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WHITE NAZIs at a Meyer Family Festival, 2009!!!

The Meyer Family Reunion and Nazi Fest, summer 2009 (click to see fully).

KEY (a few had to be photo-shopped in by Greg Lernihan who with timer took this photo -- and who also FOUNDED Convergint Inc -- and electronic SPYING COMPANY). See: .

Front row: Janet "Jan" (Meyer) Opperman, now Larsen, Kristen's son, my Aunt Jean Meyer, (widow of Marcellus Bernard Meyer, a lawyer and retired FBI officer who practiced in Michigan City, IN, and who COMPLAINED in the 1970s (corrected: mid-to-late 1960's) of HARASSMENT LAWSUITS AGAINST HIM having to do with his FBI service), Patricia (Hahn) Meyer (widow of Robert J. Meyer, DDS -- admitted to me homosexual who Mom had gotten the position of Official Dentist to Notre Dame's Football Team which was COACHED by my mother's PREVIOUS duplicate bridge partner, Lou Holtz, Mom ALSO having gotten Lou THAT job as pay-off for NAZI SERVICES in the late 1960s -- and I POSSESS Mom's hand-written note that 1.5 Lithium Level produces CHEMICALLY-INDUCED Diabetes, which Uncle Bob SLOWLY and PAINFULLY died of after REVEALING TO ALL at an earlier Meyer Family Reunion (actually, that was Karen Meyer's RE-MARRIAGE to HER husband (NOT a Catholic wedding -- Karen is in black blouse directly in front of me -- tallest, Connor Kenan being second tallest and his brother Max is between us), that my mother did NOT attend Jan Meyer's marriage to the Jew Kim Opperman BECAUSE HE WAS JEWISH!!!), Kristin's daughter, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, William Scott Kenan, Michael William Kenan.

>>> ADDED at 4:52 CDT: Interesting ALSO is that when I TWICE moved Jan (Meyer) Opperman (before also Larsen), in the Atlanta area where she lived for at least two years -- 2007 and 08, approx. -- Karen and her husband BORROWED mega-thousands of dollars from Jan who previously had lived in South Florida. THEY REFUSED TO PAY JAN BACK when their neighbor won a HUGE LOTTO-type multi-million jackpot (arranged by my Mom???), and GAVE KAREN AND PAUL MORE than to pay their OTHER copious debts PLUS pay Jan off.

This is ONE INSTANCE of the NAZI-MEYERS screwing Jan because she had married a JEW. Another screw job Jan had was that she had this so-called boy-friend who had MOVED HIS WHOLE DRUG-ADDICTED, illicit-baby-producing FAMILY into Jan's house. He'd come up from Florida where Jan had dated him some time before. The first time I moved Jan under IMPOSSIBLE CIRCUMSTANCES because Jan was ALWAYS in TERMINAL EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN.

The large two-story, four bedroom house Jan had been renting was COMPLETELY TRASHED -- fist-punches through wallboard, pee, beer, and other stains in all the filthy carpeting. I've never before or since seen such a nice house trashed so bad.

And Jan hugged that asshole (who never helped at all -- nor his adult-aged daughter who was present that day (although she WAS suckling with her piglette a lot of the time), and kissed him passionately, APOLOGIZED for the move, crying.

I'm SO GLAD that Ian Opperman (her son, who once time in a LIVE Facebook exchange admitted to me that he TOTALLY HATED JEWS -- then added " . . . but I AM one." I sat at my end, crying, but typed back to be easy on himself.

Ian had HAD to grow up early after his Dad VERY REASONABLY left, and Jan went "a bit nuts" (not unlike me, previously). But Ian DID come help Jan pack and move to Chicago, towing a car with a flat tire. Ian was an absolute INSPIRATION to ME, who RARELY gets discouraged.

I see Ian has left Lake Tahoe, CA, where he lived for many years since graduation college, and moved to Puerto Rico -- where I believe his Dad, Kim Opperman lives. I was very happy to see that WHATEVER the case, Ian needed to leave his past behind.

I'm similar.


* * *

Greg Lernihan is far RIGHT (corrected from emailed copies), in black shirt. Noted "EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL ROMANCE" dimestore novelist -- and for MANY YEARS an employee of the US Air Force Academy's CHRISLAMIFICATION, after she was an early female grad there (and I placed a number of ads in her yearbook, working for !!!), Susan Grant ( ), stands far left in black. She and Jan were NOT PRESENT due to Susan taking Jan to the emergency room after a skiing accident.

Kristen (Meyer) Harris in black stands in front of her husband Greg (I think) Harris. Kristen and her siblings often JOKED about her NOT being Uncle Bob's daughter -- they OFTEN running into Kristen's ACTUAL DAD in shopping malls in South Bend, IN while growing up.

