Tuesday, April 2, 2013

STAND-OFF in North Carolina (one day, only)!!!

Gov. Pat McCrory in one of HIS favorite pics shows by his MOUTH, how friendly he TRULY IS!!!

1. At 4:30 PM Raleigh, NC local time, I called Gov. McCrory's office, hoping to speak with Alicia, but she had "off" today for some reason -- GEE, I WONDER WHY??? (answer is in this blog, previously)

I was put through to someone else, but after timing 5 minutes, I ceased holding and called back and spoke with a young man (who being BRAVE ENOUGH to give me his full name, I will not mention it here). We spoke for five or so minutes, the Governor not being "available".

>>> BEFORE I FORGET: For many, many months, I have wanted to mention my GREAT THANKS to someone named Scott Deaver (whom I THINK graduated from Denison University near my year, 1973). Scott has been giving me many "honors" on LINKED-IN, and while I get similar things elsewhere, Scott's are most prominent to me. You see, he worked for BOTH Exxon-Mobil (controlled by the Kenan Charitable Trusts, like Chevron), as well as Dick Cheney's Halliburton -- though no longer for either.

So as I pointed out what I got from a MANAGER of Halliburton whom I met at a gas pump in Texas back in October of 2012, was that "everybody"at Halliburton KNOWS what MUCH US Press (even), reported at the time it was DISCOVERED when they got the first camera into that well that blew off Loosy-Anna, was that the PART THAT FAILED was the responsibility of HALLIBURTON!!! -- NOT BP!!!

I first read this in HuffPost (managed by Jimmy Soni, also on the Board of Directors of KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS at Jimmy's alma mater, Duke University), but it seemed TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE (in the VERY WORST way), so I googled ALL OVER at that time and found it in MANY news columns WORLD-WIDE!!!

Anyway, I DID explain the nature of my call and that I KNOW it's been a little short notice and Alicia is away. I've been busy too, but I came up with my ROCK BOTTOM offer: That the State of North Carolina needs to settle with me for $2,000,000.00 net after taxes -- the reason being that I promised Sister Isaac's of St. Mary's Catholic Church and Tileson Outreach (in Wilmington, NC), that I would give them HALF what I net from this matter.

Since the book(s) made of this blog will PROMOTE North Carolina -- especially Wilmington -- it has JUST occurred to me, that it could be in exchange for a PORTION OF NET ROYALTIES of my book -- and GOD KNOWS I like PROFITS, because as the Bible says:

"There is NOTHING more Patriotic than PAYING TAXES!!!"

(Especially when times are tight and so many of our brothers and sisters are suffering.)

This way the State would need to ADMIT NOTHING -- just CLEAR my record totally (New Hanover County Detention Center's database, online, has NO RECORD of my ever having spent the FIVE TIME I stayed there 2011 and 2012 -- at least that was TRUE in June of 2012, and the last time I checked, a couple of months ago, but I retain the paper records).


(I have all the paper record with judge's signature, intake, etc.)

2. So that's the deal and I need to hear something when I call and speak with ANYONE in the Governor's Office tomorrow (Wednesday, 3 April 2013), afternoon.


PS: The vote tomorrow in NC on continuing some environmental protections had BETTER go the way of continuing the protections, nes pas???

3. I explained all about a lot that I know about narco-trafficking in North Carolina, but ALSO let the gentleman know that I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to prove OR INDICATE that Gov. McCrory (or Thom Fetzer, for that matter), knows ANYTHING about Sen. Thom Goolsby's and D.A. Benjamin R. David's narco-trafficking in Port Wilmington (set up by my parents in 1980 - 2000, when they lived there before moving to Raleigh.

I hope this helps, but I don't mind spending the time and attention to SUE, if I have to.

Final thought: Why do SO MANY THOMASES in the Republican Party spell their names "Thom"??? All I know is that the Kenan Family had to ABANDON their beloved Republican Party on 9/11, because they found out Bush/Cheney planned it with the OPEC group, headed by the Saudi Royals and bin Laden Family -- and then Bush/Cheney, of course.

DEMOCRATS let American Oil companies drill RESPONSIBLY. Republicans DO NOT!!! During the George W. Bush years, 2000 - 2008, oil production in the United States fell EVERY SINGLE YEAR, while under President Obama, DOMESTIC OIL-DRILLING has RISEN EVERY YEAR!!! -- and THAT fact is EASILY verifiable!!!

Thom Goolsby can smile TOO!!!


>>> AFTER-BONUS!!! (added at 5:02 PM, CST) :

This sounds JUST LIKE the American Press says happens in Mexico (although it is lessening a lot now, as the Mexicans chase the American CIA narco-traffickers out with my help, partially). I suspect this will become ALL THE RAGE in the Unite...d States now -- given the Repubican Party's direct and indirect support of it.

I guess it's the MEXICANS down here where I live as a political exile from North Carolina, ONLY, who will get THE LAST LAUGH (but not happily)!!!

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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Scott Kenan said...

You remind me of the guy that killed all those kids in Newtown but crazier...

Scott Kenan said...

The only other Scott Kenan in the USA besides me is Scott C. Kenan of Cincinnati -- and as I've mentioned, he is only 6' 10" - and inch shorter than me. He owns the ONLINE ONLY Carolina Copperheads fantasy baseball team which he somehow makes a living from. He ALWAYS refuses to interact with me, and has BLOCKED my emails since right after I first emaield him.

Are you he???

As to your comment, I totally agree with you that I'm "crazy" -- I often describe myself that way, but it's a POOR descriptor since it has no legal or even generally AGREED UPON meaning, and is used as a positive as well as negative comment.

So if you could PLEASE, first, state clearly if you ARE Scott C. Kenan of Cincinnati, and then explain yourself further so we can ALL make some sense of your comparing me to a mass murderer.

I have never even OWNED a gun (although I've had lessons in rifle shooting). My only experience with EXPLOSIVES was with firecrackers when I was a kid. My knives (and I own some GOOD ONES), remain in the kitchen. While I've NEVER picked up a knife to threaten or even defend myself, two months ago, a RELEASED BY THE CIA former teenaged BODY DISMEMBERER from New York City who now lives in Puerto Vallarta PROTECTING NARCO-TRAFFICKING for Rahm Emanuel's and Barack Obama's CHICAGO DRUG MAFIA (although he's a native od Colombia and associated with the Cali Cartel THERE and the SonKings Drug Mafia on NYC, "Sonny" or Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto, actually DID beat me in my kitchen and picked up one of my kitchen knives which he held up next to my throat to threaten me to write GOOD things about the Republican Party/CIA narco-traffickers here in Mexico.

It failed to work.

So PLEASE come out of your HOLE of hiding behind my name, identify yourself, and elaborate on your comment so we can ALL make some sense of what you MEAN. Your typing was INADEQUATE!!!

Scott David Kenan (owner of this blog)