Monday, April 29, 2013

On the Day I Discovered that Batman REALLY LIVES (I’ve been FORCED to suspend MORE “Judgments”)!!!

Real Life:


1.       The funniest thing going right now is that although my TelMex land line and Internet connection have been totally out for several days, NO EXPLANATION of how this happened makes sense. Worse, is that in a long phone conversation with a friend in the states this morning, I entirely forgot to mention that my phone HAS CONTINED TO OCCASSIONALLY RING!!!


It shows “Intercom” in the display, and while that would indicate that someone nearby has the same model phone and we are on the same wireless frequency (I have only ONE handset, so could not call myself), when I’ve caught it to answer, NO ONE IS THERE.


The Internet went out “in fits and spurts”, NEGATING the possibility that someone had simply cut the line – although I PREFER that possibility – and in further examination alone and with my landlord, it is CLEAR that the wires to the house are NOT close enough to have been damaged by the construction on the roof.


My landlord was here to check the progress of the new roof – a COMPLETE mystery to me WHY they are putting down a varying thickness of cement (to even out the irregularities), with quarry tiles on top of that – over which they are spreading a SLURRY of cement that covers the tiles ENTIRELY!!!


They DO properly soak the tiles in water before laying them – but WHY USE six-inch square EXPENSIVE tiles (compared to concrete), only to BURY them??? Maybe the climate here CALLS for this and I just don’t know enough. The proof will be in the effectiveness, which I’ll discover soon enough.


2.       Checking my checking account balance this morning, it strangely has about $180.00 more than it should – an overnight change. This is MORE than my weekly $135.00 that Teri at Benefits Management could have sent EARLY without warning, and while monthly royalties from WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS did actually go up about 40%, they had ALREADY been credited, I’m pretty certain. I will check account details when I get to Internet access, shortly.

3.       I’d like to COMMEND CNN for hiring Chris Cuomo, the kind of man I get along with BEST: he appears to be ENTIRELY STRAIGHT, so NOT distracted by anyone else’s COMPLICATIONS of having to DO ALL to avoid anyone thinking they might be GAY!!! He seems to be HONEST, unlike Mr. Peter Berman who has the appearance and manners of a snotty, vindictive old “queen”.


And while I’m AT IT, I think EVERYONE noticed that in the run-up to Jake Tapper’s beginning to assume his current role, everything about his appearance, intonations, interests, etc., seemed COMPLETELY “Goose Gay” – and CNN even ran those promos with GAY RAINBOW STRIPES (the order of colors, re-ordered), in the promos.


DON’T GET ME WRONG!!! Jake is married with kids, but his ALLOWING THIS seems to prove he is COMFORTABLE IN HIS OWN SKIN and with decisions of how he’s opted to live his love/family life. And what I’ve seen of his reporting shows he MAKES GOOD POINTS. He is a perfect example of what BEING A MAN really means for those with bisexual leanings.


Wolf Blitzer – NEVER known to have a “news mind” of his own – really IS a Furbie (albeit a jazz-loving one), as shown in video at the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


But my favorite CNN personality remains (besides Piers Morgan – and on the same plane), Don Lemmon, who WITHOUT all the queenly drama of Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt who came out about eight years AFTER everyone knew he is gay – and Anderson and his mother, Gloria, still owe me AN APOLOGY for the INDIGNITIES I suffered in their Cornelius Vanderbilt Grand Central Station this past December, ALLITERATES all his sentences while PATHETICALLY trying to seem spontaneous and UN-SCRIPTED!!! NO ONE can alliterate as much as he does without writers in the background – and alliteration is ONE of the NAZI techniques to HYPNOTIZE people, as it GRABS the subconscious mind.


In any case, Don Lemmon has discussed many subjects very seriously with people who hate both blacks and gays – and in a way that Don’s SELF and “group belongings” do NOT seem to be noticed at all!!!

Extraordinary, when you think about it.


4.       I LOVE my iPad Mini!!!

5.       I am AWARE of my many typos in recent postings – as well as incorrect use of mood where subjunctive was called for. GRAMMAR GROUSERS will just have to STEW until I have convenient Internet access to correct things more conveniently.

