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The USA, TODAY (this is NOT a newspaper)!!!

This is PARTICULARLY TRUE of those who work for Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina.

1. This morning (after the initial two-hour MUCH IMPROVED CNN "coffee-klatch"), CNN's first "hard news" 9:00 AM program focused FIRST on the efforts of Republicans in NC to AUTHORIZE an OFFICIAL STATE RELIGION (a story HuffPost broke and I brought ONLY to the IGNORANT readers of this blog who DON'T watch (a KENAN FAMILY-associated news source).

As I have stated TIME AND TIME AGAIN in this blog, HuffPost (or organizations like Anonymous and WikiLeaks -- such and so forth), BREAKS all the important stories. Two years ago, it generally took three to five days for CNN to pick up stories initially reported in HuffPost. Now it takes less than a day.


See: , and PLEASE REMEMBER, it was AYE who broke the story STILL NOT IN MAINSTREAM PRESS about meeting the BUSH FAMILY's TOP ILLEGAL DRUG MONEY-LAUNDERER, MARTIN LAMB of Panama in a small and EXCELLENT sushi restaurant in Colima, Colima, Mexico where I had lived for approximately six weeks in 2010 before moving to Puerto Vallarta: .

In that posting, there is also info on how I helped the family of Natalie Wood RE-OPEN her murder case -- as well as talked to TOP people in the Los Angeles Investigator's Office, several times. As I've stated many times, NO RESOLUTION can be found in that matter until THE LAW and certain people acknowledge the FACT that her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken were having a TORRID HOMOSEXUAL AFFAIR, and that she in a HUGE PANIC told the well-noted writer Gavin Lambert while visiting her about a week before her murder that she KNEW that if they found out SHE knew, they would KILL HER.

This is the most important thing Gavin told Tennessee Williams and me in late December 1981, when Gavin visited Key West to help Tom with a writing project. The FUN-TO-ME thing that Gavin and Tennessee joked about a lot was how (and Gavin ADMITTED paying some of these guys for sex), that the Dallas Cowboys -- in the days before sports figures made much money, which began in the late 1960s -- were NOTORIOUS for being high-end gay "whores".

And as I've stated many times before ALSO, THIS is why the Republican Investors INVENTED the super-sexy Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (what horny young "straight guy" DIDN'T have a poster of their barely covered boobs on his Frat-House wall above a mammoth pyramid of empty Budweiser cans during the 1970s and maybe 80's??? .

2. I FORCED myself to watch CNN's new "THE POINT" program that follows Piers Morgan (my "king"), having watched half of it Monday night -- until I wanted to throw the TV out my window. It was ABSOLUTELY as annoying as it was Monday night, but last night I got a better perspective on it: THE POINT is a REALITY SHOW of five people nearly a generation younger than me -- and EVERY ONE OF THEM is off his or her rocker to varying degrees, and THAT because -- this is what I finally realized -- they PERFECTLY represent the wide range of befuddlement of WHITE AMERICA for EDUCATED people at the right age to and on the verge of coming into POSITIONS-OF-A-LIFETIME OF AUTHORITY -- and EVERYONE is white, the black-skinned guy being whitest, and VERY self-consciously so. So much so he seems a total automaton and everything he says sounds rehearsed.

3. Margaret Hoover, who has ZOOMED into prominence with CNN, is the perfect DEVIL BITCH for using her STELLAR beauty and nonchalantly tossed lies (is it ANY SURPRISE??? Her great-Granddad, President Hoover is credited by even REPUBLICAN economists as CAUSING or MAKING FAR WORSE the GREAT DEPRESSION, cardboard shanty-towns back then were all called "Hoovervilles". The former HuffPost woman is the ONLY one who MIGHT not come from the UPPER Middle Class or RICH. She's the most honest and least "emotional". And believe it or not, last night I was FIXATED adoring her fabulous figure and BREASTS!!!

She wore purple which made them less noticeable (as REAL people do, rather than half-expose their swollen milk glands -- except when trolling for sex, like Daliah Saper of Saper Law in Chicago, who put herself through Law School at Loyola as a prostitute!!!).

I have ALWAYS found the female form gorgeous -- just not SEXY-TO-ME.

The "Liberal Guys" at far right are plain GOOFY -- although make many great points.

I have decided that what CNN hoped to set up is a group who DEMOGRAPHICALLY (all white, educated, upwardly mobile), ATTRACTS the PRIMED FOR SUCCESS all-white (regardless skin color), audience they MIRROR so perfectly, and then see how in a CIVILIZED way they can talk their way into eventual MATURITY.

