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FALSE PROPHET Warning!!!/PROOF the CIA in Stone Mountain PROTECTED ISLAMIC TERRORISTS as well as Republican Party NARCO-TRAFFICKING!!!)!!!

Melody Moezzi (as seen on EVERY TV network -- except Fox): . I got to know Melody from a Bipolar Support Group DBSA in Atlanta, GA in 2009, that met at an Emory University associated Wesley Woods mental hospital near Decatur
>>> THIS GROUP WAS TOTALLY CORRUPTED by its CHRISLAMIC-FAGGOT leader who DOMINATED all discussions (and was a CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND of the SAME DEKALB JUDGE who was THE CHIEF PROTECTOR of Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. (my employer of 18 years that distributed most of the illegal drugs into the USA on US Air Force planes -- and later JOINED by a RICH WHITE BITCH (more appropriately a "cunt"), who lived a few doors south of the January 2012-CLOSED OUTWRITE BOOKSTORE.
>>> SEE MORE: about "Miss Mary Tyler Moore" -- at least her hat. HA!!!:

Anyway, this WHITE, GOD-HATING, CHRISLAMIST female (woman is too good a term for her), named "Marty or Martie" who CANNOT be googled up by name or photo -- even though she is so ACTIVE in the CIA/BDSA group at Emory University -- told me she is a CLOSE FRIEND of Mr. Rafshoon -- and since ALL OF

AMERICA, even the FCC, SALUTED a baseball player in Boston for using the word "FUCK" on live TV, I'll hear NO MORE HYPOCRISY from Americans about language -- GOT IT???

And while I'm at it, I have NEVER meant to diminish the importance of the Boston Tea Party -- just to PROVE the lying, Yankee hypocrisy of those who claim it was BEFORE or more important than Gen. James Kenan's ARMED RESISTANCE to the STAMP ACT on the banks of the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, eight years EARLIER.

Long-term blog readers will RECALL how Phillip Rafshoon (the owner of that store), was TOTALLY ALLIED with Don Weise -- then of Alyson Books -- and Phillip HELPED Don Wiese FUCK ME!!!


Also, this "rich white bitch" had me to her home many times -- and I LOVED meeting her husband, whom I believe is of the "Middle-Eastern (or maybe India-Indian???), persuasion", as well as a FULL PROFESSOR of mathematics or economics at Georgia State University, AND one of the World's TOP collectors of Sub-Saharan African Art!!!

But what got REALLY STRANGE was that this woman invited me to counsel her son who had been diagnosed Bipolar and whom this woman (he was the son of a FORMER husband or "paramour"), KEPT IN A TRASHY APARTMENT down Columbus, GA way. I STAYED there several times and discovered this guy's ROOMMATE -- a TOTAL FAGGOT and SUPER HOT -- was entirely addicted to meth and/or cocaine and a HUGE interstate distributor of it.

Marty's own son was a fat pig and total slob who TOOK the meds his mother made certain were prescribed for him -- as well as others. He ENJOYED the mild euphoria of his psych meds, which MADE HIM CRAVE STRONGER, LEGAL


And could he find and DO them. HA!!!

My REVELATIONS of all this on my blog led to my SEPARATION from DBSA -- and since then ALL BLOG POSTS about these matters have been REMOVED FROM THIS BLOG by the CIA/Republican/NAZIs.

But I found THIS Valentine to my Sweetheart Melody: .

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2. JUST A MINUTE AGO, I was BLOCKED from posting this for ten minutes of repeated trying (I had this problem trying to post YESTERDAY too, but for a couple of HOURS -- all then WITH uninterrupted Internet(s) connection). TODAY, the Internet went OUT via my WiFi.

BUT, I run my OWN WiFi through an Ethernet connection from the back of TelMex's OWN WiFi generator, and when I switched connections to the TelMex Wifi -- IT WORKED!!! This PROVES that hackers had ONLY compromised my OWN "secret-only-to-me"-coded password, but FORGOT to block the telephone company's box TOO (so far).