6.       Peter King is apparently on some kind of HITLERIAN BLUSTER-FEST, continuing to spew venom about “mirandizing” the known bomber. Some reports say Eric Holder DELIBERATELY had the guy read Miranda Rights a bit late –but calling it EARLY!!! Other reports are that a concerned Magistrate went to the hospital on his own and read them – and now I’m hearing FROM SOME, that he’d gotten the OK from Holder to do this.




ONE TRUTH is that Miranda Rights are CONSTANT for all US Citizens, and the reading of them is a REMINDER. TRUE, that Prosecutors CANNOT use anything confessed pre-reading in court against that person – but it does NOT mean that questionable (at best), tricky tactics are ALLOWED before the reading but not after it.


And calls to prosecute as an “enemy combatant”, while probably TRUE about the bomber’s state of mind and intentions, would lead ONLY to greater difficulties in getting a conviction – as well as QUESTIONABLE LIKELIHOOD of getting ACCURATE INTELLIGENCE about the bomber’s connections. US Prosecutors have gotten TONS of convictions of people violating Anti-Terrorism Laws in REGULAR COURTS. Guantanamo (which Barry Bam-Bam has REFUSED to deal with), is the LIMBO HELL that “enemy combatants” end up in, NOW the scene of a MASSIVE HUNGER STRIKE that I assume is continuing.

I hope they FORCE the “issue” !!!


7.       On top of all else, FOX NEWS (which I ASSUME remains where the plurality or majority of Americans get their news), has this morning promoted MORE LIES in this general area that are TOO NUMEROUS for me to remember – and I don’t have handy Internet(s) access to check their website to verify and SPECIFY them now. I saw a long clip of this on CNN this morning.

8.       I DID call Saper Law in Chicago this morning, and left a LONG message wishing them ALL well (including Daliah Saper, who is as COLORFUL as a SOUTHERNER in her “slutty way”). I also left message for “Randy Briefs” that I have heard from NEITHER their law firm NOR client “Jaime Southheimer”, asking me to remove anything more than I have already removed from this blog.


I look forward to discovering what they do in Court later this week – it will determine what I do then.


9.       Ditto the situation with District Attorney Benjamin R. David in Wilmington, NC. In NEITHER CASE does it make a RAT’s BEHONKUS of a PRACTICAL difference what happens. I’m NOT going to need a clean record to interview for a job – and convictions on misdemeanors is more a BADGE OF HONOR to me than anything else, the “offending blog material” all safely stored for book purposes – and so I could put it RIGHT BACK UP elsewhere on the Internet(s), should they get a Court Order requiring CIA/Blogger to remove it – as Christopher Wright Rogers of Wilmington has already learned THE HARD WAY!!!

>>> TOP SEARCH KEY WORD the last 24 hours: "Eleanor Schwaner". HA!!!

And then I have a GREATER BASIS to SUE those entities, which is slightly problematic, as having no money, I would need to find an individual or agency to sponsor me – but the PROOF of the crime of RACKETEERING is so STRONG (you ONLY need to prove the pattern of harassment – NOT the actual crimes – to get CONVICTION), I’m certain I could get the UN-CORRUPTED elements of the US Government to prosecute THAT one – and if NOT, Mexico sent out feelers a long while ago that I might apply for their equivalent of “Political Refugee from the United States” (not unlike Presidente Pena Nieto’s former male lover, whom Pena Nieto had held illegally in jail and TORTURED to get him to SHUT UP about their sexual relationship ACTUALLY DID RECEIVE, in the USA, Political Asylum as a PERSECUTED GAY.


All this BEFORE Pena Nieto ran for Presidente – as well as before he CAME TO HIS SENSES. He’s on his THIRD serial wife, and EVERYONE in Mexico KNOWS his wife is just a BEARD – and they DON’T CARE.




The proof of Obama’s GETTING RIGHT WITH GOD AND COUNTRY will be his disassociation with Chicago Drug Mafia Boss Rahm Emanuel – and the Justice Department’s investigation of and indictment of Rahm Emanuel, no???

.>>> BLOGGUS INTERRUPTUS: TelMex just called and I have to meet them . . .



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