Thursday, April 18, 2013

Relaxin' n' Telephonically COMMUNICATIN' (as the Republican brand commits suicide, FITFULLY)!!!

My nephew Connor Kenan's employer. (I BELIEVE there is more to them than a farmhouse, barn, and silo.)
Judith "Judy" Faulkner, my nephew's CEO and FOUNDER!!!
She donates VERY HEAVILY -- ONLY to Democrats. YAY!!!
>>> PHONE-CALL RESULTS OF WIDE INTEREST FIRST!!!: But those seeking info on or CBRE Clarion Securities (my nephew Maxwell Andrew Kenan's employer), should look more to the bottom.

1. I tried to call Gov. Pat McCrory's representative, Ms. Alicia Johnson, early this afternoon, but had to leave a message that I would call her back later today. As all blog readers KNOW, Alicia is to get me Gov. McCrory's answer if his office will answer if the State of North Carolina will settle with me for $4,000,000.00 for damages and inconvenience due to the GROSS VIOLATIONS of my Civil Rights in North Carolina Courts -- or I should use a lawyer recommended by Jeffrey Toobin (we've corresponded for about two years now), Gloria Allred's office (her firm is NOT licensed at the bar in NC, but quite helpful), or Dean Hansell (whom I slept with for a month while attending Denison University -- me class of 1973 -- who was Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, won a HUGE award for Michael Jackson's family, and has served as Trustee of Denison as well).

And I think everyone knows that as an ALTERNATIVE, I would DROP my demand for ANY financial compensation if Gov. McCrory (a Republican), OUTS President Obama for his FREQUENT towel droppings in Chicago's MOST PRESTIGIOUS private gay bathhouses with his buddy Rahm Emanuel while Obama was a US Senator!!!

Of course Obama ALSO -- like his buddy Jesse Jackson, Jr. -- used Rev. Jeremiah Wright's CALL BOY SERVICE for married black professionals, ONLY, as well, but Republicans KNOW Rev. Wright is NOT a "radical Islamist in christian clothing" as they often allege -- but what can THEY say when Newt Gingrich pick up SEVERAL citations from Atlanta Police right after college graduation for soliciting sex with MEN in Atlanta Parks (I've seen scans of originals), many get caught in public mens rooms having sex, and the North Carolina Republican Party BUILT ITS HQ directly across from the YMCA on Hillsborough Street, Raleigh so they could PICK UP GUYS THERE, conveniently -- and I've BEEN THERE (Dec. 2010), to observe this and my "best homeless friend" then MADE MONEY picking up Republican Officials there for "tips" (money AND penis-heads) -- or so he claimed!!!

See more here:

>>> SPECIAL BONUS: While I cannot NOW find the link to a SCAN of one of Bebe Rebozo's secret homosexual love letters to Richard M. Nixon (the CIA might have removed this from the Internet(s) since I saw its INITIAL REPORT online a few months ago), here is a link to material on it with a link to a HuffPost (managed by Jimmy Soni who sits on the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS at Duke University, like Stacey Abrams, Minority Leader of Democrats in the Georgia House -- until recently, when Alisa Worth, Nevada Senate Democrats executive director replaced her.

NOT many Republicans associated with the KENAN FAMILY NOW!!!

Includes a NUTSHELL on William R. Kenan, Jr., who ran Henry Flagler's NOT-Standard Oil Trust enterprises -- ESPECIALLY ALL OF FLORIDA -- and whom Flagler called FAR SMARTER than himself -- and John D. Rockefeller who ran S.O. for FOUNDER Flagler, claimed Flagler was FAR SMARTER than he!!! When Flagler left his last bride Mary Lily Kenan Flagler (later Bingham -- who MURDERED HER for the tiny $5,000,000.00 she gave him in the codicil to her will (less than a year after their marriage and Mary Lily was SERIOUSLY addicted to cocaine and laudanum due to the tertiary syphilis Robert Worth Bingham GAVE HER years before during a "dalliance" -- and THIS led to the Kenans REMOVING extract of coca leaves from Coca Cola soon after they inherited MUCH of it from Frank Hawkins, the man credited with "putting the Phoenix in Atlanta" -- as well as Frank's OTHER interests such as MORE railroads, cotton oil, Atlantic Steel in ATL, and banking, eventually combined with Kenan-Founded NCNB to make NATIONSBANK which BOUGHT BankAmerica from the Sinatras, reverting it to the earlier Bank of America name -- his ENTIRE ESTATE.

