Sunday, April 28, 2013

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner really KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK last night, wouldn’t you say???

"Linda Eastman and Yoko Ono" is the TOP search term leading people to this blog in the last 24 hours. Yoko Ono being NOW TRIUMPHANT (partly with the help of this blog -- google my name in quotes followed by her name or ANY subject to learn more), I picture only her.
The SECOND HIGHEST search term is "Kate Fetzer".
Tom Fetzer (with Kate and Family), the former Mayor of Raleigh, NC who was LATER booted as Chairman of the Republican Party of North Carolina -- which I expect to soon SUE for every penny it has -- BECAUSE HE'S GAY (and several of my male friends have had sex with Tom Fetzer), later YET, married this woman whose rather attractive and MUSCULAR legs could NOT be kept closed so that she could BIRTH HIM these two babies so he could RESURRECT with the Republican Party.
GOOD NEWS!!!: It AIN'T a-workin', but Tom DID beat his cancer from all that in-and-out physical exercise helping  -- PRAISE JESUS!!!
>>> BREAKING at 2:51 CDT: STILL NO EMAIL or PHONE CALL from THE OXFORD AMERICAN, Joshua Clark, or Victor Campbell, former LOVER and ASSISTANT to Tennessee Williams (and my personal acquaintance)!!!
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TOP "Search Keywords" for week ending TODAY!!!

>>> And in the LAST 24 HOURS, Russian Individuals (or other Russians), hit this blog 37 more times than those in the USA -- giving them a SLIGHTLY higher percentage of TOTAL HITS!!!
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A. According to CNN, 95% of the reduction in World Poverty the last 40 years, has been IN CHINA. India has remained constant in overall numbers over that time, making STRONG STRIDES the last 20 years after DITCHING "socialist restrictions". Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa has INCREASED the most.

Conclusion(?): "Communist China" could teach us ALL something, no??? They even own ALL OUR DEBT (or most of it)!!!

B. My new iPad Mini comes with a NEW type of "Apple USB" connector, making all my connector cables OBSOLETE, yet it is NOT blue-colored, so presumably is NOT faster like the newest USB which is ALWAYS blue-coded on connectors.

C. This is the ONLY Apple product that did NOT come with earphones -- I guess Apple is trying to MAKE UP for all the profit it's been LOSING OUT ON ever since Investors began ABANDONING APPLE some months ago, causing the STOCK PLUNGE.

I thank the New Hanover County Library (downtown location in Wilmington), for the $1.00 earplugs I bought from them -- the only ones I now own.

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1.       Everyone who spoke seemed to get in some SERIOUS pointed barbs (and kindly humor as well). Ed Henry, who has never seemed remotely interesting either in his “higher” job asking President Obama stupid, distracting questions for FOX NEWS – or his earlier job reporting for their sister-network CNN, hosted admirably and without controversy that I caught – largely due to CNN’s coverage LEAVING his speech to show an hysterical video that the guests had already seen.

2.       The Prez SLAPPED John King’s face BIG TIME – for pandering to racists when he ONLY divulged that the Boston Bombing suspect was “brown”, and called Michelle Bachmann an actual BOOK-BURNER, more to the point than MY calling her a “Bachmann Pretzel-Twist of Logic”.

3.       Chris Christie was ribbed for being more a Democrat than Republican, and sat with either Arianna Huffington – or is married to her sister. Newt Gingrich sat with his third wife (the Cat-Licker), and they appeared to enjoy EVERY MINUTE of the festivities – something NO OTHER Republican caught by cameras was able to do. He was next to Piers Morgan and presumed wife – perfectly unsurprising due to Gingrich’s ability to ROLL WITH EVERY PUNCH and CONTINUE TO BE AMUSING, as well as CNN’s negotiating with him to be the “Right-Side” half of a Resurrection of their old show “Crossfire”, that if they get a SIMILAR type from the “Left”, could actually be HIGHLY ENTERTAINING (if silly).

4.       The SHOW STEALER was the long video produced by the Presidents’ people featuring the Yes-I’ve-Been-Police-Cited-for-having-sex-with-men-in-public-parks (semi-recently), Kevin Spacey, resurrecting HIS starring role in MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL in both personality and Southern accent.


