Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Night I QUADRUPLED My Ability to SUE THE PANTS OFF "North Carolina Entities" -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

>>> THIS JUST IN at 1:39 PM, CDT:
Luis Melgoza whom I accuse with my FAKE cousin Salvador Fuentes of being TOP CIA narco-traffickers in Puerto Vallarta today, has just BLOCKED MY EMAILS.
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CLICK image to see fully: Bible-Based Marriage. You can SEE why Republicans, Chrislamists, and OTHER woman-haters LOVE "Biblical Marriage" -- the MAN can do ANYTHING!!!
Here is a FACTUAL DESCRIPTION of "Bible-Based Marriage" from Ms. Betty Bowers that is MOST AMUSING. Since Chrislamists and even most "real Christians" don't actually RETAIN what the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS when they VERY RARELY read the thing, I recommend ALL people watch this short video:


1. FIRST, I must admit my ERRORS!!!: TelMex came out to repair my phone and Internet, and it was discovered that the line running into the house as well as an inconvenient phone-plug reception outlet in my kitchen STILL WORKED. The problem was in the in-house wiring and my landlord is having that taken care of today. In the meantime I have this inconvenient place to plug in AND working phone and Internet.

But it AIN'T THAT SIMPLE (although TelMex is OFF THE HOOK, hackers got me in many other things, possibly still including some of Carlos "Slim" Salim Helu who owns TelMex), I have gotten TWO crank calls this morning with NO ONE on the line, but I could hear breathing and background sounds. I traced the numbers:

(555) 063-4000 is a Mexican number that via Google I discovered is WELL LINKED to harassing calls from Mexican Drug Mafia!!! And (818) 863-2300 is a Glendale, CA number associated with Pointe Communications Corporation that was bought by Telscape International IN GEORGIA!!!:
1325 Northmeadow Parkway, Roswell, GA 30076. The company is KNOWN to sell OVER-PRICED telecommunications services to Latin America -- and for making HARASSING PHONE CALLS HERE. HA!!!

Additionally, the company's Chairman and CEO, Stephen E. Raville is Director of several other companies, INCLUDING First Union/Wachovia Bank of Georgia -- and some blog readers will remember that I had my accounts at First Union until Wachovia bought them and they IMMEDIATELY raised all fees and DROPPED significant customer service. They also RAISED interest rates on my credit cards to DOUBLE (just like the CitiBank did to me at the same time in 2009 -- even though since 1990, I'd had not a single blemish on my credit report).

THIS what had caused me to move to Bank of America when I THEN had NO IDEA my Kenan relatives OWNED controlling interest in BoA -- whom I've NEVER had a problem with and who have REGAINED their position as the LARGEST BANK in America (admittedly, BIG BANKS are an UBER-PROBLEM, but BoA is the exception, now that the earlier CEO who SADDLED them with Countrywide RIP OFF mortgage company was CANNED, although BoA STILL must make amends to the victims of Countrywide -- a BIG DRAIN on its profits.

Of course this PROVES that the Repubpican Party of Georgia under Gov. Nathan Deal, etc. STILL HARASSES ME IN MEXICO!!! See more: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/04/clarification-of-republican-party.html .

2. The landlord's phone-wiring repairman just showed up, so my writing of this blog post MIGHT soon be interrupted.

3. I will GET TO the issues suggested by today's title soon, but LOOK what I got from my friend in Wilmington, NC who had ONCE OFFERED that her husband's Ku Klux Klan and Biker Groups were offering to BEAT UP District Attorney Benjamin R. David (Dem.) and Judge Sandra Ray Criner (Rep. -- and this BEFORE I had additional troubles from Judge Jeffrey Noecker or he would have been included too). Readers will remember that when this happened late summer 2011, that I THANKED THEM for their KIND OFFER, but TOTALLY ESCHEWING VIOLENCE, I accepted lunch at The Olive Garden and two packs of cigarettes, instead.

Also, this person's husband suffers from absolute chemical impotence as he's recovering from a major illness (that does NOT keep him from the Klan, etc.), and she told me how she SUCCESSFULLY sucks him to completion, regardless. I used this HOPE and was able to "do myself" in the New Hanover County Jail the next time I was arrested and suffered IMPOTENCE due to the chemical added to the Kool-Aide they serve there. HA!!!:

A Nameless Friend on Facebook:
man that sucks my son is blocked to..hes a lot like you..winston ritter look him up when you can
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  • Scott Kenan

    Kind of a funny reply because I don't know HOW OLD your son is and if this is a GOOD THING or a BAD THING in your opinion.

