Friday, April 26, 2013

Honoring the Intelligence of the MASS SUICIDE Victims of West, Texas!!!


CIA/Facebook has BLOCKED ME FOR SEVEN DAYS from posting and has REMOVED material from my page -- this for using the word "FAGGOT" which MANY FACEBOOK USERS have used AGAINST ME REPEATEDLY ON FACEBOOK, and MY COMPLAINTS resulted in ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Facebook has NO APPEAL PROCESS!!!

They are CIA-associated Republican NAZIS, although NOT all CHRISLAMISTS!!!

* * *

>>> YESTERDAY, PRESIDENT OBAMA:  while speaking to the grieving people of West, TX, declared:

“America needs more people like the Citizens of West, TX.”

Indeed -- WE DO!!!.

No community in America has (so far),  reaped what they have sown -- so obviously.

Now, I’ve made clear that I LOVE Texas – so much that I might move there should I ever decide to move back to the United States: It’s beautiful country and the people I met on BOTH sides of the Red/Blue divide seem more willing to talk with each other than in any other of the communities I’ve visited the last four years.

In my drive back from Stone Mountain, GA (when I picked up my stored goods there this last October), I stopped at the Texas Welcome Center on west-bound lanes of I – 10. Not only is it a beautiful facility, well maintained, and informative about Texas, but the staff and visiting motorists – of ALL persuasions -- were all FASCINATED by my “political diarrhea” which I being STILL half-to-fully crazed, was spewing EVERYWHERE!!!

But what was better, even, than MY “freak show”, was that on the boardwalk that runs out as a nature trail over wetlands, I met Ms. Nancy Busch (presumably  of the Anhausers), who lives in Chapel Hill or Durham, NC – and is a close friend of Betty Kenan, Sr. (widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan). Drawn to her as if she was a POWERFUL MAGNET, the two of us spoke about my ideas – she QUITE interested – and THAT before the name Kenan was mentioned AT ALL.

In the end (especially after I divulged some of my “Kenan Family secrets”), she gathered her two young charges she was travelling with, and said she couldn’t WAIT to check this blog to get all the DISH. HA!!!

An hour later, I pulled into a BP station and filled up with gas next to a HOT middle-manager of Halliburton, who not only GLORIED in his MASSIVE manly self-awareness (which he typically expressed with women – but seemed QUITE seducible – had I had time, but ADMITTED TO ME that Halliburton ABSOLUTELY had been responsible for the WELL FAIL that caused the oil spill in the Gulf, but told me that essentially EVERYONE at Halliburton knew they (a Dick Cheney Company), was aware of this.

He wished me WELL in my “expose efforts”. (Foreign and Domestic news-hounds will recall all the articles published paper as well as online that reported when the first camera got down to the well head, that the part that FAILED there had been installed and maintained by Halliburton. Most of these have since been BURIED on the Internets by the CIA.)

This Halliburton manager preferred buying BP gasoline for his HALLIBURTON-owned truck – to make mini-amends!!!

And then a few hours later, I pulled into a Buc- EE’s MEGA-MART in El Campo, Texas (buying a purple “If it harms beavers, I’m against it.” T-shirt – me being NO FRIEND of feminine-hygiene razors – used TOO personally), and in discussion with the store manager, learned that Pancho Sinatra (Frank, Jr.), lived only a stone’s throw from the store and hosted many community barbecues, friendly-ing the whole town.

But rather than call his cousin Patricia in California or her son Danny in Wilmington, NC to contact HIM to introduce me telephonically and possibly have a free place to spend the night, I travelled on to Mexico and safety – several hours later passing the main US Checkpoint for Drugs and Arms on the Interstate twenty or so miles north of Laredo, TX – the same place Martin “Marco” Jacobo later told me his “family” owns the acreage around the checkpoint to transport drugs AROUND the checkpoint, and Martin having a full-time apartment there just for his own use as well.

