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If Black "Christians" Weren't Such FRIGGIN HYPOCRITES about Sexual Orientation, I'd be Christopher Everette of WILMINGTON ON FIRE's TOP CHEERLEADER!!!

>>> ADDED at 5:45 AM, CDT: NEW OUTRAGE!!! I have heard from recipients of my mass emailing of this blog post too 500 top contacts primarily in the USA, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom, and North Korea, THE WHOLE TOP OF THE POSTING was removed IN TRANSIT!!!
Here is who has been stopped SO far, TODAY, from my anti-virus from HACKING my computer:
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Scott Kenan shared Wilmington on Fire's status.
I hope ALL my friends (and others!!!) in Wilmington VIEW THIS FILM!!! My distant relative, William R. Kenan, SENIOR -- who had been head of Customs in Wilmington -- the then most powerful and graft-grabbing position in the State of North Carolina, AND he is ALSO credited with being the ONLY Confederate to actually fire (in Washington, DC), at President Lincoln (who was frequently TEASED in the DC Press for his sleeping with men and cross-dressing when Mary Todd was out of town), while a member of the elite "Duplin Rifles" HALF made up of Kenans and credited as the TOP marksmen of the Confederacy, although he missed and killed his body guard, WITH the then-Pastor of First Presbyterian (almost ENTIRELY built with Kenan Family money -- the Kenan Progenitor, a Stuart King of Scotland having actually originally AUTHORIZED the Church of Scotland known in most the world as Presbyterianism), TOGETHER were the GREATEST FORCE behind the Wilmington RACE RIOT.

It is my HIGHEST GOAL in Life to MAKE AMENDS for the SINS OF THE KENAN FAMILY by EXPOSING all this -- which led DIRECTLY to passing of all the Jim Crow Laws across the South. This is FAR MORE important to me than exposing the Republican Party and Episcopal Church as the MURDERERS of playwright Tennessee Williams -- as well as their THEFT OF HIS ESTATE.

I understand that Christopher Everette REFUSES to deal with me because I am an OUT GAY and black "Christians" are the MOST BIGOTTED GROUP of people in the USA against gays. Y'all need to GET OVER THAT as well!!!

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in Political Exile from North Carolina, ONLY!!!


If you are in Wilmington, NC, check this out... | YOU ARE INVITED! This Saturday April 20, 2013, at 10 a.m. join the NAACP Parent Council and Working Films as we screen this inspiring film, A COMMUNITY CONCERN. FREE! Now is the time to organize to PARENTS with kids in New Hanover county schools. We also need people of good will of all ages who want to be part of the solution. We are meeting at Mt. Olive AME at 1001 S 7th St. PLEASE JOIN US and SPREAD THE WORD.

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1. FIRST, I must THANK the many members of Wilmington's black community for your FINANCIAL SUPPORT when I lived HOMELESS in Wilmington under the Fourth Street Viaduct, on the parking lot of First Presbyterian Church, and later St. Mary's Catholic Church's side porch -- as well as THREE months in my 112A South 8th Street apartment (interrupted by five weeks in New Hanover County "Detention Center" on FALSE CHARGES of CYBER-STALKING Wilmington lawyer and NARCO-TRAFFICKER -- or at least I witnessed BIG NARCOTICS DEALS in his "Costello's Piano Bar" on Princess Street -- Mr. David Nash), and about three months in MERCY ME!!! Homeless Shelter and Narco-Trafficking HQ during my time in Wilmington, 12/30/2010 - late April 2012, when I FLED to Mexico where I NOW live in Political Exile from North Carolina, ONLY.

Black folks ALWAYS searched for some pocket money if I asked for help. ALWAYS!!! White folk NEARLY always claimed they only use plastic and carry no cash -- but when I'd occasionally engage them in conversation, , they pulled CASH out of their pockets -- LOL!!!

My attorney, Jennifer Harjo told me she had in March of 2012, made a DEAL WITH BEN DAVID, District Attorney, that if I stayed OUT of North Carolina for ONE YEAR, Mr. David would DROP THE REST of my total of EIGHT FALSE CHARGES. To date (it's MORE than a year now), only TWO have been dropped.

I have just checked the public records here: and discovered that EVEN TODAY, I am NOT listed as EVER having spent ANY of my FIVE times incarcerated there. I used my "friend" Robert Trahan (45 years old), and even though he moved to Texas about 1.5 years ago, he IS listed in the database.

Similarly, in January of 2012, I discovered that the online records of Dekalb County, GA, had been RECENTLY ERASED, and the records of my several stays in THEIR jail -- AND MY SEVERAL TIMES IN DISTRICT COURT -- have ALL been erased from when I tracked how my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan and Newt Gingrich were bringing drugs into Stone Mountain Park behind my home in 1990. I had NAIVELY given my DOCUMENTATION ( see for scans of my ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION: ) to Gingrich's Congressional Office-- but ALSO the front desk at the Carter Center and CNN as well.