  • Also, there are LOTS of Winston Ritters in the world,so I can't find him without more info!!!

  • Scott

  • Today

    hes 31 and his pic is a twisted white cartun he also goes by Dr.W.A.R

    i went back to look its a doctor and in the back ground it has flames of fire...
    • So her SON is being COCK-SUCKED by a White Rap Artist who can be seen here (a Ron-Paul Republican who is CLEARLY patriotic, if misguided on Economics: https://www.facebook.com/drwar2#!/drwar2 and here too: http://www.doctorwar.com/ .

      4. CNN knooocked it OUT OF THE PARK last night, with Piers Morgan setting up his "Grill" -- which is MUCH better than "Crossfire" ever was, and Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt is PERFECT in the "round-table" discussion format -- he even FORGOT to alliterate. LOL!!!

      They PROVED they HAVE NEW BALLS by having Andrew Sullivan on with Anderson -- as as EVERYBODY KNOWS, Andrew's ONLY beard is worn ON HIS FACE!!! He is ALSO SO like me in understanding to politics, and while he ALL BUT unmasked "Christiane" (she was "Christine" on CNN until a few years ago) Amanpour, the British-Iranian journalist as COMPLICIT with CIA-Republican Party (which I have wanted to do for SOME TIME), she had some good counter-points as well -- but NOT ENOUGH to make her look in any way like a person of Integrity.

      5. I found and bought water-proofing yesterday -- YAY!!! The phone-line repair guy is fixing the problems. Landlord explained the use of "buried tiles" on the new roof in a way that HE understood. LOL!!!

      >>> THE KEY POINT TODAY!!!:

      As I have said ALL ALONG, I saved EVERYONE's BUSINESS CARDS for the last 3.5 years: HUNDREDS OF THEM, separated into groups by time and place. This is the ONE thing that no one has compromised or stolen. Last night I opened the batch from Wilmington, NC, and I can NOW put faces, phone numbers, businesses, and email addresses with many people whom I've NOT named previously (or not had the other info on), in this blog. I will comment on a VERY FEW of them now:

      1. Fairy Tails of North Carolina (910) 250-0133, www.fairytailsnc.com , possibly gone now, is/was a MOBILE WHORE HOUSE of gals for guys in a VAN who DISGORGED both Michael "Jersey" Keogh and Robbie Trahan DRUNK in front of me (by chance), and shocked that they'd have money for such "high-class whores", I asked them how they could afford it. THEY BOTH BRAGGED DRUNKENLY that Wilmington Beat Cops had GIVEN THEM the lays in gratitude for info they had given ON ME to District Attorney Ben David!!!

      2. The "Just Joe" who has harassed me MANY TIMES as documented on this blog, gave me his business card which states his business name as "Massage 2 You", Joe Miltner, 613 Emory St., Wilmington, NC 28405, (910) 538-9674 cell. This is in STARK CONTRAST to how I've described him -- but maybe he is NOT a dirty little leftover Hippie handyman, after all, but the "Swedish Massage Artist" his card claims, nes pas???

      3. I met Joe Campese, wife, and children at the largest gas station before College Rd. becomes I-40. I was "bumming money for gasoline", and before they knew ANYTHING from me, they helped with $20.00. THEN we talked a bit and I learned that he had WORKED for Thomas S. Kenan III and OTHER Kenans, but building/re-building docks and decks at their Figure-Eight Island homes. When I told him I thought the Kenans were PROBABLY the secretly wealthiest family in the USA, he and his wife got ALL EXCITED, Joe offering that he thought that TOO, given the security clearances he had to go through before working for the Kenans.

      4. Janice Thomas of The French House (a friend to writers), at Dock and Third, first claimed her good friend Sen. Goolsby (possible CORRECTION: she might have said D.A. Ben David -- rather than Sen. Goolsby), was NOT a narco-trafficker -- until she read some of my blog. LOL!!!

      5. Christopher Wright Rogers' PROBATION OFFICER who came to inspect my 8th Street apartment to be sure it was suitable (Chris trying to keep me from speaking with her -- which did NOT work -- this when he and Cindy Beatty lived with me as FREELOADERS for six weeks, leaving behind the EVIDENCE of their verbal claim to me that they SPIED on me for Wilmington Detectives and Ben David), is Anna Mayo: (910) 251-5757, ext. 298.

      I might also add that I found the BEST place to seduce black guys into having sex with me was in front of the Probation Office, only 1.5 blocks from that apartment.

