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SHOCKING!!!: Republican/NRA/"Christian" Response: Bill to Require ALL Marathon Runners to Carry AT LEAST Two Concealed IEDs!!!

Bev (a writer and TOTAL friend of mine), who later owned Kim and Jan (Meyer) Opperman's house on Birch Street in Santa Ana, CA, where Andrea Opperman was born and Jan's brother George (now schtupfing the writer Susan Grant), lived in the garage apartment, which Bev's ALSO-WRITER husband John had converted to his office, is IMMEDIATELY behind Marc LaFont's 1330 South Broadway house -- which Marc bought SPECIFICALLY to harass the OPPERMAN JEWS for my mother.
A couple of years after this picture was taken, Bev was MURDERED in a freak car accident (because she and I were so tight). Her husband John died absolutely heart-broken soon thereafter. That is Marc LaFont BEFORE he got all the plastic surgery done to his face the last few years. ONE of the top search-terms finding THIS BLOG is "marc lafont narco-trafficker".
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>>> ADDED at 12:09 PM, CDT: These end times being NOT TOO HUMOROUS at the moment, I have changed the title of this blog to "The Weather Up Here: A Remembrance".
Also, since BOTH my email addresses are SHUT DOWN to outgoing traffic ILLEGALLY for at least 12 hours, no one will get emails from me today.
AND, this is NOT the day for me to call Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina to see his TREASURY's FATE -- in fact, I'll NOT even call Dick Cheney today -- DICK, whom my mother BOSSED ALL AROUND as his chief liaison with the LAST THREE POPES-in-ROME.
Mom ADMITTED TO ME only a couple of months ago that THIS BLOG caused Pope Benedict/RATZINGER to resign -- and she as Cheney's Liaison as well.
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>>> ADDED AT 11:18 AM, CDT:
I JUST NOW received an email from a "fake address" that appears to be in India of Sunil (LONG LAST NAME), who was a mid-level Coca-Cola executive in Atlanta -- this picture taken of Sunil with Christal by me in 2008. He TOO knew Christal Presley's parents and described to me their GIANT Old Virginny Farmhouse that you couldn't move around in for all the antiques her parents bought from people DISPLACED by Virginia Republicans.
Christal admitted this to me, eventually --as well as that their barn and genu-wine log cabin were STUFFED with antiques as well. Sunil knew well TOO that Christal's father LOVED to joke around while drinking beer MODERATELY and telling all MANNER of stories from his honorable service in Vietnam.
Sunil CONFRONTED Christal about her working WITH the Atlanta Journal/Constitution for a BOGUS article claiming her Dad had PTSD, and she THREW HIM OUT, then soon got him thrown out of where he moved to. He, from one of the WEALTHIEST FAMILIES in India, returned there some months later -- and eventually blocked me on Facebook (where he and I had communicated about Christal's LIES), but Sunil's divorced wife was ALSO back -- a white woman in the USA who tried to tempt him with GOING BACK and RESUMING their travels to many places FIRST CLASS using the money that Sunil always claimed to ME came from her somehow defrauding banks -- as well as her "neverending supply" of stolen but working credit cards.
In fact, Sunil had LEFT HER for Christal because he was afraid THEY'D GET CAUGHT and the travels had also interfered with his Coca-Cola job at HQ. Sunil's last name was VERY long and began is if a study on the Hindu God Vishnu.
I confronted the AJC in 2010 (contacting about a dozen top editors), letting them KNOW Christal was a TOTAL FAKE, but got NOWHERE (this is ALL reported many places in this blog). After I was SHOCKED to last fall discover Christal was the LARGEST ONLINE STORY ON CNN ONLINE!!!
When I try to go to CNN's story on Christal's book, using CHROME my anti-virus claims it is virus-infected and will NOT allow me to go. Using Internet Explorer, I get THIS:
I ask you to remember that when AYE confronted Christal QUITE LATE one Sunday night by phone, within twenty minutes American Express (ironically the ONLY company Tennessee Williams ever made a TV ad for -- and the ONLY card he ever carried or USED), ROBO-CALLED me after 10:00 PM to let me know they had JUST reduced my AVAILABLE credit by $24,000.00 to $243.00. this, 2010, when I'd been using their card since 2000 and had NOT ONE BAD MARK on my credit since 1990.

Read more here: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2012/03/feelin-frisky-on-super-tuesday-mornin.html .

