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RP: Are YOU Ready???

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Trick-or-Treat time -- in just a couple of days!!!

Republican "Trick-or-Treat":

"Trick-or-Treat" Wilmington, North Carolina style:

Here is what is on the back sides of these meters:

You see, in Wilmington, North Carolina, panhandling is ILLEGAL (not that it ever stopped me or others -- but it helps to ensure politeness on the part of the homeless, so that you are at least empathetic enough NOT to notify the police), and the city placed about eight of these coin meters around the metro area, to REPLACE panhandling and raise money to give to homeless people, bringing in about $600.00 total in their best year.

And not only that, but a full-time administrator (an appointed political crony by someone in city government), was being paid about $70,000.00 dollars annually from TAX-PAYER FUNDS to administer this program full time -- at least back in 2011.

I guess THAT is what you get when Democrats are in power too long!!! (not that I recommend a change).


I would like to thank THESE organizations who truly helped the homeless (including me in 2011 and 12), with hot meals and such. ALSO, some are Conservative, but never turned a gay away (from food, anyway)!!!:

1. First Baptist (the one fronting on Kenan Plaza) -- they REALLY did the MOST!!! One day I will make them GLAD THEY DID!!! (Gary was the guy who led it.)

2. Some evangelical church with a beat-up van and non-fancy volunteers who twice a week fed us -- and picked up people Wednesday nights for services as well. They searched and found some clothes that FIT ME!!!

3. St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church -- also not "fancy people".

4. Grace United Methodist Church

5. Salvation Army, where gay homeless people did not THINK of staying -- but they fed EVERYONE.

6. Charismatic Episcopal Church of St Peter the Fisherman which not only fed us with HUGE excellent breakfasts every Sunday morning, but had a network of drivers to pick up and take all "home".

7. Pine Valley Church, who served a GLORIOUS breakfast, monthly.

Me at a King's Breakfast.

8. And First Presbyterian (the Kenan-associated one), took turns with another Presbyterian Church so that they each brought a meal once per month. And the funny thing is, that while I was temporarily NOT homeless for three months, I SERVED the homeless at Mercy House Shelter (where I later stayed for four months -- until Rev, Shavers or Shivers kicked me out on a false charge of making a pass at the ugliestskankiest guy -- LOL!!!), with the First Presbyterians -- and it was our Discovery Class which had its turn that month -- they kindly insisting I did not need to help pay for the food.

God BLESSED that Discovery Group -- and I SORELY miss them!!!

And, again, I'd like to say that First Prez ALSO gave me considerable money -- until that was clearly not going to soon be no longer necessary. I had the BEST philosophical discussions with Rev. Ernie Thompson that I have ever had with a practicing Christian. Unfortunately, he is constrained by the backwardness of some of his congregation -- probably the ones with the most money -- so our friendship was doomed to fall apart.

9. Basilica Shrine of St. Mary's Catholic Church, where Father Bob Kus and Sister Mary Isaac (who received special Papal Accolades for helping the needy), who were BOTH quite witty (helped THIS homeless man more than the food and other help), and I gave 10% of the revenues from my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams while it was published on Amazon, to Tileson Outreach. This even through nine months of being homeless myself -- and before I got SSI Disability. I hope to give them more one day.

You can read it now for free here:

Sister Mary Isaac

Father Bob Kus practiced psychology before he studied to be a priest.


As all readers should know by now, I have ties to TWO of these people!!!:

And then there is THIS as well:

Mexico -- to her credit -- is FAR more honest in her news and what politicians say, and is trying quite hard to deal with the MURDERSKIDNAPPINGSTHEFTSETC. caused really ONLY because people from the United States (which consumes 25% of world-wide prescription drugs -- as well as the lion's share of illegal drugs -- many largely from or through Mexico)DEMAND that Mexico keep so many in the USA high on illegal drugs.

This is WELL KNOWN to be run in Mexico by the CIA -- most increased by Bill Clintonbut profiting the Bush/Cheney Alliance.

SOME US Press doesn't LIE!!!

It's a MIRACLE that Mexico has not DECLARED WAR on all of the United States, which CLEARLY does this due to MASSIVE DEVIL POSSESSIONno???

I mean, what ELSE could you blame it on??? EVERY time you, or I, or anyone takes a "club drug", meth, cocaine, crack, heroin, or similar (but not necessarily marijuana), YOU help to murder Mexicans and DESTROY CIVIC ORDER.

Mexico is NOT afraid to show and learn from her warts -- unlike the DEVIL-WORSHIPING United States of America!!!

As Mexico lives through “its worst human rights crisis since 1968,” two Mexican students are in the limelight for their achievements in the same field.
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Sunset last night in Puerto Vallarta



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