The BIGGEST problem is that they are sandwiched between people like Jake Tapper, Piers Morgan, and Anderson Cooper, ALL of whom are IN THE SAME DAY breaking stories these (mostly) SPOILED BRATS don't seem emotionally able to deal with for a year or two -- making MOST of THE POINT's five members look like THE ABSOLUTE CLOWNS most non-Americans KNOW WHITE PEOPLE (especially) in the USA are.

It is interesting that Ms. Hoover sits CENTER, a CLEAR concession to CNN's Republican-Lying TIME/Warner owners -- and the woman from HuffPost seems to be a LATE ADD-ON, as in research she is never named in early reports, although EVERYONE ELSE IS NAMED!!!

Political cartoon regarding the TRAITOROUS STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, immediately following the population's verification of the amendment BANNING same-sex marriage.

MOST interesting about this VOTE, was that polls of all persuasions showed the Amendment's likelihood of passage near equal within a couple of points. It passed by a VERY DECISIVE MARGIN, indications two things: 1. Liberals are a PIECE OF SHIT and too self-absorbed in their narcism of being SMARTER than Republican "Pig Types", so spent the evening sipping wine and oggling Art instead of bothering to vote -- ESPECIALLY in a spring vote of the PRIMARIES, which voting on the Amendment had been DELIBERATELY CHANGED TO by the Republican Party BECAUSE they knew this would be the EASIEST way to pass it -- rather than in the fall Presidential election, when it BY LAW or CUSTOM would normally have been voted on.

And then there was all the VAST DEVIL-CAMPAIGN by Traitors and Devils wearing "Christian lamb's wool/clergy garments", who spread FEAR through their God-Hating congregations -- scaring up their motivation to GET OUT AND VOTE, also helped by the Republican Rising "Red"-Tide (See what "psychic Jeane Dixon had to say about THAT on her deathbed, she LATER revealed in "Freedom of Information Act Disclosure to NEVER have been an actual psychic, but on Hoover's payroll as a PUBLIC RELATIONS employee -- used to TERRORIZE in PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS the Kennedy Family and OTHERS J. Edgar hoover had decided to TAKE OUT!!!! (google in blog as Google is NOW (only) "unavailable" when I search -- unless I search any other subject. HA!!!) in North Carolina and the greater importance of the Republicans voting in primaries a year ago.

Jeane Dixon, "predicting".

The BEST NEWS is that -- AS I REPORTED SOME TIME AGO -- CNN has PERFECTLY POSITIONED ITSELF to deeply cover the GREATEST CORRUPTION in the USA as it is EXPOSED and healed. I am TOTALLY for "My Atlanta Companies", which include CNN, Coca-Cola (also related to me by family), Home Depot, UPS, Bank of America (because it came to Kenan ownership PARTLY due to Frank Hawkins -- who "put the Phoenix in Atlanta" leaving so much BANKING, and Coca-Cola stock as well), and of course the little-known Kenan Advantage Group built from Frank Hawkins Kenan of Durham, NC's KENAN OIL, and his brother who lived in the Atlanta area Owen Kenan's KENAN TRANSPORT. HQ was moved to Ohio when they bought Advantage Group and became the LARGEST distributor of petroleum products in the USA to independents, including ALL Costcos in the USA. See more on them: CORRECTED!!!: .

So is THIS what North Carolina citizens want to CONTINUE TO BE???:

Time will tell.

5. As to my irreversible decision to WORK WITH GOV. MCCRORY to HEAL North Carolina, let me FIRST say that HuffPost had it RIGHT yesterday, and Gov. McCrory's assistant Alicia had it WRONG!!! See: .

But the FULL STORY is more complicated:

When I asked Alicia about Buddy Collins' appointment to the Board of Education, I did NOT then remember the name, and described him as "the guy who is so anti-gay and PRO-bullying" (a FAIR description since his record PROVES both these things -- and he's been SO IN THE NEWS that I don't see how ANYONE would not know of whom I was speaking). She DID immediately say he had been taken "off the governor's list", which reveals that Gov. McCrory had MORE assholes to pack North Carolina governing boards with.