INTERESTING that the two most EFFECTIVE workers for the NAZI/Republican Party actually FLANK this photo -- by Greg Lernihan's PLANNING!!! Greg is the one on right and the other (photo-shopped in as people had to catch planes and could NOT wait for Jan to be returned from hospital to take the photo of ALL, otherwise), and the other, of course, being authoress and George-Meyer-lay, Susan Grant.

That's enough for NOW.

* * * 

>>> AN EMAIL, SENT: Jane: let's FINALLY discuss things as ADULTS, OK???

Scott Kenan
9:37 AM (2 minutes ago)
To: Jane, julie, kenan5, jmopperman, outobeopp, Andrea, Lakehouse5, kenanm, Connor, Connor, Judith, Wendy, janiceludwig43, Lena, Fr. Bob, scoop, editorial, Jeffrey, Team Kenan, KIE, alumni,
Hi Jane,

I spent several hours yesterday detail-cleaning my office/bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and second bedroom/storage/cat necessaries room. I have always found that cleaning/organizing my physical world ALWAYS in an unconscious way orders my mind as well. I have no idea how this works -- but it does. Those so into drugs, "wild child(ren)" raising, politics, etc., would do well to do this more often -- my OWN lesson after-the-fact.

And ONLY in the middle of that last sentence have I realized that of ALL the people I know, YOU are the one who NEVER does this. You have more STUFF piled higher and deeper in your office, so many clothes and accessories that you have filled your admittedly small bedroom closet -- but a free-standing wardrobe and several chests as well -- ALL so packed they are ALWAYS musty even though you leave the doors open since everything is so overstuffed you can't close them.

And you have more packed away in attic boxes.

Your kitchen OVERFLOWS with goodies from Costco and other places. One is lucky to find a place for even ONE person to place a plate of food on either your kitchen or dining room table. To cook something, one must CLEAR space on a counter -- and often even the STOVE TOP. Your den has so much stuff in it that it's difficult not to feel claustrophobic.

It's no wonder you have difficulty understanding me if your mind is so cluttered as well.

You faithfully printed off a stack about 1 - 1.5" thick of my blog posts/emails that you gave SSI to support the fact that I'm TOO MENTALLY ILL to be responsible for myself, and while that was probably actually HELPFUL (since they are part of the system of keeping Americans in the "Nazi mental gulag", they would either believe you LITERALLY, or see that I CLEARLY would have too much Political opposition to keep a job without people allied with Mom's kind of ideas lying and harassing me until I quit (like what I had to do with my tree-service job at Arbor Advantage and Rusty Hooks, Jr. in Wilmington, who BEAUTIFULLY prayed before EACH TREE we took out -- thanking God for its service as a tree, for the SAFETY of all of us and the surrounding property which was nearly ALWAYS in serious danger of damage if we erred -- and the trees usually so huge.

But Rusty ALSO liked to sensually massage my neck and shoulders as he drove his truck shirtlessly -- the trucks so big and wide that the normally-heighted Rusty had to LEAN TOWARD ME as he did this -- simultaneously spraying male pheromones from his HOT orange-haired pits. He OFTEN drove and worked shirtlessly.

And then Patrick Stansbury FIRED ME, claimed I had lost all my FAMILY and friends (how would he feel confident enough to claim this LIE about my friends -- although it WAS TRUE, then, about my family), suggested that SUICIDE was my only option, and then he contacted Allen Rosen directly (or indirectly through Christal Presley), and they got YOU -- who ADMIT you had had NO direct contact with me for about 10 days (and Allen hadn't been in touch or at my house in five days), to get Allen to tell YOU I was "verging on suicide", so YOU called Stone Mountain Police (admitted by both you and EVENTUALLY the Police), so that the BIGGEST Protector of the Stone Mountain Drug Mafia, Officer Nunn, was WELL AHEAD of the second "real" police officer who showed up -- and he TRIED to intimidate and scare me into ACTING committable -- until the witnessing real officer showed up, and we ALL had a big LAUGH over it!!!

One of the attempts by "Republicans" to commit me, later that month, had been due to a call from JULIE (this told me by Stone Mountain Police who did NOT include Officer Nunn). I had basically NO CONTACT with Julie during that time AT ALL, except the emails of blog posts, and THOSE Police Officers caught me walking on Second Street behind where the new Police station is on the corner with the parking for the walk-in trail to the Park. They just rolled the window down and talked with me a minute, having the attitude that they KNEW it was PURE HARASSMENT which they did NOT want to be part of, but had to speak with me regardless. After about 15 seconds, they drove off smiling -- after saying the call had come from Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy of Bad-Fart, Pennsylvania.

