Thursday, April 18, 2013

Harry Reid = God-Hating MORMON TRAITOR (ESPECIALLY to the Teachings of Jesus)!!!

THIS is the MAIN image that has shown on Mitch McConnell's Facebook Page for FIFTEEN STRAIGHT HOURS NOW!!!
1. Harry Reid is McConnell's SECRET ALLY!!! The Democratic Leader of the US Senate voted AGAINST ANY GUN CONTROLS, yesterday, so there is NO REASON for Mitch McConnell to have these photos UP!!!
I just copied the now-top comments on Mitch McConnell's Facebook Page:!/McConnellForSenate?fref=ts
I'll paste them in below. Honestly, I did NOT check back more than a few dozen comments, but I found NOT ONE COMMENT on Mitch McConnell's Page AGREEING WITH MITCH!!! This was NOT true a few months ago, when the comments on his page were nearly ALL in agreement with Mitch. Conclusion:
THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, today, is NOTHING but "SMOKE AND MIRRORS" supported by the NRA, Mormon Cult (and Scientology Cult as well) -- and a bunch of God-Hating GREED-BOTS. They are TOO EMBARRASSED by what they have done to Our Country to OPENLY COMMENT on political Facebook Pages -- AND FACEBOOK IS RUN BY THE CIA!!!
Yesterday, after my SECOND blog posting and mass-emailing of it, I was TOTALLY BLOCKED from THIS BLOG (both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome claimed it DID NOT EXIST for several hours). Same was true for ALL OF FACEBOOK!!!
But EVERY OTHER Internet site I went to WAS THERE. Additionally, as is COMMON at my house and MAYBE more of Puerto Vallarta or even Mexico as a whole, CNN was OFF AIR on the Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu-owned Telecable. Carlos Slim being the WEALTHIEST man in the world and said to be the TOP CIA-BUSH FAMILY narco-trafficker in Mexico.
CNN, ONLY, goes OFF AIR at my house ONLY when a LOT OF NEWS IS HAPPENING. A year ago, when I lived on Calle Jacarandas, a couple of blocks from here, NBC, CBS, and ABC would go OUT WITH CNN about half the time. Here, they never go out, but usually are NOT news-centered.
Interesting that the THIRD most hit post yesterday (after one on how Tennessee Williams' lawyer John Eastman was RESPONSIBLE for John Lennon's death followed by ), was THIS about my first cousin once removed who lives in England. The posting was originally written so that no one would know her identity -- and I will not give that now. But I WILL say that she is a daughter of my cousin Janice (Russ) Ludwig of Rocky Point, NC and that I SUPPOSE because things TOTALLY BLEW UP between me and Janice's sister Judith "Judy" (Russ) Whitney who lives next door to her sister Janice -- as well as Wendy (Whitney) Herker, who SO HATES her former husband she's REVERTED to using her Wendy Whitney MAIDEN NAME:!/wendytwhitney?fref=ts , -- for THESE REASONS I have heard NOTHING from my UN-NAMED UK cousin-once-removed or her husband and HER US cousin coming to visit me in Puerto Vallarta -- as they had PLANNED to do a few months ago -- LOL!!! .
But Wendy's son Joseph Herker is COOL!!!:!/jcherker83 , and HIS GRAND-mother is even COOLER!!!:
Lois Whitney Herker
Lois Whitney Herker (!/lois.herker?fref=ts ), is only COINCIDENTALLY got the "Whitney" name too. They are NOT related to Judy (Russ) Whitney's husband (a RABID Democrat to "cancel" his wife's voting!!!). And Lois not only LOOKS like an ad for gay rights (and she is STRAIGHT), she read my Tennessee Williams memoir and had INTELLIGENT, LAUDATORY COMMENTS on it that she's sent to me!!!
I can't friend her as she is with MOST my relatives: TOO SHOCKED BY MY HONEST LANGUAGE to publicly be associated with ME.
* * *
>>> I MUST NOW MAKE A TON OF PHONE CALLS TO THE UN-TIED STATES OF AMERICA -- and will REPORT BACK ON THAT, later today. HERE is the list of TOP TEN blog posts of the last week, ending last night, followed by the most recent comments on Mitch McConnell's Facebook Page -- but FIRST:
And I missed one, YESTERDAY:
HERE is my nephew Connor Kenan in his LATEST FACEBOOK/CIA MAIN PICTURE, practicing with a FAKE GUN (I think), so he can ASSASSINATE his grand-mother -- my mother -- RUTH ANNE (MEYER) KENAN of +1 (919) 231-3337, listed in Raleigh, NC), if necessary.
He no longer needs to GO AFTER his father (especially on TODAY, Mike's birthday) LOL!!!:
SOMEONE had better CALL MY MOTHER and WARN HER, no???
HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY TO CONNOR MICHAEL KENAN (who WAS BANISHED TO the FROZEN upper Midwest ever since his marriage to the "RICH BITCH" from Key Biscayne, FL was TANKED BY THIS BLOG!!! )

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  • Dan Cole Like how quickly you sent relief after Sandy? You are scum.
    8 hours ago · Like · 7

  • Tim Irish What if the Boston Marathon terrorist had used an assault rifle instead of a bomb? That's a tough one isn't it? Which do you love more Mitch, people or guns?
    8 hours ago · Like · 12

  • Kim Rippere ^I think the answer is NRA and corporations over people!
    8 hours ago · Like · 4

  • James Gund You have a heart?
    8 hours ago · Like · 4

  • Martha Curtin Heartless scum. We see right through you.
    8 hours ago via mobile · Like · 6

  • Stanley Jungleib Nonsense. You don't even represent the will of Kentucky, and you have demonstrated no heart. You are one of the most despised pols in the country. Deal with it.
    8 hours ago · Like · 5

  • James Gund Mitch McConnell - bought and paid for by the gun lobby. Did the NRA approve your "heart breaking for Boston" message? Better check with your masters, you cold heartless monster.
    8 hours ago · Like · 12

  • James Gund How in the world can you push for background checks for voting, but not for purchasing a gun?! Can your perspective, your priorities be anymore screwed up? What is wrong with you?
    8 hours ago · Like · 10

  • Mark Renfro America needs to wake up to what's happened! Left, right, center it doesn't matter. Big oil, big banks own the politician and the policy. They are splitting the people, and pitting them against each other. The only way they truly can conquer us is if we are divided. Mitch McConnell hang your head low tonight. Sleep well in your luxury bed and fine linen. 2014 will be here soon enough. The great people of Kentucky will speak. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
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