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>>> LET US PAUSE TO APPRECIATE THE LIST OF TOP SEARCH KEY WORDS leading people to this blog in the last 24 hours :

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One of the vehicles used by "Ned's Moble (sic)" parked in front of the Islamist Terrorists' home at 907 Second Street in Stone Mountain.
The backyard of the same house after NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of the vehicle parts from their ON-SITE CHOP SHOP had ALREADY been removed, late winter 2008, taken from my bedroon window. At the HEIGHT of things, the crawl space under the house and back yard were stacked SO HIGH with major and minor vehicle parts that you could BARELY move in the yard.

The main sawing and acetylene-torching of vehicles was done at the one-story house by the path into Stone Mountain Park -- and I DO have a few pictures of that as well. Here is a picture of the City of Stone Mountain's authorized TOWING SERVICE located on Main Street that sometimes delivered to the Bosnian Chop Shop, showing its BACK gate, directly across Secons Street from Nedzad Pilzak (or similarly named, the house being in Ned's wife's name).

I had MANY blog posts about this then -- BUT ALL HAVE BEEN REMOVED BY THE CIA!!!:


In 2008, I complained about this chop-shop operation to Stone Mountain's then Code Enforcement Officer. He said that since one could NOT see over the HUGE privacy fences the Bosnians had built around their backyards, that he had NO LEGAL WAY to see the problem so his hands were TIED!!!

So I took him to my bedroom window (nothing untoward, here), and after viewing it, told me that ACTUALLY Richard Mailman on City Council PROTECTED the Bosnian Operation in Stone Mountain, so nothing to do about it.

* * *


No one and Nothing has ever indicated that I am in fact "Mahalalel", but THAT SAID, I dare say I AM the "UBER-KENAN" -- and the Kenan Family REALLY DOES give HUGE CREDENCE to its place in the lineage from Adam to Noah in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Also have stated MANY times, those strangers always made sure I understood I am NOT the returned "Jesus" -- and no different than anyone else, really, except for certain "accidents of birth and association" as well as an EXCELLENT EDUCATION coupled with a HEALTHY INQUISITIVE MIND!!!

They DID all say that eventually I would somehow be the lead in what would eventually bring down the GOD-HATERS in the United States, which would also do the same thing worldwide. And THIS I dreamt about in late 1972, while still a student at Denison University -- immediately after completing a woodcut print entitled "Pre-Flight, Red-Handed", that I STILL POSSESS here in Puerto Vallarta.

The dream was of my leading a migrating-ducks-shaped phalanx of "SAINTS" flying above a scene that looked like a typical woodcut of medieval Germany -- but with many people tied up and being tortured and others having some kind of GAS pumped into their lungs via tubing. We flew high enough that they could not hit us AT ALL with the rotten fruit they were throwing, and I heard the "Voice of God" tell me not to worry -- that HE would ALWAYS SHOW ME THE WAY!!!


PS: Of course I have credited MANY of the people who are ahead of me (I'm the communications specialist, I guess), and now living, like the Pet Shop Boys, whose music is to today's culture what Tennessee Williams' plays were to HIS actual time -- too bad they've been BANNED (unofficially), from US except in Dance Clubs, ever since The Boys came out gay in about 1991.

They remain "TOP OF THE POPS" everywhere else in Europe and Latin America -- and are ESPECIALLY well-loved in Mexico (and any HOMO-DEPOT store -- LOL!!!).

Also Meryl Streep, whose company I enjoyed at three events, two of those "related". Her talent is as awesome as her mere EXISTENCE!!!

And of course Randall Kenan's writing -- my GOD!!! He and I are NOT blood related -- but ARE related in SO MANY WAYS!!!

But to understand the purpose and calibre of my distant wealthy relatives, you MUST see at least a little of this three-minute video honoring Thomas S. Kenan III!!!:

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>>> ADDED at 3:17 PM, CDT: In the last hour, UK hits are FIVE TIMES those of from the USA. France is halfway -- there to zero -- under the US, with Mexico and Canada running half of that at 28 % of the US hits.


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