You have REFUSED on ALL OCCASIONS to discuss YOUR responsibilities in supporting the people who sought to destroy me -- then led by Mom -- who is NOW a big SUPPORTER of me and my ideas.

If you CANNOT or WILL NOT explain yourself (your actions and words, which FED INTO the massive bunch of what I call "God-Haters" seeking to commit or jail or kill me (plenty of evidence of ALL those things), to say NOTHING of Christal Presley who DUPED you into paying double for that "stone globe" -- yet you have NEVER criticized Christal, who was HUGE with her buddy Sean Hannity of Fox News's people in SCREWING ME ROYAL.

I lost virtually EVERYTHING!!! And YOU were one of the BIGGEST HELPS to my adversaries. NOW, to bring any of this up is to "abuse the family", and you REFUSE to partake in any discussion of it. THIS is why I am MORE concerned about YOUR mental health than that of Mom, Dad, Mike, or Julie.

Of COURSE Mike was angry as HELL with me because I had blogged about the time his son Connor demonstrated in front of his second grade class with a buddy HOW (with COMPLETE actions -- except ejaculation due to age), to suck cock. The teacher arrived back in class and was so flustered she locked Connor in a janitor's closet for a short time until she regained her senses. A meeting of teacher and Mike and Gail made clear that ALL realized this was just normal that-age sex exploration and WE ALL JOKED about it for a couple of years until Connor was at the age where guys (especially), get SUPER EMBARRASSED about ANYTHING, too easily.

But in the summer of 2010, Connor was very SERIOUSLY dating a young woman from Bebe Rebozo's domain: Key Biscayne, whose parents were EXTREMELY wealthy (Mike mentioned their big yachts and yacht club more than once). Mike and Gail had MET her parents -- but then SOMEHOW this minor incident had gotten SO OVERBLOWN in the minds of CHRISLAMIC REPUBLICANS that the relationship had to be CALLED OFF and Mike BLAMED ME!!!

Mike thought that not just Connor, but HIS ENTIRE FAMILY, were going to be on "Easy Street" if the marriage had actually gone through.

WHO planned that marriage???

Connor actually READS my messages that I send him via Facebook now, and when I visited them last in late 2009, Connor (and Max as well), treated me like I was some kind of KING, insisting on carrying my bags, opening my car door, etc., when Connor (I guess he was actually alone then), picked me up a few miles from their home.

I forgot to mention that a few days ago, I texted Julie's phone, "I love you, Julie." and about 18 hours later, she texted me back "I love you too." Julie has NEVER explained what happened to her rosary that she got in Medjugorje when she accompanied Mom and Dad there on one of their THREE visits there. Julie CLAIMED that the metal chain-parts had "turned to gold" after Pope John Paul II BLESSED IT when she, Mom, and Dad had an audience with the Pope -- this one possibly not totally private.

"Rosary Miracles" were VERY "common" at the now CATHOLIC-CHURCH-DISAVOWED Medjugorje in Bosnia. MUCH of my immediate family were TOTALLY into this place, Mom and Dad VISITING IT three times, TWICE having audiences with Pope John Paul II on their way from there back to the United States in the 1980s.

If this MIRACLE IS TRUE, then this MUST be the most valued possession of Julie, a PROFOUND and practicing Catholic -- but when I have ASKED her about that rosary several times over the last four years, she has ALWAYS changed the subject and NEVER said a thing about it. As you probably know, the Catholic Church investigated the miracles and apparitions at Medjugoje and declared them to be "either A HOAX or DEMONIC".

Please see: , (this one by a Cardinal who now sits on Pope Pancho's "SIX TOP ADVISORS", I believe), and , as well as .

>>> ADDED 11:43 PM, CDT: Mom obtained TWO annulments for immediate family members: Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat (that one after Aunt Pat had born FOUR children -- including THREE of Uncle Bob's, and HE was a GOOD SPORT about it, NEVER treating Kristen as if she were not his -- and he KNEW she wasn't!!! Years later, Uncle Bob & Aunt Pat tried to get RE-MARRIED in the Catholic Church and they could NOT find a Catholic Priest to do it. HA!!!), and then when Julie wanted to marry Joel Duffy, Mom got HIM an annulment -- he more believably, he having only ONE child.

BOTH these annulments took the normal few years, but DON'T BE STUPID!!! NEITHER would have "passed muster" had Mom not PERSONALLY WORKED FOR THE POPE!!! Joel's by John Paul II, Bob and Pat's by same or Paul VI.


