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RP: Fat People (male and female, alike), STILL Have NO Self Respect or Reason for Living -- Except to BULLY the Scrawny Types, wouldn't you AGREE???

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Hannah Miyamoto OUT of "native dress" (apparently she's a native Hawaiian, although she hails from Minnesota).

Hannah Miyamoto

Hannah Miyamoto
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Candidate for
U.S. House, Hawaii, District 1

Campaign website 
Hannah Miyamoto was a 2014 Democratic candidate seeking election
to the U.S. Houseto represent the 1st Congressional District of Hawaii.[1][2]
Miyamoto failed to file prior to the filing deadline.[3]

Perhaps her weight was a factor.


I have a suspicion that, given that Hilary attended Wellesley and graduated in 1969, was an ardent feminist from the first days of Women's Liberation, and that "gay" rumors have floated around her all her life, what she really doesn't want to say is that she was ALWAYS for same-sex marriage, and the only thing she changed her mind about was whether she could say it in public or not

So Terry's questions were on the wrong line of inquiry

(Actually, Hannah, you just PROVED Hillary is a complete Political Animal"Whether she could say it in public or not" means she REFUSED to be courageous and express what she really believed SO THAT SHE WAS ELECTABLE!!! -- HELLO?!?!?)

I love NPR, don’t get me wrong.  But damn, “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross hit Hillary Clinton hard on the degree to which she, and the Democratic party, were playing politics with their views on gay marriage. And Hillary got awfully defensive. This interview apparently happened today, and it's flying around the Net. Have a listen.
I love NPR, don’t get me wrong. But damn, “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross hit Hillary Clinton hard on the degree to which she, and the Democratic party, were playing politics with their views on gay marriage. And Hillary got awfully defensive. This interview apparently happened today, and it's flying around the Net. Have a listen.
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  • Nan A. Canter Agree!
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  • Gil Heinlein well in my opinion, she has really been very conservative, at least for me, but I will support her
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  • Kimberly Pilkington I heard that show too yesterday. What was with all the sniping?? Yikes! And yes, HC got very defensive. Not sure what to think about that.
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  • Scott Kenan The problem is actually that Hillary (like Bill Clinton, the Bushes, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Cantor, and Andrew Cuomo, are ALL beholden to BIG BANKS and WALL STREET and CIA narco-trafficking. We must all get over being partisans and find a NEW WAY, like my former Congresspeople Ben "Cooter" Jones and Cynthia McKinney are working to do.
  • Hannah Miyamoto Gee, another man with no vagina who isn't worried about the Republicans taking the Presidency. I bet 9 of 10 self-described Progressives against Hillary are male.
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  • Patricia A. Gozemba But Hillary was a bit too defensive and purposefully unclear.
  • Scott Kenan What a FUCKING man-hater you just proved to be, Hannah!!! I would vote for ANY of those Dems I mentioned before I'd vote for a Republican, but there is a growing group of people fed up with DEMS and REDS, alike, who say one thing and serve BIG BANKS anWALL STREET, and anyone who claims a PARTY allegiance serves these turds

  • I have commented many times on your threads and you "liked" my comments. Don't you remember what you have liked??? 

  • I was Tennessee Williams' last assistant and promised Jackie Kennedy Onassis I would one day get President Kennedy's REVENGE. My Kenan relatives founded UNC Chapel Hill and inherited more of Standard Oil than Rockefeller ever owned from Henry Flagler (plus the most valuable parts of Florida and 40% ownership in America's railroads in 1913). And my top allies are Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold control of Bank of America to the Kenan Family. 

  • They admit to me that they pressured the Gambinos in Chicago into stuffing ballot boxes to steal the Presidency for JFK from Nixon -- at Old Joe Kennedy's request -- and thank God they did!!! 

  • We need to get past partisanship and vaginas, penises, menstrual cramps, and testosterone rages, and EVOLVE into our Higher Potential. More is on my blog: 

  • Thank you for reading this.


  • Kimberly Pilkington Sighs. It never fails.

  • Scott Kenan Kimberly: Could you be a little more specific, please???

    • Hannah Miyamoto Scott Kenan: Defensive, much? I mean that giving Republicans control of the White House would allow them to put a permanent 6-vote right-wing majority on the Supreme Court, and the rights of women will be a step away from the Handmaid's Tale. Then we might as well have a violent revolution.
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    • Scott Kenan Bitch: I JUST WROTE that despite Bill Clinton's ties to Big Banks, Wall Street and Bush/Cheney/CIA narco-trafficking (WHY Barbara Bush now calls Bill Clinton her FAVORITE SON -- haven't you wondered asking why THAT was in the news so much a few months ago??? -- google for it!!!) -- any Mexican will tell you Bill Clinton expanded narco-trafficking MORE to profit Bush/Cheney than EITHER Bush Prez!!! -- and Obama is a blackmailed faggot (I'm gay as a goose, myself), and for that reason ONLY supports CIA worldwide hard-drug trafficking for Republicans. 

    • That sentence got away from me but I wrote that I STILL would vote for a HYPER-CORRUPTED Hillary over ANY Republican

    • Perhaps to improve your reading skills you should go to one of the 86 U.S. Universities who get MORE private money from Kenan Family Charities than from any other private source. The Kenan Family of North Carolina (despite their many crimes against God and Nation), have been the largest support of University Education in the World for 101 years, now. 

    • High Democrats sit on the Board of Directors of the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS , at Duke U., Thomas S. Kenan III's Charitable Trust is preserving native languages and cultures in Latin America, and check out Kenan Institute Asia, the largest private/governments cooperative agency in the world:  . 

    • What have YOU done lately for your country besides be too FAT AND LAZY to file to run for Congress on time??? 

    • And why so "VAGINA INFATUATED"??? Are you a bonobo???

      lection and commitment, conducting interdisciplinary research, and shaping policy and practice. At Duke we serve as a central node for analysis, debate, and engagement on ethical issues at and beyond the university. We c…

Perhaps the BEST meme for fat girls is a bonobo (our closest genetic relative) in full estrus.

Anyone got the BEST meme for an un-evolved human MALE???

Please share in comments!!!



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