Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I WANT the Vixen Who Rubbed Boobs with Ms. Hyper-Aryan, 1971 -- SEXUALLY!!! (But not "threateningly".)

Daliah (which I typically mispell --APOLOGIES!!!) Saper rubs boobs with Miss Hyper-Aryan, Stuttgard, 1971. Daliah's pussy was out huntin' bugs that evening -- so as Daliah chirpt: "No pics below the mid-rif, fellas, got it???"

"Re: Order and Additional Copy of Amended Complaint"

>>> MY LATEST PISSY-ASSED EMAIL (well deserved) :
Scott Kenan <>
3:32 PM (6 hours ago)
to Clerk, dsaper, Randy, ds, Jaime, jaime.southhei., Mitch, clpassant, Court, wayne.whited, hal,, ltgov, Benjamin.R.Dav., bill.saffo, council, Jennifer, JenHarjo, Marco, office, officeofthechi., watchdogs, info, info, info
Thanks for the laugh. I'll respond LATER, but will NOT remove what I posted in my frustration that NO ONE would communicate with me from the Saper Law offices after approximately Feb. 2 -- but in ANY case, WELL BEFORE you amended this illegally filed "suit".

Anyone reading your amended suit will see that HALF what is listed there disappeared from the Internet MONTHS AGO (like my angrily blaming Jaime for my troubles with Wells Fargo BANK). The REST OF IT has been amended BY ME out of a desire to protect from public scrutiny your client, Jaime Southlander, since although he DID brag to me about his narco-trafficking on BEHALF Wells Fargo to the tune of something in the vicinity of $23,000,000.00 per month (best-remembered figure would be in my blog under the CHANGED NAME Jaime Southheimer -- and I POSSESS email from Randy Briefs STATING that he and Jaime Southheimer LIKED the false names I had given them and LOVED how I was writing the story!!!

I notice in this NEWLY AMENDED complaint that the email address for Daliah Saper (who has done the TWICE NOW filings, herself, but farmed the "grunt work" to the HOT little Randy Briefs. Daliah, who HAS NEVER DENIED TO ME that the claims she sold her fetid pussy to Chicago "Moby Dicks" to pay her way through CATHOLIC Law School (Loyola, I believe -- a school I had ACTUALLY CONSIDERED GOING TO -- original reports of this came from my friend Mitch Bossanna of Hampstead, NC), which was IS ACTUALLY , so MAYBE Daliah Saper never GOT my EVERY COPY OF EVERY EMAIL I sent Randy Briefs (including Randy and Jaime's BARELY CONTAINED GLEE over how I was making them into FICTIONAL LITERARY CHARACTERS of a MOST sexually HOT KIND!!!

Additionally, it is ABSURD to claim I met Jaime over wanting to buy his property. First of all, I had NO INTENTION of buying property in Puerto Vallarta -- OR EVEN MOVING HERE -- until Jaime CAME RIGHT UP TO GREET ME, the FIRST person I met on my first trip to PV, on VACATION. Jaime greeted me as I entered the inner courtyard of Hotel Mercurio -- he wearing his HOT little swimmies that bulged MOST GLORIOUSLY where they covered his "Floridian Peninsula".

Naturally, I paid attention when he told me he would like to show me his home (although it being empty of renters that week, he NEVER explained WHY he was staying in the hotel, where I met SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE involved in ALL MANNER OF CRIMES -- to the GREAT CONSTERNATION of Gabriel (hotel manager -- as well as the OWNER, who personally emailed ME his concerns soon thereafter.

Anyway, I blind-copied my every email to my list of "CORE 500, including Ms. Saper -- possibly at an email address that did NOT work.

And HOW do you claim I have anything LIKE malicious intent, when you get all my emails and can see my blog posts that ALWAYS show my intentions of PROTECTING both Jaime Southheimer and Randy Briefs from VICIOUS WHORES LIKE YOU (Daliah Saper)!!!

If you DON'T like what third party sites post about your client or you, contact them. i have NO CONTROL over them whatsoever. If you don't like the Laws about such things that make it DIFFICULT for you to help your client in this, LOBBY YOUR APPROPRIATE CONGRESSPEOPLE!!!

I wipe the shitty stain of YOUR crossing my path off my ass. IF you drop this suit at the next Court Date, I will THEN (afterward ONLY -- since you have proven yourselves to have NO INTEGRITY), clean all annoying references off my blog.

Or I can SUE YOUR ASS OFF for continuing this "case" since I can easily prove you never served me correctly.

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 2:29 PM, Clerk <> wrote:

Mr. Kenan:

Attached please find a copy of the order entered by the court on 4/2/2013 in your case, as well as a copy of the amended complaint filed with the court on 3/15/2013, a copy of which was sent by USPS to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, box # 69342 on 3/18/2013, delivery within 3-5 business days.

Thank you.

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