>>> FUNNIEST: In Pre-Show reporting, BOTH CNN’s gorgeous “floor reporteresses” exclaimed EXCITEDLY that MOST people they interviewed MOST-hoped to meet KEVIN SPACEY!!!


Let me tell you it was a RARE TREAT (and CNN’s reporters stated this as well), to hear a LIBERAL speaking and acting SOUTHERN!!! But this leads us to the “Elephant in the Room”, that with ALL THE RECENT BROU-HA-HA over gay rights as Humans and regarding marriage, NOT ONE JOKE OR REFERENCE TO HOMOSEXUALITY WAS MADE – probably because even as many as HALF the “dates” or “legal spouses” (like FLOTUS Michelle – who looked especially naive and “cupie-doll-like”, rather than “mature-womanly”), were BEARDS (fake opposite-sex accomplices, meant to make a person appear “straight”), rather than TRUE MATES.


5.       OF COURSE much hay was made of Stephen Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis – and their movie LINCOLN, which CONTINUES the Hollywood LIE FEST to minimize the contributions of those known to be LARGELY “gay-active” – if married or serially straight-dating as well. This includes the movie THE AVIATOR, about Howard Hughes, who was almost MORE NOTORIOUS for his homosexual flings. NO intimation of Hughes’s HOT HOMO-LIFE, whatsoever in Martin Scorsese’s film starring Leonardo DiCapria, either.


During THE HOLOCAUST, something like 13 million Jews were exterminated – as well as about 3 – 4 million homosexuals. The next largest groups were FAR SMALLER, yet FEW ever mention the fate of Homos in THE HOLOCAUST.


I believe that AFTER THE SMOKE CLEARS, both Messrs. Spielberg and Scorsese will have to spend a few years in the Federal Pen for being MORE PERFECT DELIBERATE facilitators of LIES-BY-OMISSION to set Gay Folks up for MORE hatred against them – and eventual extermination at the hand of a REPUBLICAN administration that will NOT NOW come into being, due to the MATURING of American Citizens – PRAISE JESUS!!!

“HEIL HITLER”, y’all!!!


And MAXIMUM SHAME on Stephen Spielberg, who as a Jew, made the INCREDIBLY GOOD and MOVING movie SHINDLER’S LIST—one of the most INSPIRING films I’ve ever seen. But ALSO KNOW that Jews were FREQUENTLY in trouble with the “Old Testament God” for worshipping the GOLDEN CALF – just like Spielberg and DeCaprio did in these two films (to tell the truth would have been “economic suicide” in American/CHRISLAMIST Society),  by DELIBERATELY promoting POPULAR LIES about the nature of Lincoln and Hughes – lies that the BLACKMAILED HOMOSEXUAL Barack Obama MUST ALSO PROMOTE to keep HIS position, not only as President, but as Head of the Chicago Drug Mafia with Rahm Emanuel (whose cock-sucking skills MIGHT rival those of Nancy Reagan in her earlier days).


Nancy, eventually caused the PUPPET NATURE of her husband Ronald Reagan and the Cheney/Daddy Bush drug-and-arms-running operation headed by Ollie North to come to light in the Press.



As I’ve said MANY TIMES IN THIS BLOG, the LAST thing the GOD-HATING CHRISLAMISTS: “Christian-identifying” devils who preach with the goal of getting the IGNORANT – mostly WHITE people and Protestants – to not only GET STUPIDER and VOTE WRONG, but to ARM THEMSELVES TO THE HILT – making “WHITE Christian Churches” into ARMORIES for their PRAYED FOR “Race War”, like North Carolina State Senator Thom Goolsby (Republican, Wilmington, NC), did and BRAGS ABOUT the legislation he SUCCESSFULLY PUSHED to allow concealed weapons in CHURCHES!!!


BACK-TO-MY-TRACK: This using of Christian Churches to INCREASE THE PROFITS OF GUN MANUFACTURERS, is the MAIN REASON (coupled with FLAGRANT REPUBLICAN OTHER-PROPAGANDA preached from Protestant Pulpits ENDLESSLY for decades), is why ALL religions in America MUST LOSE their TAX EXEMPT STATUS (just like here in Mexico when DECADES AGO this happened after Catholic Clergy tried to DERAIL the Mexican Government) – and as my readers will recall, the HEADS of the “Mormon Church” have PROTESTED being on my email list many times, NEVER claiming to be a church, but TWICE claiming to be a “business”.