Anyway, WRK, Jr. got as wealthy-as-Rockefeller in his own right from being parallel to Rockefeller under Flagler, but had founded Western Block and grown it to be the LARGEST supplier in the world of block & tackle, etc., DISCOVERED and IDENTIFIED both calcium chloride and acetylene gas while an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill (but was cheated out of profiting from it), and the Kenans were the world's LARGEST supplier of naval stores due to the pitch, turpentine, and tar from their NC pine plantations BEFORE the Revolutionary War (actually begun by Gen. James Kenan leading the FIRST armed resistance to the Crown over the Stamp Act EIGHT YEARS before the silly Boston Tea Party!!! (google in blog for more info on any of this):

2. District Attorney Benjamin R. David's people said they could NOT talk to me about the false charges he is OVERDUE dropping -- and which is why I will SUE the State of North Carolina. I offered to FIRE my attorney Jennifer Harjo (only to talk directly with Ben), but have decided NOT to do that since JEN HARJO IS HAVING TOO MUCH FUN (as my attorney)!!!

3. I called City Councilperson, Stone Mountain, GA, Richard Mailman this morning and he said he WILL call me back or email me with a statement concerning my contention that he is the TOP protector of the NAZI/CIA/Republican narco-traffickers in and around Stone Mountain City and Park, GA. His cell phone is apparently AT&T, because he read back my correct phone number. HE might not know he has to dial +011-52-1- first to get me from the USA or Canada.

I PROMISED HIM that I would publish his statement on this blog UN-EDITED!!!

4. I also called City Councilperson Nan Nash -- a VERY fine lady -- and told her I see former Mayor Gary Peet (whom the City is hiring to replace the recently-gone City Manager) as NEUTRAL. I see the "Retread Mayoress" Patricia Wheeler the same way (she was mayor before and after the last one, Gary???).

Nan asked me whom I thought was on Police and corrupt, and I answered "Officer Nunn is the BIGGEST, but also Police Chief Chauncey "Fat-Boy" who is too FAT to be an officer, let alone a CHIEF!!!":

Chief Troutman

Police Chief Chauncey Troutman (actually SLIMMER than the last pics I found -- although he RARELY WORKS!!!)

Readers will PLEASE RECALL that it was BILL CLINTON who was the FIRST US President to "give" Stone Mountain City (population of about 3,000), AT LEAST two dozen UNMARKED CIA CARS AND OFFICERS TO WORK THEM -- at US Taxpayer EXPENSE -- to PROTECT the Stone Mountain Cali Cartel/CIA run LARGELY by Thomas Elliot Keith's Colombian lover, Arturo's family, who live in the Smoke Rise section of Stone Mountain.

Thomas Keith is the FORMER editor of all books Tennessee Williams published by NEW DIRECTIONS PRESS, remains Sewanee's (The University of the South's) TOP ENFORCER of getting many LIES about my former employer out -- and IN FACT added SEVERAL LIES about Mr. Williams in my memoir, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS for Alyson Books (who NEVER intended to publish it, which I can prove in a Court of Law), but I REMOVED those lies before publishing it here:

CLICK on image to see a several-chapter sample!!!

But Presidents Bush and Obama have MAINTAINED the CIA narco-traffickers' PROTECTION in Stone Mountain -- so they HAVE to be involved, no???