Other things I learned in conversation with Alicia yesterday: 1. Alicia is "black", the knowledge of which prompted me to sincerely tell her I am THRILLED to see that at least SOME of the Republican Administration has SOME diversity!!! 2. Alicia said -- in answer to my query -- that she is partly knowledge/experience-appointed to her job, and partly politically appointed. I think this is PERFECT and REASONABLE -- and it is clear from talking to her that she is educated and smart. 3. I learned that the male I spoke to the PREVIOUS day (I'll name him now: Wayne Whited), is NOT anywhere near the Governor's "inner circle", so he had actually MISREPRESENTED himself to me. This PROVES that some evil force is manipulating communications in the North Carolina Governor's Office -- and Gov. McCrory MIGHT NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT!!!

I DID first tell Alicia that IF Buddy Collins actually DID make the Board of Education, that I DOUBLE my financial demand to $4,000,000.00 after taxes for the GROSS VIOLATIONS to my constitutional rights by Democrat D.A. Benjamin R. David and corrupted NC Judges Sandra Ray Criner (her husband a virtually self-confessed sex-offender, having molested a girl at Thalian Hall and all swept under the rug with help of the Wilmington Police Department -- see: ) and Jeffrey Noecker -- BOTH Republicans.

To be FAIR, I think Republican Judge Chad Hogston was FAIR and CARING in my jury-less trial on David Nash's Cyber-Stalking charges, but that Ben David (through his assistant D.A., Lindsey "Miss Coca Leaf" -- as Jennifer Harjo ENCOURAGED me to call her -- Roberson), and my then public defender Emily Zvejnieks (who performed either TOTALLY INCOMPETENTLY or in league with the D.A.), had PREVIOUSLY CONSPIRED.

It was Jennifer Harjo who (having no budget to protect me otherwise), suggested I self-commit to a mental health services for ADDICTS (which we all knew I've never been), to HIDE after I DEMANDED more protection the day I confronted Ben David's WHOLE STAFF at lunch in MIXTO restaurant, and within 24 hours, I had had FIVE MAJOR CONFRONTATIONS -- half of them involving my former roommate and ADMITTED (and proven by the notes she, Cindy Beatty, left behind in my apartment of having with Christopher Wright Rogers BEN DAVID SPY -- as well a Wilmington Police coming to nearly ALL these confrontations and WITHOUT EXCEPTION blaming each one on me and threatening me with ARREST -- as well as the FIRST incidence of one of Justin LaNassa's (failed Republican Mayoral candidate and Tattoo Parlor/Internet-hacking professional -- see: ), little SHE-BUDDIES I'd seen at his tattoo parlor publicly calling me a CHILD MOLESTER of her little boy while she road her bicycle in circles around me by the bus station on Second Street.

At the "dry-out tank", after a couple of days they HAD to send me elsewhere since I was obviously NOT one of "theirs", so I was transferred to the main hospital (New Hanover Regional), where I waited HOURS to self-commit to the Oaks mental Health part. THERE, while waiting, a doctor spoke with me for a few seconds and INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED ME, despite my waiting to SELF-COMMIT -- and had the GALL to send me a bill for THAT for between $800.00 and $2,500.00 (I simply forget, but it IS in blog), for DOING JUST THAT!!!

On eventual arrival there, Dr. Martin IMMEDIATELY undid the involuntary part, and I stayed for about a week and a half -- HIDING from Ben David's DRUG MAFIA GOONS!!!

Here's a fun old posting: .

6. ATTEMPTING a "bottom line" for this posting: As I have made CLEAR to all, I have consulted with some TOP US ATTORNEYS -- not meaning just that Jeffrey Toobin of CNN/THE NEWYORKER or former Los Angeles Police Commissioner Dean Hansell (my Denison University BED-MATE for a month, later cum -- I'm using the Latin here -- Trustee!!!), are corresponding emailers or phone conversationalists with me -- and Gloria Allred's office has been helpful as well, although I did NOT speak directly with Gloria myself).

They DO seem to agree that I could EASILY win AT LEAST $100,000,000.00 if I sue North Carolina Courts in FEDERAL COURT. I will do this if Gov. McCrory and I cannot GET GOING in a COOPERATIVE WAY -- TODAY!!!


Sister Mary Isaac Koenig interviews a man seeking help with rent payments Dec. 4 at Tileston SocialOutreach at St. Mary Catholic Church in Wilmington.
Sister Isaac and Father Bob are gettin' HALF of my net in this matter. BOTH know my parents from years ago -- and BOTH are the TOP HEARTS OF WILMINGTON, NC, if MY opinion means anything.


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