Fortunately, we have a GOOD POPE in Francis I, but under Law, “one size fits all”, and the Catholic Church’s DOMINANCE of the Supreme Court is the Republican-Party-proof of its intention to follow my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan’s direction to her former underling Dick Cheney to GO PAPIST (like Gingrich converted after his third serial marriage).




6.       Due to having no Internet(s) connection at home still, TelMex is now scheduled to repair it AND my land-line phone which has gone dead as well – TelMex OWNED by Carlos “Slim” Salim Helu, the richest man in the world, who is ALSO the biggest CIA-narco-trafficker in Mexico and until about a year and a half ago owned enough stock and debt to control of THE NEW YORK TIMES (and Wilmington Star News as well).


As readers and other news-hounds know, the Editorial Staff at NYTimes had gone into REVOLT, but Carlos Slim was BOUGHT OUT and the Times ALSO was kind enough to send an emissary to Wilmington, NC to find ME and let me know of this BEFORE THE CHECK HAD EVEN CLEARED since I have been emailing ALL blog posts to them for a few years now.




When I signed up for the Internet/phone service here, the TelMex rep who spoke perfect English acknowledged that Mr. Salim Helu IS IN FACT Mexico’s TOP CIA Drug Mafia, but claimed it would NOT harm my service. Little did he know how IMPORTANT my blogging has been. HA!!!


7.       A couple of days ago, after juggling some priorities, I found myself able to purchase an iPad Mini. I HOPE to set it up today in a café – and I will SOON be able to send MORE PICS of my now-clean and organized home with DEVELOPING GARDEN!!!


One of the many benefits of NOT having home Internet(s) has been to STOP BLOGGING TOO MUCH, as well as concentrate on preparations to begin revisions/updating of my memoir on Tennessee Williams and then to convert this blog into a short series of books. The other has been to redirect my HUGE ENERGY to gardening, and I even FOUND a WHOLE BUNCH of reasonable ($70.00 - $130.00 USD), attractive floor lamps at Liverpool, Mexico’s equivalent of Bloomingdale’s – where I LEAST EXPECTED to find good values.


BUT, I opted to SAVE MONEY (being a cheap-assed Kenan-Meyer), and converted my 2.5’ x 1’ Mexican ceramic barbecue to a PLANTER, first opting to buy a $17.00 USD ceramic Roman Pedestal to SUPPORT all that wet weight, rather than the metal ring on three legs that MIGHT collapse. I’ve bought two dowels and a $7.00 2.5’ tall paper shade that I’ll invert supported on the ring by dowels to MAKE A SUPER-COOL floor lamp with dimmer for my bedroom. I’ve REPAIRED the bent other floor lamp perfectly, so NO LONGER need to buy one!!!


And I last night got the idea to plant my tomato plants (grown from seed), in five gallon, punctured, old paint buckets – two of which came with my house – instead of buying a giant galvanized wash-tub.


CLEVER, no???

8.       I’ve also gotten all new and some old plants planted or re-planted in pots – as well as POWER-BLAST the back garden’s concrete floor with water – discovering that it’s BLACK APPEARANCE in some areas was only MOLD (or similar). It all came OFF in flakes!!!

9.       I have been STYMIED in my project to coat with water-proofing my giant umbrella (in anticipation of the rainy season which begins in a few weeks), by Home Depot employees explaining that THEY do NOT sell water-proofing in Mexico – for SOME inexplicable reason. They sent me to a fabric store that laughed at me and sent me to a Mexican paint store that had no one who could understand my pig-Spanish or Charades moves to ask for it. Monday, I’ll try that again – elsewhere.

10.   I DO HOPE my siblings had an EXCELLENT camping trip in Virginia – and that they did some SERIOUS SOUL-SEARCHING as well. That, whether they came to agree with me or not on ANYTHING.

11.   My landlord’s relatives have begun BLASTING music SO LOUDLY that I can no longer think as I write from the table in my garden. The GOOD NEWS??? They are playing FIRST the iconic recording of “We (Mexican-Types), Are the World”.







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