Mom and Dad went there THREE times in total, and I maintain this had to do with NAZI BUSINESS that even INCLUDED Stone Mountain, GA. You see, when Gary Peet was running for re-election for Mayor of Stone Mountain and campaigning door-to-door, I complained about the HOT (I didn't mention this part) shaved-pit, white, usually shirtless guy and his wife who lived in the one-story house on Second Street then closest to the (then) rail tracks into Stone Mountain Park, who had a HUGE tacky flea market on his porch (against City Codes), every weekend.

Gary Peet stopped it and the guy sold out to the FIRST Bosnian family who eventually moved FIVE families descended from the "Patriarch" who bought the house next door to me, into houses on my block -- ALL seriously OVER-CROWDED with people and cats they REFUSED to get spayed so we had cats EVERYWHERE soon enough. Additionally, these houses were BRISTLING with satellite dishes (usually at least three or four to a roof), and the young guy with wife and two kids next door was taking English lessons from me and making CLEAR we could have sex -- until he realized I was TOO OUT and he immediately cancelled the lessons and had nothing to do with me.

Also, you might recall that although ALL THESE BOSNIANS pretended to be Evangelicals -- even sending ALL THEIR KIDS to Bible vacation school -- they GOOFED one day when when the sexy Dad and his kids were in my office and I accomplished something for them online (innocent), that caused the Dad to exclaim "God be PRAISED" and the kids ALL relied ALLAH IS GREATEST and MUHAMMAD is His PROPHET!!!"

I guess these people were TRUE Islamic Terrorists (the adults), and TOTALLY TIED to the local Republican NARCO-TRAFFICKERS, so I NOW realize I HAVE known actual Islamic Terrorists living in the USA.

And I became such a THORN IN THE SIDE of Stone Mountain Drug Traffickers (including those in City Hall who either were part of it or protected it), that the Bosnians slowly all (nearly all, actually -- I think one family, even now, remains on Third Street, next to the lot that is actually part of a street -- Venable Street -- the Kenan and Venable Families were once allies!!!), moved out to FAR GWINNETT COUNTY, and as they REMOVED their electronic SPY EQUIPMENT, both Bell South and Comcast Cable came to remove MORE equipment using phone and TV Cable lines -- and MY service IMMEDIATELY and SERIOUSLY IMPROVED!!!

One Comcast lineman even ADMITTED TO ME that he had never SEEN so much "wiring non-sense" as had our ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD tapped by the Bosnians (not that HE knew what it was all about).

When visiting me, Mom and Dad had MANY private meeting with these Bosnians, who were FROM Medjugorje.

Jane, you are simply going to HAVE to explain YOUR past actions in support of our SWASTIKA-PHILLIC mother, who is NOW in MY camp, her "Nazi Psychosis" now being "in remission" -- NOT that I'm qualified to diagnose. If you CANNOT find a way to talk on phone or email me with YOUR interpretation of EVENTS and FACTS that fits together LOGICALLY and respects that while I WAS under a lot of stress (as well as still "hyper-naive"about mom and Dad;s REAL activities , then so acting "oddly"), I NEVER IN MY LIFE threatened either myself or anyone else with physical harm -- so have NEVER been "legally committable".

I will email this or Facebook message this to ALL the descendants of BOTH sets of our grandparents I have the ability to send to now. I will BLOG IT and BROADCAST IT. I look forward to your thoughtful reply.

Later today, I will call Gov. Pat McCrory and see how THAT goes, although the last time I spoke with Alicia Johnson, she accidentally gave away that she is just a "constituents' service flunky", and had NEVER passed anything I said to her to the Governor -- in fact she said she MIGHT have to go one step UP THE LINE of communications in the Governor's Office, which means that there are AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE between her and Gov. McCrory. That said, I have emailed ALL to the Gov. DIRECTLY -- as well as MANY in the Republican Party in NC (and others as well).

As I've said REPEATEDLY, my actions are END TIMES activities that I feel "God"-sent to COMPLETE. I want NO MONEY from you or family, really, but HEALING of our Country from DEVILS masking as what I call CHRISLAMISTS -- most being WHITE, Protestant (there are TONS of fine Protestants -- including Evangelicals), and Republicans (plenty of GOOD Republicans, too -- by intentions, "THE ROAD TO HELL" is literally PAVED with these assholes!!!)

I also expect to become FAR MORE AGGRESSIVE in confronting the EVIL REPUBLICANS (and others), in Georgia, soon.


My sister-in-law, Gail (Godley) Kenan, who has often expressed WONDER that she married into such a bunch as these (and often with my brother Mike expressed EMBARRASSMENT that their sons Connor and Max absolutely REFUSED to go to their Kenan grandparents when they were young), ironically carries the ACTUAL KENAN ROYAL GENES as she is descended from the North Carolina Johnston(e)s via her mother.



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