But getting back to yesterday, while President Obama probably MEANT to console those Texans who have suffered GREAT LOSS of lives and property due to NO ENFORCEMENT of existing safety regulations complicating GROSS GREED-BOT-ism of the owners of the company who placed PROFITS over PEOPLE and CONSCIOUSLY VIOLATED many Laws, he actually BOLDLY thanked them for KILLING EACH OTHER as the NATURAL RESULT of their GREED and HATRED of Laws to ensure safety – and Republicans’ very SUCCESSFUL decades-long efforts to STRIP ALL regulatory.

I AGREE with President Obama that this is an EXCELLENT way for Republicans to COMMIT SUICIDE. The MORE such incidents, the better!!!

They have to GET RIGHT WITH GOD (usually means LEAVING Chrislam), or DIE (as foretold in the Judeo-Christian Bible, no???).


Obama participated in the TOTALLY SURREAL “Presidents’ Club” meeting for the opening of George W. Bush’s Presidential Library, where EVERYONE got along like SUPER-BUDS, and Bill Clinton gave me MUCH relief because I didn’t believe most people believe my reports that he’s become a VIRTUAL son of H.W. and Barbara – referring to himself, yesterday, as the “black sheep son” of Barbara Bush (whom Nancy Reagan always described as a “farm animal” to explain her REFUSAL to invite President Reagans’ VICE + “cow” to the White House socially – except ONCE IN EIGHT YEARS!!!), and the US Press has reported often, recently, that Daddy and Babs Bush’s BLOOD SONS (includes one President), as JEALOUS that she is now closer to Bill Clinton than her own sons.

Informed news hounds KNOW that while CIA Director, George H.W. Bush led the SUCCESSFUL take-over of the Afghanistan Heroin Trade by the CIA, and that he (UNDER Dick Cheney), RAN the Reagan Administration, using “The Great Communicator” as a puppet to “inspire Americans” – WHICH HE DID from his HONEST LOVE OF AMERICA!!!

And later, George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan ONLY to protect the CIA’s opium poppies which Muslims were BURNING due to drugs being AGAINST MUSLIM RELIGION – a fact that EVERY US Marine returned from Afghanistan has VERIFIED TO ME (several dozens) – and why SO MANY of them go “PTSD” because LIED-TO Americans REFUSE TO BELIEVE THEM!!!

>>> YEP!!! THAT’s why your children have been MAIMED AND KILLED there and THAT’S WHY the Muslims are so DETERMINED to kill opium poppies AND THOSE WHO GROW THEM TO MAKE DRUGS!!!

You will please recall that I met President and Mrs. Reagan at a White House party in November of 1981, and found him not only AFFABLE but SINCERE (which SHOCKED my Liberal ass BIG TIME – and then Tennessee Williams’s EXPRESSED jealousy of my “hogging the President” indicated that HE TOO might have been having NEW CURIOSITY about President Reagan).

A few months later, I met Jackie Kennedy Onassis at a party in Manhattan, so I have only met THREE Presidents or FLOTUSes so far, but ALSO have met former MY Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney – the ONLY member of Congress to actually ACCUSE President Sonny Bush of planning 9/11 with the Bush Family’s LONG business partners and allies, the Bin Laden Family of Saudi Arabia, from the FLOOR (for which she was DRUBBED out of Congress by BOTH right and left), and dealt with Bob Barr, who had been either the District Attorney or US Attorney covering Stone Mountain, GA in 1990, when I tried to tell HIM about my mother’s SWASTIKA activities (specifically her insistence that a Dr. Nix of Dekalb Mental Health prescribe me to take 1,500 mg of Lithium IN ONE DOSE per day – that being the lowest dosage that is LABEL WARNED as being possibly fatal.

And NOT UNLIKE the “security failures” recently surrounding the Boston Bombing, THREATS TO AMERICA were SPECIFICALLY IGNORED by those (Bob Barr, here), who have taken OATHS OF OFFICE to protect America – Bob accepting my mother Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan’s word that I was simply “mentally ill” and NOTHING I said should be believed.