And President Clinton invited the ONE black mayor (the town has been 60+ % black for many, many years, but WHITE PEOPLE do tricks to SPLIT THE BLACK VOTE to keep WHITES IN POWER!!!), to his second inauguration because he owned and LIVED IN the house of James Venable, former Stone Mountain Mayor and WIZARD of the Ku Klux Klan MOST responsible for its BIRTH in the early Twentieth Century, see: .

In the end, President Clinton pulled a FAST ONE on Mayor Chuck Burris, tricking him into spending too much for the WHITE PEOPLE TO BEAR on that trip to be FEATURED at Clinton's second Inauguration, and he was TARRED AND FEATHERED by Whites in Stone Mountain with the CIA there by then as well. I KNEW Chuck Burris and his wife from the Atlanta Church of Religious Science, which they attended AFTER their fall!!!

Also, that article STATES that Burris BEAT incumbent Mayor Patricia Wheeler (presumably she represents THEN and again TODAY, the INTERESTS OF WHITE PEOPLE AND WHITE COCAINE AND METH-AMPHETAMINES -- Stone Mountain's BIGGEST INDUSTRY for YEARS now since I first STUPIDLY reported it to Newt Gingrich in 1990!!!: .

I REALIZE this is all CONFUSING -- but I'm sure it will all COME OUT IN GOD's WASH (already in progress), no???

5. I just tried to call Alicia Johnson (back, at 4:30 PM her time), in Gov. McCrory's Office in North Carolina, to discover that Alicia is OUT SICK AGAIN today. The Guv's office switchboard after listening to my story and the reason I need to speak to someone CLOSE to Mr. McCrory said THOSE lines were totally busy, so I countered that I would give HER my direct dial number for someone to call me within 24 hours.
She said "Just a minute . . . ", put me on hold, and when she came back said no, here's Alicia's voice-mail. THERE, I wished Alicia a speedy recovery and left an ICONIC SCOTT KENAN BLAST-THE-DEVIL message -- knowing FULL WELL the switchboard had SIDE-TRACKED ME deliberately on word from higher ups.
They DEFINITELY get all my emails and KNOW to check Alicia's voicemail IMMEDIATELY to see how things stand in MY OPINION. I will try again tomorrow (maybe like a MACHINE GUN), to call them MANY TIMES until I am satisfied I've reached and COMMUNICATED with a HIGH PERSON (NO drug reference, here)!!!
6. Because of TIME LIMITS I cannot expand on WHY I am emailing several Principals from the companies that my nephews Connor Michael Kenan and Maxwell Andrew Kenan work for. Suffice it to say, that my father NEVER reached his Corporate Potential at Sun Oil/SUNOCO -- nor did my brother Michael William Kenan.
Under Mom's NAZI-TERRORISM of us children, poor Mike (once known as "Mama's HAPPY BOY" because until age four, Mike was ALWAYS smiling, laughing, skipping, and jumping), fell under the influence of the DeAngelis Family whose LEGION OF SLOB-KIDS also attended Sts. Phillip & James Grade School, Exton, PA. THEIR Dad was a FAT, LAZY, HALF-DRUNK OFFICER in the SEPTA Union (SouthEast Pennsylvania Transit Authority -- this 1964 - 1968, approx. -- and the POSTER BOY for EVERYTHING Republicans say BAD ABOUT UNIONS!!!
Mike began his college career at William & Mary, but found it too "high-falutin'", and soon transferred to a "plebeian" state university (URI, I believe), so he could study ENOUGH accounting to get by -- but majored in likker-drinking and pot-smoking -- NOT UNLIKE George W. Bush, no???

I just want my nephews and niece Taylor Ann Kenan (now in freshman year at Penn State), to be able to LIVE UP TO THEIR POTENTIALS -- as well as find their KENAN PRIDE!!! They must ALL get over my mother's SWASTIKAS on DINNER PLATES, TERRORISM of us kids, and HATE, HATE, HATE . . .
As my mother has NOW, herself DONE. I'm SO PROUD OF MY MOTHER NOW!!!
I really know NOTHING about to whom they donate politically -- ALL OVER THE MAP, though, from seeing THIS image of theirs!!!

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