Monday, April 8, 2013

Whilest PAUSING (I tend to get a little "aheader", and sometimes must wait) . . .

ALL of North Carolina is "Picture-Perfect", no??? (Or we can correct what needs correcting.)

>>> I CANNOT (under current circumstances) CALL GOV. PAT MCCRORY TODAY :

1. I'm sometimes a "handful", as they say, and it takes alittle time for people to understand that I am for EVERYONE.

2. So before trying to call the Governor, I think he might/could use another day to consider the DEPTH of my message (which is MOST LIKELY to happen while he sleeps tonight).

>>> WE INTERRUPT THIS MESSAGE to report the TWO text messages that JUST THIS MINUTE hit my phone. From the very "TASTY-SPIGOTTED" Martin "Marco" Jacobo, as seen here with his partner in crime, CIA-"Sonny" as seen here: . and pictured here, with Martin on the left:


#1. "U fucking asshole! Hope the cia get u and u burn on hell creazy pen"

#2. "delo hijo d puta have a nice day and R. I. P." (translation from Spanish by Google Translator: "d child model fucking", which probably means "CHILD-MOLESTOR!!!" )

I have wondered what has been up in Puerto Vallarta the last couple of weeks. The town has been CRAWLING with LAW OFFICIALS, most under cover.

THREE TIMES in the last week I discovered marked, low-end city Police cars parked with two officers inside right in front of Scott-the-Narco-trafficker's apartment, 2/3 the way down my hill (and around a few corners). One time (April 2), I pulled into the dead end where this is located by the trash receptacles I use, and the cops were there then. I assumed Scott returned to the states because he had to be OUT by the end of March -- and claimed to be BROKE.

The WEIRD thing was that that day, I FORGOT to notice if it was actually SCOTT's CAR (weathered med-blue, four-door Nissan -- or similar -- sedan), I saw in the gated drive. What I DID see was a similar car of similar age (15???), Oregon plates. I don't remember Scott's state, but I might have reported it before -- and I THINK it was Texas, in fact I'm pretty sure of that.

I also have NOT reported before that I met Scott's Mexican land-lady and SHE was TOTALLY STONED!!!

Well, just for the FUN OF IT, I've texted back Martin/Marco: "Wanna stop over for a BJ first? Scott"  Google Translator: ¿Quieres chupar mi pinga por primera vez?

We'll see what happens next . . .


I actually OWNED one of these things when I lived in Chacala, Nyarit. Now I prefer my juice STRAIGHT from Martin "Marco" Jacobo's AMPLE SPIGOT!!!
* * *


Anyhoo . . . I'll call Gov. McCrory tomorrow afternoon -- and tomorrow DOES COME (just not necessarily when you EXPECT IT!!!).



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