAWYER and HEAD Public Defender you are UNDER OATH to be -- just like FAKE CHRISTIANS and FAKE CATHOLICS say ALL THE TIME about how women CANNOT fill roles that MEN traditionally have filled.

Are trying to PROVE THEM RIGHT???

There is ALSO evidence that you have partially ABANDONED the teaching of the Catholic Church on MORALITY, which you and I share -- although only YOU claim to still be a "practicing Catholic", while I am a "catholic".

DON'T FEEL BAD -- this is common!!! And this message (blind copied to my list of 500 Core contacts which is nearly PURGED of most of original 300 top financial supporters of the New Hanover County Republican Party and 200 top financial supporters of Bill Saffo's last Mayoral campaign, to make way for so many BETTER and more POWERFUL contacts mostly in the USA, but now including leaders in several foreign countries. Since NOT ONE PERSON COMPLAINED or asked to have their email address removed from my blog when I published the FULL larger list of 1,500 (1,200 net), I used to use, I published all 500 here, a few minutes ago: .

They are ALL getting blind copies of THIS email.

2. To FORWARD my last email so you could change its name (if YOUR email works like mine), and claim you've read NONE of it or others is STRICTLY DISINGENUOUS.

3. You have a great point for impatient me: I DID in a recent phone conversation state to you that I would give Ben David until this June 18 court date to DISMISS ALL CASES AGAINST ME, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

4. As you have told me many times, you completely believe in my innocence -- yet INSTEAD OF SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER that Ben David KEEPS me on the books with charges HE ADMITS ARE FALSE, and has NO EVIDENCE TO PROVE -- as even Dr. Carrie Menke of Ben's TWIN BROTHER's office in Brunswick County AGREED THE EVIDENCE AND MY HONEST STORY WOULD PROVE MY INNOCENCE!!! 

THIS from the woman who did the last FAKE psychological evaluation of me that YOU SUGGESTED I ALLOW BEN DAVID TO OBTAIN -- BECAUSE HE DID NOT LIKE that his previously ordered court evaluation said I'm SANE (or at least sane and well-behaved enough to be tried in court -- and I HAD already appeared in Court at least a dozen times and NO ONE had EVER complained about my words or behaviors -- I even dressed typically in a sports coat, nice slacks, etc. because of the APPALLING dress of MOST slobs in District Court.

Please answer me why you -- DESPITE MY GOOD WORDS AND BEHAVIORS -- recommended that Dr. Menke be allowed to try SEVERELY to RECOMMEND I be IMMEDIATELY COMMITTED to Cherry Hospital, put in restraints, and "force injected with psychiatric drugs" until I am "able" to appear in Court.

It is NO SECRET in Wilmington, North Carolina, or the USA that North Carolina Courts WITH North Carolina Mental Health Services are AMERICA's HEALTH CARE GULAG (for people of NOT Republican/NAZI PARTY agreement!!!

It is ALSO true that even the North Carolina Press has published the many reports of the North Carolina State Crime lab actually MANUFACTURING FALSE EVIDENCE to support the claims of NC District Attorneys in MORE cases than they have produced TRUTHFUL evidence -- AND HAVE REFUSED TO CORRECT THIS!!!

This is EASY to find by googling for it.

5. The BOTTOM LINE is that a person like me who is INNOCENT OF ALL EIGHT CHARGES (the open container citation, now DROPPED, was technically false, although I HAD drunk a beer from the coffee cup I discarded in the alley -- BUT NOT THERE), should NOT EVER be falsely charged -- but WORSE is that someone in my situation would THEN need to flee the State of North Carolina for a YEAR (or ANY amount of time), to get the charges dropped.

Is there something I am MISSING???

6. I never in my life before ever heard of a LAWYER who believed her client INNOCENT who did NOT take it out on the District Attorney instead of the INNOCENT CLIENT BEFORE.

7. Whether Ben drops all charges of NOT at this point, I am GOING FORWARD to get a financial settlement with or without Governor Pat McCrory's cooperation. The damages to ME (which you sometimes SEEM to be participating WITH Ben David and against me), are REAL and ALREADY HAVE OCCURRED. When (or if), Ben drops charges, finds me guilty in absentia, or other ending MAKES NO DIFFERENCE NOW!!!

8. Please explain YOUR actions in this BEFORE Tuesday April 23, 2013, or I will ADD YOU and the Public Defender's Office to those I SUE THE CRAP OUT OF.

9. I will NOT fire you.

Thanks for your understanding of my position, and your possibly well-intended but sometimes counter-productive help. But THAT SAID, you might/could stand to go to Catholic Confession with Father Bob!!!

Scott David Kenan,
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in Political Exile from North Carolina, ONLY)

>>> I do NOT KNOW WHY CIA/Blogger converted MANY email addresses to just names or fake ones here: . This is for the CIA to answer some day . . .

Saturday, April 20, 2013

CIA/Blogger REFUSED to Allow Me to ADD This to Bottom of Last Posting (so I guess I have to be MORE UP FRONT)!!!

I am MAHALALEL, aka "The Prince of Peace" as PREDICTED in Chronicals 1:1 of the Judeo-Christian Bible. In the lineage from Adam to Noah, KENAN (in some translations "Cainan" ) -- which is an AGE -- is followedby its SON, Mahalalel, aka "The UBER-KENAN".

Call me cRAzY -- but I have been told this by strangers in the USA and Florence, Italy approximately EIGHT TIMES since 1973.


Scott D. Kenan,House of David

Cyber-General FIVE+ STARS, USA and Mexico (self-appointed)

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On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 6:00 PM, Jennifer Harjo wrote:


Dear Mr. Kenan,

Your pending cases are scheduled for June 18th. You need to keep your end of the bargain to get a dismissal.

You continue to send me the group emails which are irrelevant to your cases. I am not reading these emails.

I am sorry to have missed your calls. If you will tell me a time for a phone conference, I will make every effort to be available to discuss your cases.

Best wishes.

Jennifer Harjo

On Apr 19, 2013, at 4:42 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Posted to Mitch McConnell's FACEBOOK PAGE!!!



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