Friday, April 5, 2013

Two Emails of ATONEMENT (to Chicago Drug Mafia and Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina)!!!

Daliah Saper AS SEEN ON TV!!!


Hi there, Miss Doll-Faced Daliah!!!
Good news: Overnight I was inspired to a new understanding. YOU are the individual who somehow HOODWINKED Judge John P. Kirby into believing your firm had actually legally served me in this charge of Libel, and I would bet that you also filed the amendment yourself. Mr. "Randy Briefs" never did anything but grunt work for you and I have to say I actually like him a lot.
I ALSO have ALWAYS liked "Jaime Southheimer" -- not only for his "bulge", but he is smart, fun, and (under "normal" circumstances), quite affable. If he actually DID do a lot of narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo Bank or Advisors as he claimed (some people brag about things they've NEVER done), he was simply being a Capitalist, no???, and SOMEONE had to supply the United States with illegal drugs so people could stand to LIVE THERE -- what with Fox News, the Republican Party, and blackmailed Democrat Fags turning Our Beloved Country into such a drug-addicted, shoot EVERYONE YOU CAN DEAD hell-hole.
As I stated since the very beginning and MANY times since, I will cooperate with a LEGALLY served suit -- but NOT this one that did not reach me until after the window of legal service had closed. For YOUR OWN REASONS, you have attempted (if your clerk's email can be believed), to serve me the amended suit via FLYING snails-mails -- in the hope that if IT is legally served, you will be back on legal ground.
But regardless my view on it, my neighbors have informed me that they will be burning a lot of "herb" (which can grow wild here), and have NO WAY to shelter my abode from the smoke -- and this could go on for a few weeks, even!!! OBVIOUSLY, I will NOT be able to drive or even WALK to MBE to pick up mail until this "burning season" is over. You will need to please have the service done directly to my house, which can be handled by many a common carrier such as UPS, FedEx, or Mexican equivalent.
And I should ALSO say that if you CONTINUE to advance this thing that is ILLEGAL in its nature, I WILL sue YOU (but not your employees or the reputed claimant, Mr. Southheimer), for AT LEAST ENOUGH NET to BUY Mr. Southheimer's house which is said to NOW feel to him like an ALBATROSS AROUND HIS NECK -- doing HIM a favor as well.
I have spoken with some of the cultural leaders in Puerto Vallarta, and we WILL go ahead (after I clear up a few more political things), and plan and execute a MOST EXCELLENT Tennessee Williams/John Huston/Night of the Iguana festival -- probably recurring annually -- and Jaime's house which overlooks Mismaloya Beach and the movie set ruins, WOULD be the perfect place for me to run a "retreat house".
Nes pas???
Scott David Kenan
* * *
>>> EMAIL TO GOVERNOR MCCRORY (and his wife, Ann) :

Dear Gov. McCrory:
FIRST, I must apologize for my VICIOUS ATTACK on your wife Ann, recently in my blog. I had NO RIGHT to attack her for things even YOU might not have done -- although the North Carolina Republican Party (that former Chairman Tom Fetzer once BEGGED me to help reform -- I liked and LIKE him a lot for that, because FUNDAMENTALLY I TOO am a Republican -- at least in the sense of believing in SELF-RELIANCE and taking responsibility for one's thoughts, words, and actions.
It IS, however, important to "have heart" as well, so I have had to vote exclusively for Democrats nearly all my life -- but Democrats can be BIG LIARS TOO, like President Obama who thinks he can keep people in the United States believing he is more straight than gay. People in nearly EVERY OTHER COUNTRY have read all the press reports of his Chicago Gay Bath House towel-droppings whilest he was a US Senator from Illinois -- as well as use of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's EXCLUSIVE call-boy service for married black professionals with children, only.
That said, MANY Republican elected officials are secretly living "gay lives on the lambs", whether being caught in public parks, mens rooms, or the YMCA on Hillsborough Street across from North Carolina Republican Party HQ in Raleigh, so CANNOT point the finger at the President!!!
YOU, however, have shown NO SIGNS WHATSOEVER of being involved in any of this mischief, so GOOD FOR YOU!!! And last night before going to bed, I knew I would need to CORRRECT MY UGLY ERROR. This morning, I changed my blog to read as so:

1. I can't find ANYTHING on the Internet(s) indicating you EVER have any fun at all, and just LOOK at the EVIDENCE of how you POSSIBLY DO NOT GIVE ENOUGH ATTENTION TO YOUR WIFE!!!:

Ann McCrory looks like she might/could be suffering from some sort of "IRREGULARITY" (I trust not of the "marital satisfaction" kind -- in this only-once, chance-caught photo, she appears to be the most "Anonymous" (group)-masked  looking woman -- to be fair, I should say "wife of a politician of EITHER Party" --I've ever SEEN, and let me re-MIND you that I was once invited into Republican NC State Senator Thom Googlsby's (fun typo, no???) HOUSE by HIS wife for a little discussion. THAT gal has some shreds of DIGNITY that Thom has not YET been able to ERASE (despite all Thom's FAGGOTY PHILANDERING all over Wilmington and Raleigh, EN - CEE!!!).
I hope this helps you understand that I am FOR PROGRESS in North Carolina and AGAINST NOBODY. Additionally, I think that since it is already Friday (nearby "under-brush-burning" has confused me a tad, temorarily -- I really thought it was Thursday today), that we continue after the weekend -- which I'm SURE we can all use for A NICE REST.
I would also like to re-iterate that due to Buddy Collins being approved on the Education Board (or similar), my demand for compensation of the violations of my Civil Rights by North Carolina "entities" will remain at $4,000,000.00 after taxes at a MINIMUM, but subject to INCREASE ONLY, if any NEW outrages occur in the North Carolina Legislature -- or by YOUR authority as Governor.
I was very pleased to see that North Carolina has DROPPED the Republican Plan to establish a State Religion. We have TURNED THE CORNER and are now going in the RIGHT DIRECTION, no???
I wish you, Ann, Alicia, and (it was actually Spencer Royle with whom I spoke a few days ago, NOT "Wayne Whited" -- actually the boss of "Jaime Southheimer" of Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago -- so maybe Spencer Royle really IS working close with you), Spencer, and ALL the other employees in your Office a GREAT and RELAXING WEEKEND!!!
Scott David Kenan (who is sometimes TOO TALL FOR HIS OWN BRITCHES!!!)


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