Both Cynthia McKinney (Green Party), and Bob Barr (Libertarian Party), were candidates for US President in 2008. I ALSO met Dakin Williams (Tennessee’s brother), who had once run for US President – but as Tennessee said to me about that, “He won Peoria – ONLY Peoria (in his home state of Illinois) – HA!!!”

So I am a BALANCED citizen, meeting the SAME NUMBER of Presidents and FLOTUSES as of FAILED Presidential candidates. I consider this delicate balance to be a MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT.

HELL!!! In 1990, I got in TROUBLE on a false charge of trespass for having discovered and DOCUMENTED Newt Gingrich’s partnership with my mother in bringing illegal drugs into Stone Mountain Park by train. (I have never MET Newt Gingrich – although I was to his Congressional Office in GA at least three times in 1990.)

And it was BILL CLINTON who FIRST established the HUGE CIA presence in the TOWN of Stone Mountain to PROTECT that illegal drug operation, later continued by every later President – and Bill SCREWED my later friend Mayor Chuck Burris by making an EXAMPLE of him as the first black mayor of Stone Mountain and LIVING IN the house of former Mayor Venable who had INVENTED the Ku Klux Klan at his second inauguration – then cooperating with Stone Mountain RACISTS in making a FOOL Mayor Burris for spending too much for his plane tickets to Bill’s Inauguration.

Buffering Bill Clinton, yesterday, from Jimmie Carter, was Hillary Clinton, the VICTIM of her husband’s VP Al Gore, his ballet-dancing-and-cock-sucking-cum-Wall Street FUND RAISER Rahm Emanuel – who went on to become Obama’s Chief of Staff before becoming Mayor of Chicago to more HANDS-ON run the Chicago Drug Mafia – and Mayor Villaraigosa’s SELLING Barack Obama’s rhetorical and cry-on-demand empathy skills to the top Bankers and Wall Street before the 2008 primaries, CUTTING HIS OWN WIFE’s PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS OFF AT THE KNEES!!!

Jimmie Carter has made CLEAR in the past that he considers Bill Clinton to be our MOST IMMORAL President since Richard Nixon. They have NEVER gotten along – but Bill gets IMPORTANT HIGH MARKS for rescuing the US economy and with Republicans REFORMING welfare – and even though he PROTECTED narco-trafficking, drug addiction in the USA was not then as CRITICAL as it has become.

Nancy Reagan is one of the most FASCINATING people in US History—a woman considered “butt-ugly” and talentless (except for being able to “suck the chrome right off a trailer hitch”, who skillfully CAPTURED Ronald Reagan for a husband, then GONE HALF INSANE by the manipulations of her husband by Cheney and Daddy Bush, resorted to psychics to set President Reagan’s schedule, allowed limited access to him by many of his own advisers, and EVENTUALLY it got so insane that in a snit-fit with Donald Regan, the secrets of the “Iran Contra Affair” slipped out and Reagan’s Administration began to be seen for WHAT IT REALLY WAS.

We ALL owe Nancy Reagan a DEEP DEBT OF GRATITUDE – and it’s NO WONDER she was NOT in attendance yesterday, no???

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter were just being politebless their hearts!!!

Barry Bam-Bam MIGHT have "licked Bab's pussy" -- ya THINK???

* * *


1.       After a couple of hours of off again/on again Internet connection and fighting with my SERIOUSLY HACKED computer, I gave up trying to get online at all. Even NOW after 24 hours and many FIXES applied, the problem with my TelMex DSL connection has settled down to a CONSTANT message of “DNS server isn’t responding” – a problem whose inconvenient work-around and remedy I have used in the past and will soon try later today.

2.       I called my Mom, yesterday, truly meaning just to be joyful, but she prompted me to eventually tell her I look forward to her being captured, tried fairly, and convicted of HIGH TREASON – and that I would CELEBRATE her execution by dancing and spitting on her grave.