      6. The McDonalds franchise management I dealt with (who BACKED UP their store -- NOT me), when I called and reported (910) 799-7548 the OBVIOUS sales of ILLEGAL DRUGS at both their counter and Drive-Thru window at Market near Kerr, was BOTH Tom Sheehan and Ken (or Tim) Denny.

      7. Donna Merritt, keyboardist and vocalist extraordinaire who was ONCE official keyboardist to the Governor of Georgia (Zig-Zag Zell???), played once a week at David Nash's Costello's Piano Bar and Drug-Deals-Den -- as well as Sundays at the "gay church", St. Jude MCC, whose minister John McLaughlin (a defrocked Catholic priest), was ALSO in the drug trade. Donna and her husband cussed me out in person and via emails MANY TIMES, using language WORSE THAN MY WORST!!!

      8. I was PLEASED to see that Curtis Thompson -- Wilmington's REIGNING DRAG QUEEN who told me about his sex with MANY high Wilmington Officials as well as "low life", has a PATRIOTIC business card as he SHOULD have -- and it PROMOTES his employer, Village market at Dock and Second!!! YAY!!!

      9. Lucas John is a very handsome, young (28???) restaurant/bar manager of The Eat Spot at Princess and Front Streets. He's 6' 10", and when I met him, I talked him into sex with me -- he admitting he'd never had sex with a man before. But he was working -- and by the time I tried to collect the free drink he promised me at his bar, he had "changed his mind". I RESPECTED that, and still do him. he's an EXCELLENT manager, which I am qualified to say.

      He, too, knew that the upstairs "The Spot" private club (which he did NOT have management over), was actually a private club for TOP DRUG MAFIA.

      10. Robert D. Moffitt, "Wilmington Ambassador", is one of the people street folks claimed WARNED THEM before HUGE illegal drug shipments came in -- so they could AVOID ANY TROUBLE and STAY AWAY FROM DOWNTOWN for a while. The Harbor-Master was who Robbie Trahan and Jersey claimed THE SAME THING about. (910) 612-2397

      11. Dawn B. Carter, Director of Resource Development at Good Shepherd Center, (910) 763-4424, ext. 113, gscresources@bellsouth.net , FIRST told me she would work with me teaching WRITING to homeless there, but LATER REFUSED MY CALLS -- after I blogged about how someone associated with and working with Good Shepherd Center had SHOT IN THE FACE the two "illegal" Colombians who were friends of my first (Colombian) roommate in Wilmington, David Escalante, because they had DEMANDED pay for their work and were tired of getting NOTHING.

      David was told they would do the SAME TO HIM if he ever asked to be paid again -- by this guy or Good Shepherd Center. David FLED Wilmington for Charlotte and was never heard from again.

      12. Andy Williams, LCSW, TRIUMPH, 5505Creedmoor Rd., Ste. 100, Raleigh, NC 27612, (919) 852-5352, cell: (919) 633-3885, www.triumphcares.com , anwilliams@triumphcares.com , is the person my parents took me to to SCHEDULE a psychiatric evaluation with when I first arrived in Raleigh in Dec. 2010, and he's the one who after speaking with my parents (privately behind closed doors) AFTER speaking with me -- only THEN changing from normal procedure with NO diagnosis of me but a scheduled appointment with a shrink, later, to INSISTING TO ME THAT I AM BIPOLAR, no "ifs, ands, or buts/butts" -- so I NO LONGER TRUSTED him or his agency, nor the one he scheduled me with, Dr. Dittmer of Carolina Behavioral Care, PA, at the EXACT SAME address and suite number, for Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 8:00 AM.

      I CANCELLED this appointment, which is WHEN and WHY my parents had me REMOVED from their house by Raleigh Police, DISALLOWED in-person contact with them for a year or to set foot on their property, and caused to be HOMELESS in Raleigh, moving to Wilmington a couple of weeks later after my stint observing HIGH REPUBLICAN OFFICIALS seeking MAN-DATES at the YMCA across Hillborough Street from the Republican State Headquarters (where I slipped MANY notes under many doors -- LOL!!!).

      Too bad LAW ENFORCEMENT is COMPLETELY BROKEN in North Carolina and Georgia, and people like ME have to do all the REAL INVESTIGATIONS of DRUG MAFIA.



      Honest-to-God, this is the FIRST IMAGE TO COME UP when I googled "illegal drugs in wilmington, nc". This is District Attorney Benjamin R. David's "mincing queen" photo that I have used before.

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