Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's Put THIS to Bed!!!

Mr. Randy Briefs , hoping to meet President Barack Obama at Chicago's most EXCLUSIVE gay baths.


1. Randy got his undergraduate degree in Literature at Duke University -- the most HIGHLY Kenan-Endowed school of a "private" nature. Without MY family, Randy would have had to pay FAR MORE for his education (or get a lot less)!!!

2. Randy's twin Legal Star is named Chris -- who SOUNDS like a HOT BOTTOM BOY too (on the phone).

3. I completed the the "fictionalization" of Randy's clients' (and Randy and his law firm's) presence on this blog -- as far as I can tell.

4. If this ILLEGALLY-FILED lawsuit is NOT dropped at the NEXT time it comes to Court, I will pursue Federal Charges against ALL INVOLVED on Mr. Brief's side of things.

Here is a direct quote from one of Mr. Brief's emails to me -- in which he TRANSPARENTLY glosses over the ILLEGAL FILING of his "case", and like a GOOD REPUBLICAN/CHICAGO DRUG MAFIA TYPE, tries to DISTRACT ME into ignoring THAT FACT!!!:

"On October 22, 2012, the Return Receipt confirmed the arrival of the Complaint at your mailbox. You can check this confirmation by entering EI561076925US at If I understand correctly, you believe that service was improper because you were unable to check your mailbox within the 30 day period. Regardless of how the Judge would rule, I do very much regret that you feel slighted by the process."

5. I called "the Client" and left message that I will ALWAYS be willing to delete anything offensive that identifies him in my blog. NO NEED to pay lawyers -- NEVER WAS A NEED!!! (I have record of communications of this, but Chicago Drug Mafia did NOT allow Mr. Southheimer, Mr. Briefs, or Ms. Gumpshun to make THEIR own decisions on ANY of this!!!

6. I blame Wells Fargo Bank of Chicago FIRST, and Rahm Emanuel -- possibly Barack Obama (directly) -- as they RUN the Chicago Drug Mafia FOR the CIA/Republicans with my mother's NAZI people hiding in their Banks and on Wall Street.




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