I got ANGRY and YELLING at the end – and she hung up on me eventually. I called back a few minutes later to apologize for my outburst, and to CLARIFY that I consider her to be the “Most living EVIL (female c-word) in the world”, calmly.

She hung up again.

3.       I called my three siblings (speaking with my brother Mike FULLY with his respectful attention), to let them all know this FROM ME – as well as that I consider my father and siblings to have been blackmailed or intimidated into believing all Mom’s LIES over the years, and to let them know that although I empathize with the facts that Mom was forced to give her “retarded uncle” blow jobs at age six as well as deal with the Klan burning a cross on Grandpa’s front yard because he ran for minor political office in S.E. Indiana as a Catholic the same year, is NO EXCUSE for her becoming America’s TOP NAZI, and Dick Cheney’s boss who took orders from the last three Popes.

My sister Jane hung up on me halfway through – but had divulged that she, Mike and my little sister Julie were all meeting for a camping trip in Virginia this weekend – so I left a message on Julie’s cell that I HOPE they do some SOUL SEARCHING this weekend – but I have little hope they will do anything but denigrate ME, further – and LESS EFFECTIVELY.

4.       I had an argument with a friend in New York City by phone.

5.       I called the offices of the OXFORD AMERICAN to again try to get in contact with Victor Campbell, the LONGER-TERMED assistant to Tennessee Williams (as well as his lover), whom the magazine recently published an article about, but whose AUTHOR has NOT responded to my email queries in ANY WAY.

I was forced to leave a voice-mail.

6.       I went to the beach at Mismaloya (below the movie-set ruins of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA), for the first time in half a year, reconnected with some friends there, and spoke with several groups of Americans – ALL Southerners, THANK GOD!!!

Half were Republicans (Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt types like me), so understood my political points quite well. One frisky couple I spoke with AGAIN, as I was about to leave, and after MUCH SEXUAL TEASING of the husband (who was NOT used to it – but a good sport none-the-less, his sensual, curvaceous, “life-long” wife in fits of hysteria over my antics), after convincing me he was an FBI agent on vacation, he FINALLY admitted he’s a top chemical engineer, now working for Exxon-Mobil, after working for many other players in the Oil Game previously.

 HE offered that Exxon-Mobil does EVERYTHING “by the FIST”, which I being WELL AWARE of that had recently let Presidente Pena Nieto know he was RIGHT to deny Exxon-Mobil partnership with PEMEX in developing Mexican Oil Reserves – and then I suggested also Kenan-dominated Chevron as a BETTER choice.

7.       Neither This man nor his wife had been aware of the Kenan Charitable Trusts role in American or how Exxon profits contribute to that – so I filled them in.

8.       It is QUITE POSSIBLE that the two of them (about five years younger than me – or mid-to-late 50s), MIGHT be interested in a THREE-WAY so I can FINALLY oralize a woman – and teach her some SEX TRICKS to more fully please her husband.

They are here for another week, but the likelihood of my running into them again is about ZERO, I’m guessing.

The Puerto Vallarta CARL'S JUNIOR -- which serves breakfast DAILY -- does NOT open EVER before 10:00 AM, presumably because their managers and staff do TOO MANY DRUGS at night.
Readers will PLEASE RECALL that the California Carl's Junior BOUGHT Hardee's (a North Carolina company), that is sometimes associated with narco-trafficking in the USA, but it was Krystal (similar to White Castle), on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain, GA, where I ABSOLUTELY documented the Sysco Systems Food Service trucks coming directly from Stone Mountain Park and giving HUGE BAGS full of something (no one who got them ever ordered -- and distribution was both OUTSIDE at the truck and INSIDE as the counter), back when I documented Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan and Newt Gingrich's DRUG OPERATION unloading trains inside Stone Mountain Park.
Besides Sysco Food Service trucks, those of Inland Seafood ALSO participated, then (1990).


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