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RP: Apparently, I Have a "GrAveMal" Mind.

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1. This actually had little to do with Del Shores, but there is a bit to report about him, first. He was as down-to-earth as I had come to expect, with an entirely unaffected personality.

I sat in the second row back -- right in center -- and ended up in a few exchanges with our entertainer, but none of particular note. (That ALONE shows I'm learning to speak "appropriately"!!!).

And I have to say that the Red Room at Act II Stages, strangely shaped so it is far wider than deep, was as perfectly comfortable for this as it is for our Puerto Vallarta Writers Group,. and every time I am there, I see more reasons showing that Danny Minini put a hell of a lot of thought and effort into designing and building the theaters.

Now I'm not going to get much into reporting on his performance -- you should just go SEE IT. He'll be back next Saturday night, and if you are interested, his new movie SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES will actually have its International Premiere then, Del will do his stand-up act (which he promises will be significantly different stories), and there will be a party as well. Check for the details:

Leslie Jordan and Del Shores, whose name is actually "Delferd", which has even caused Black folks to feel sorry for him.

Leslie Jordan as Earl "Brother Boy" Ingram, written by Del.

2. For ME, the best part was hearing Del talk about the Tennessee legislator (of which level I forget), who challenged him to a public debate -- if Del would pay him $1,000.00. Apparently, this is illegal to do, and Del contacted the Ethics Committee in Tennessee (who knew they would have one???), and with the help of lawyers, got the guy CENSURED!!!

But beyond that, Del said he FREQUENTLY researches, finds contact info, then emails public figures who say or write ignorant things -- which is EXACTLY WHAT I DO!!! -- and not only that, he uses plain language and is not afraid to tell the unvarnished truth. I felt like we are BROTHERS-IN-ARMS.

And before all of this, from that same Red Room stage, I read yesterday's blog posting,, and not only was it very well received, but for the first time I was completely COMFORTABLE on stage, relaxed, and read at the right rate of speed -- and realized I DO have talent to do material on a stage, something to consider as I decide what sort of FORM I want to write my own story in.

3. Now in the course of his performance, Del mentioned Tennessee Williams is his favorite playwright, which gave me the opening to speak with him afterward. I got his attention, then told him that although I should be embarrassed to admit this, I've watched his movie, SORDID LIVES, more times than any movie of Tennessee Williams work -- and I was Williams' last assistant.

And then, I also told him how I TANKED North Carolina Republican State Senator (Wilmington) Thom GoolsbyTRUE, he also got caught in an Ethics Scandal, but my blog is known as the "TOWN TATTLER" in Wilmington, and everyone reads it for the scandals I reveal. 

I documented all of this many places on blog, but the best piece was written after Sen. Goolsby pretended to be a "kindly old granny" and neighbor of the Senator -- filling comments on this piece. It is a total HOOT, as you see -- in the process -- I realized it was him, and confronted him:

4.Now, the audience last night was enthusiastic throughout (and I would recommend that people uncomfortable about talking about gay people, sex, and issues DO attend. By contrastafter an immersion in the Healing Waters of Del's stories, they will never feel uncomfortable again), but wouldn't you know it, I sat next to an active Episcopalian priest -- and we got to talking.

After he mentioned that, I said that I had been Tennessee Williams' last assistant and have a few issues with his Church -- although Episcopalian people generally seem well educated, evolved, and RIGHT SMARTusually, but my biggest problem is really with Sewanee. You won't believe what he replied -- I was so surprised, I had him repeat it to be certain I heard right:

"The ONLY thing Episcopalian I will never defend is Sewanee."

Yes, we then began talking about Sewanee's Confederate Mace and other troubles, and it seems to me, that I will contact actual Episcopalian clergy here in Vallarta, so that they can EXPERIENCE that I am actually a reasonable person -- not just the "Screaming Banshee" I sometimes am on blog -- and I can go through proper church channels to make some kind a agreement that while I do NOT seek turning over the Tennessee Williams estate to Harvard any more, I DO want to feel free to talk about it.

And THEN, I will be comfortable at the Tennessee Williams Festivals.

The James G. Kenan Memorial Organ at All Saints Episcopal in Atlanta -- where I actually worshiped in the mid-1980s, before it was installed in 2003.

The wealthy branch of my family has given TOP NOTCH organs to other Episcopal and Presbyterian churches as well.

I also know that only a few Episcopalian clergy were involved in this -- and that probably holds true of the narco-trafficking as well. I can go through proper channels so THEY can investigate it -- and I mean what I know about their connection to the Cali Cartel people in Stone Mountain, Georgia -- as well as to part of the Wilmington, North Carolina operation.

Not bad -- just for going to a Del Shores performance!!!



And here come those WHITE MEN!!!


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