Thursday, April 11, 2013

MAJOR Corrrections to THIS BLOG Have Been JUST COMPLETED!!!

Sinead O'Day at work for the United States Citizens!!!

>>> I LOVE CORRECTING MY ERRORS!!! (If YOU know of any I've made, please to be sure to let me know PRONTO!!! ) :

1. After a visit with my neighboring US Government Officials who were kind enough to provide me with a new passport, I must tell you that I am MORE THAN EMBARRASSED that I ever suspected them (Ms. O'Day only, actually), in any kind of FOUL PLAY!!!

2. Ms. O'Day seemed most pleasantly surprised to get my IMMEDIATE apology for my BLOGGING BEHAVIORS regarding her and the public mentioning of the names of her staff. I have "corrected" their names in this blog now. Clearly I had been WRONG, and during the drive over there I realized (the specific route today had been protected by the wind direction so that even though my neighbors are still burning "wild herbs", I was SHIELDED from the smoke. Unfortunately, this could STILL not be done for the route to MBE where I get my mail. Nothing of importance is there that I'm aware of, so makes no "never-mind", nes pas??? ), that Ms. O'Day had simply recommended Dr. John Mabrey Crouch from an old list that no one had updated.

The moral is: US Consulates and Embassies should be CERTAIN the LIST OF PROFESSIONALS  they recommend is kept up-to-date. Ms. O'Day regretted this had happened.

>>> TO SEE MY REPORT ON MY LAST VISIT TO THE US CONSULATE SEE HERE -- but put on yer BLINDERS first, because I was NOT WELL BEHAVED in this entire POSTING -- to say nothing of the Consulate!!!): .

My mood has IMPROVED over the last 30 days -- wouldn't you agree???

See for more info on Daliah Saper who is suing me for Libel on behalf the Rahm Emanuel and BLACKMAILED-STILL Barack Obama the BISEXUAL-PRESIDENT-LED CHICAGO DRUG MAFIA -- but the "Law Suit" was NEVER served LEGALLY and its AMENDED-SELF is ALSO (therefore), ILLEGAL. As I've stated MANY times, if they DISMISS this bogus suit and serve me LEGALLY another one -- I'll be HAPPY to lord my 6' 11" self over my neighbors and FORCE then to stop burning the wild herbs that Mexicans seem to love so much so that I CAN get there to be SERVED LEGALLY!!!

I feel no need to further elaborate on this. The story itself remains as evidence of my "insanity" or lack there-of, should anyone care to use it to commit me to a NUTHOUSE!!!

3. Additionally, I felt I had "jumped the bone" (or whatever the expression is), with my high-school friend Hal Peters -- assuming certain irregularities indicated something I can't imagine Hal would ever be involved in. that said, he at least WAS dedicated to the idea that contracting the US Economy would EXPAND IT.

PLENTY of people have bought that PROVEN LIE and MOST (like I'm certain Hal is), just weren't THINKING WITH THE RIGHT HEAD!!!

I hope now that I've added a DISCLAIMER to that blog posting that Hal can forgive me.

4. Don't forget that if YOU know of errors in my blog, please comment on it or email me with WHY something is in error and YOUR relationship to the person or organization or event. I promise to give RATIONAL CONSIDERATION to it -- as well as remove the names of people who really are NOT villains if they ask me to.

5. I DO HOPE that Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina sees that I WORK WITH WELL-INTENDED PEOPLE to correct my over-reaching, etc., and that Friday 12 April 2013, he gives the RIGHT answer that he and I can respect each other and GO FORWARD for the GOOD of North Carolina.

My PROBLEMS with certain aspects of the Republican Party are REALLY with the top MONEY donors and Party Policy people. That is why I will deal with Art Pope, Charles and David Koch, the guy from PayPal, the Gambling Adelman, and even Carl Rove and Dick Cheney DIRECTLY.

I am FORTUNATE that one of the Republican Party TOP MONEY MEN is Art Pope who recently took a position as Deputy-Dog Budget Director for the State of North Carolina.

NOT ONLY will I be able to find The ART POPE there, but should Gov. McCrory by stated decision OR refusal to reply or work with me, DECIDES I should SUE, I will be able to work DIRECTLY with Art Pope in figuring the BEST WAY to remove $100,000,000.00 or more from the NC Treasury (taxpayers' pockets -- and business taxes are SO REDUCED as well as those on the WEALTHY, that it is the SHRINKING MIDDLE CLASS that will eventually pay me).

And remember: Wilmington, NC Police or City -- as well as the Republican Party of not only New Hanover County but at STATE HQ as well will pay some part of this.

That's all.

Scott, Cyber-Eraser, USA y Mexico (self-appointed)




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