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This was actually AFTER Marc and I escaped DEATH at the Atlanta Olympic Games, where I was LITERALLY the closest person to where THAT bomb exploded -- although as I am wont to do, I intuitively suggested to Marc that we go to a gay bar, so we left a couple of minutes before it would have gone off next to my leg (like the night in spring 1974 when Mom tried to kill my sister Jane and I THE SAME NIGHT, Jane falling 25 feet and landing on her head which led to a five-day coma and I intuitively escaped the ketch I was sailing on off Manasquan, NJ being sliced in half by an ALL-DARK phantom freighter by sailing dangerously BROADSIDE to the waves during a HUGE STORM that had ripped out the mainsail and staysail. Either Chuck Pritchard (who had worked on that boat's engine earlier) or Hilary Russell -- both my LATER partners in www.whalestalecapemay.com MIGHT have planted the homing device on the boat that put us on the thwarted ASSASSINATION COURSE.
It was a few years later that Hilary's mother, Barbara Russell BRAGGED around Cape May that Hilary and I were TO GET MARRIED (after she and her husband, Kenneth "Seton" Russell of Sterling Drugs had met with MY parents.
But let's NOT get into THAT CAPE MAY WORM-CAN (Chuck Pritchard and Hilary Russell/Pritchard need to answer to GOD -- not me -- about what they did to me). Let's get to TODAY's BUSINESS, shall we???
>>> GOD's SHIT falls furthest in THIRTY YEARS (yesterday) :

As anyone possessing a Liberal Arts Degree (like I do from Denison University, 1973), KNOWS that the native Mexican word for "gold", translated, means "The Shit of the Gods", and that the Mexican people were SHOCKED that the Spanish Conquistadors were stealing ALL OF THEIRS that they could find. Trying to explain this to Mexicans, Cortez was pen-recorded to say, "Europeans have a disease of the heart that ONLY find comfort from gold. No amount of it is enough, though."

Of course TODAY, we call these people NAZI/Republican GREED-BOTS, and they are supported TOTALLY by (mostly) WHITE, Protestant Devil-Preachers.


1. It will take a week or so for Republicans to introduce the Bill in Congress (due to the current recess), but only a day or so to write it.

"Guns don't kill people, PEOPLE DO!!! = Terrorist and other bombs don't kill people, PEOPLE DO!!!"

2. Blog readers will KINDLY RECALL that although I soon-after-the-event realized from published maps and photos that I REALLY HAD BEEN CLOSEST to the Atlanta Olympic Bomb's detonation spot, watching the nearby stage for two hours or so with Marc, until I got tired of it and we left.

And it was ONLY in Wilmington, NC when I got to KNOW WELL Jersey's (Michael Keogh's) best friend of a couple of months, "Scully", who drove all around town in his old red Jeep Wagon, that Scully TOLD ME how he had in 1996 been "in charge" of the CIA's oversight of the Atlanta Olympics and watched much of it from atop the IBM building in Atlanta -- I do NOT claim this to be true as I wouldn't know, but Scully (whose mind had SERIOUSLY DETERIORATED like Jersey's), spoke intelligently and his stories of that ALL MADE LOGICAL SENSE.

Perhaps Scully HAD ACTUALLY been IN CHARGE of my assassination then -- he DID give me his treasured antique Masonic Lodge ashtray -- which was IN FACT lost somehow in my moving from Chacala, Nyarit to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (contrary to my prior report). In the end, Scully promised Jersey he would get appraised a huge antique book of lithographs that could be worth a "homeless-person's fortune", and drove away with the book NEVER TO BE SEEN IN WILMINGTON, NC AGAIN!!!

Net RESULT??? I was PROUD AS PUNCH that NONE of my previous SCRAPES WITH DANGER caused me to "FREAK OUT" emotionally when I saw the people who MISSED blowing me up at the Atlanta Olympics IN THE SAME WAY (but with ball-bearings and such instead of the nails in the Atlanta Bomb).

ALL I COULD THINK was I'm looking forward to the Republican NRA-inspired Bill that will SURELY be introduced in Congress as soon as YET ANOTHER Congressional Recess is over.



Since I write about EVERYONE ELSE's chest hairs, I figured I might as well disclose my OWN, no???
To read about how one of Tennessee Williams' friends (the one who introduced me to him) grasped her ample boobs and GASPED LOUDLY when she first saw me TAKE OFF MY SHIRT at "Texas" Kate Muldower's pool when Tennessee had uncharacteristically smoked pot, please see:
Really: CLICK it!!!


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