What REMAINS on the record from 1990 (although PREVIOUS to Jan. 2012, ALL my interactions with Judge Linda Warren Hunter were in fact listed in Dekalb County's database -- and I STILL have all the ORIGINAL PAPER DOCUMENTATION of my many times in Judge Hunter's Court -- the LAST TIME being when she, the claimant Lawrence Buchthal -- my former employer at Mama Mia's Pasta & Pizza, then on Main Street, Stone Mountain -- and I with ONE security officer where ALL who were in the courtroom and Judge Hunter REFUSED TO ALLOW ME TO SPEAK IN MY DEFENSE!!!

What remains AFTER the "records purge" of about 1/1/12, is my filing Writ of Habeus Corpus against Sheriff Jarvis -- something that is ONLY FILED by someone believing they are JAILED UNCONSTITUTIONALLY!!!


In just checking Dekalb County Records, I see that American Express (tied politically to Christal Presley, one of Sean Hannity of FOX NEWS's best friends and who set me up with the BOGUS publishing contract for my RAVE-REVIEWED memoir of working for playwright Tennessee Williams with Don Weise of Alyson Books), has had the records CHANGED in Dekalb County Georgia. Several months ago, their suit against me for approximately $25,000.00 was listed since it was filed in 2010 as having been settled (in absentia), AGAINST ME -- yet in the last few months it has been RETROACTIVELY CHANGED to show "Dismissed without Prejudice" on Dec. 29, CORRECTED: 2010!!! (Judge Janice C. Gordon presiding)

Dekalb County Court Database can be accessed here. Choose "Other Individual" from drop-down box and NO code or other info will be required: .

And what is WORSE is that in 2011, TWICE Wilmington, NC police officers HELD ME for half an hour because they CLAIMED there was a FELONY WARRANT against me in Georgia from "Stalking" Christal Presley AFTER she won an injunction IN ABSENTIA for me to stay away from her. THEN in the David Nash jury-less trial in New Hanover District Court (Judge Chad Hogston presiding), April of 2011, Assistant D.A. Lindsay "Miss Coca Leaf" (as Jen Harjo got a kick out of me calling her), Roberson CLAIMED IN COURT that I HAD an active felony warrant against me in Georgia, THEN.

The FACT is that in ALL THREE instances of Wilmington Law Enforcement and Courts claiming the GA warrant, EVERY TIME after "checking with the Sheriff of Dekalb County -- why I was held so long by Police), the Sheriff was said to "decline" my extradition to Georgia.

This alleged warrant NEVER EXISTED (or the court records were ALSO later changed).

2. I would ALSO like to thank all the BROTHERS in Wilmington, NC who had sex with me. Y'all were handsome, HOT, KIND, and MOST satisfactory!!!

3. I must CHIDE certain people in Wilmington, INCLUDING the ENTIRE staff of the Wilmington Journal. I stopped into their offices in early 2011 (shortly after I arrived in town), and let them KNOW what I was up to EXPOSING Wilmington as the MOST racially prejudiced city in America AS WELL AS its biggest seaport receiving ILLEGAL DRUGS via (this all LATER discovered), D.A.s Benjamin and Jon David's protected operation for Sen. Thom Goolsby -- my parents having SET IT UP in the 1980s and 1990s when they lived on Villas Place East in Wilmington.

I discovered that DUE TO HATRED OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND HOMOSEXUAL/BISEXUALS (like me), the Black Folk of Wilmington are EQUALLY GOD-HATING as the White Folk. The Principles of Wilmington Journal NEVER ONCE asked me for more information about my family's LEADING the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot -- nor ANYTHING ELSE!!!

4. ALL THAT SAID, I still support Christopher Everette and his film which I have NOT viewed. But DON'T expect equal rights for BLACKS if you FUCK WITH MY RIGHTS in ALL ways possible.


5. I would like to thank my black friend who alerted me to what he swears is/was FACT: That Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous REGULARLY smokes crack in a house owned by his uncle.

6. I must now CONDEMN Sheriff Ed McMahon (whom I PREVIOUSLY lauded many times and DO know personally), because AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR since I first alerted Ed that HIS jail records do NOT include my fives stays there -- I AM STILL NOT IN HIS DATABASE!!!


7. PLEASE go to see Chris's film WILMINGTON ON FIRE this Saturday at Mount Olive AME Church -- and YES, I mean you WHITE PEOPLE, TOO!!!/wilmingtononfire .

And also see MORE here: .

Thank you for reading this.

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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