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RP: Conversation with an Active Priest (Episcopal Church, USA):

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>>> ADDED LATER: Message just sent to Episcopal Church USA by secure server -- and accepted: -- as well as via Katherine Jefferts Schori's Facebook Page

Greetings! I will soon contact your office about straightening out these legal matters relating to the murder of playwright Tennessee Williams (my former employer), and the problems I have had with Sewanee, described in my blog. My intention is to be civil, respectful, and to help heal the Church of its crimes -- which you might not be aware of.

I DID call someone in your office about March 2013, but my email was hacked, so I have to find whom to contact. This is what I published about your church on blog today:

May God guide us to the best loving resolution of these matters.



Dear Father,

Was great meeting you last night at Act II's Red Room. I wish I had had more time to speak with you then, but with the very best intentions, I am hoping you can help me -- or refer me to someone who can. Because of what I know, many "condemn" me as mentally ill, "devil possessed", or just a plain faggot, but you had an opportunity to interact with me, so perhaps you should go by your own read.

I not only wanted to be a Jesuit in junior high -- I worshiped for some time in the mid-1980s in All Saints Episcopal, Atlanta, and have a lot of respect for the seriously spiritual in your or any other church. Let me get to the point.

When my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams was cancelled for its hard-cover publication, the featured release of 30 by Alyson Books in 2010, after returning my rights the top lawyer for them called and promised they would see that I was never published anywhere, ever. However, I did manage to get published in Kindle edition, but in an unrelated matter, an executive of Wells Fargo (the Kenan Family controls Bank of America with Frank Sinatra's heirs), with a minor talking head of FOX NEWS, Chicago, sued me for LIBEL (I had reported his narco-trafficking here in Vallarta for Wells Fargo -- which he told me about -- as well as his seeing Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse in Chicago when Obama was Senator), and even though I deleted all the material that offended him (Truth can hurt), they tried me in absentia in Chicago, and without proving any harm (and he never left his job), won TEN TIMES the $50,000.00 Jamie asked for, as well as copyright to my Williams memoir, RAVE-reviewed by John Lahr and several top Williams scholars. It can be read here, now: .

And almost immediately, FIVE failed attempts to commit me to mental hospitals in Georgia in ONE MONTH, so Col. Dottie Newman, recently retired as Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer and a docent at Atlanta's High Museum of Art, said if I didn't flee the USA the Republicans would kill me -- mostly, this was because of my knowing about how Tennessee Williams died and how the Episcopal Church stole his estate from Harvard -- as Jackie Kennedy Onassis told us would happen Jan. 11, 1982.

I can go on and on -- and my parents had deep ties to the greatest US corruption as well, so this is NOT all from the Episcopal Church.

Perhaps you should know that in reading the book THE KENAN FAMILY, Mercer University Press, 1999, I discovered with the help of online info, that my wealthy relatives gave the Episcopal Church nearly $100,000,000.00 over the last 90 years, the biggest beneficiaries being the Atlanta Diocese and especially Sewanee. Much of this money came from Kenan heirs with different surnames. I was not at all in the line of inheritance. And right before my wealthy relatives left the Presbyterian Church for the Episcopal, William Rand Kenan (the only Confederate credited with penetrating Washington defenses and taking a clear shot at Lincoln -- killing his aide by mistake), with the Pastor of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC, caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, the only coup d' etat in US History, leading directly to ALL the Jim Crow Laws being passed within two years -- and white folks thinking they can kill those like Trayvon Martin with impunity -- at least in the South. The Kenan Family has paid to suppress info about this event:

My point is that Sewanee's head council, Donna Pierce, has threatened to charge me with LIBEL many times, but can't since it is all true. Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander, recently Arch-Bishop of Atlanta -- now head of Sewanee's Theology Department was also a problem for me -- as they remain.

No one can change history, and President Drew Gilpin Faust of Harvard said she has no interest in retrieving the Williams estate from Sewanee, which I can prove they stole, and I know the three who were paid off by a top Tennessee state Legislator (Republican), for lying and overturning the Codicil to Tennessee's Will. As you might know, Tennessee's brother Dakin, a lawyer, swore to the day he died that the Episcopal Church -- or at least Sewanee -- had murdered Tennessee, as did Dotson Rader, a writer and close friend, still alive.

My concern is that the Episcopal Church examine itself and root out any corruption relating to Tennessee's murder and narco-trafficking, which I know a lot about, but will not get into right now, but I DID meet some Episcopal Church-associated narco-traffickers when I lived in Chacala, Nayarit two years ago. 

If you cannot help me get in touch with the correct Church authorities, let me know, so I can find someone else. I'd appreciate a prompt reply -- even if it is that it might take some guessed at amount of time to find who that would be.

And I would ALSO like to make PEACE with your denomination. While I had thought I should demand some compensation -- this caused my entire life savings to be lost, me to be homeless for 1.5 years, five jailings on eight false charges as well as two nut-house commitments (charges all dropped for no evidence, now, and the docs let me out immediately, since I was not mentally ill), and five times I was held hostage by Mexican Drug Mafia working with the Wells Fargo/Rahm Emanuel Drug Mafia of Chicago, and I give my info directly to Mexican Army and Marines Officers, whom I trust.

Oh, back to that compensation thing. Frankly, I intend to sue the CRAP out of NC and GA state officials who caused me the most harm, after overturning that Chicago conviction after I find a pro bono lawyer, so THAT is where I would like to take some compensation.

I hope all goes well with your routine operation, and by then I have been put in touch with the right Episcopalian authority. I will copy my siblings (who are not part of my efforts), as well as my last attorney of record, to witness my seriousness of intention.

Thanks for your help and understanding!!!

Scott David Kenan


Dear Mr. Kenan,

Thank you for this e-mail. It was interesting to meet you at the theatre last night, and you informed me about a lot of things of which I was not previously aware.

Unfortunately, so far as helping you find the right Church authorities to root out corruption and narco-trafficking, I must plead my ignorance. Most of my ministry career has been in "independent ministries". As much as I would hope to help cleanse the Church I love of any wrongdoing (especially anything as heinous as narco-trafficking), I am at a loss to suggest whom you could contact.

Thank you for your kind thoughts about my health. I will keep you and your concerns in my prayers. 

With sincerity and blessing,

An Episcopal Priest

P.S. When I get distressed about religion and the Church - which I believe have their dark sides just like everything human - I like to remember this Prayer for the Church:

O God of unchangeable power and eternal light, look favorably on your whole Church...let the whole world see and know that things which were cast down are being raised up, and things which had grown old are being made new, and that all things are being brought to their perfection by him through whom all things were made... Book of Common Prayer, 1979


Thanks Father!!!

I didn't think to research you until after I wrote you, and would not have asked you had I seen that you were mostly independent -- one not so much in the midst of "church bureaucracy". What had really caught my attention was your negative comment on Sewanee -- which I deliberately withheld asking you why you had it. I thought that it would be unfair to ask for such info from an employee of the Church, especially with your not yet knowing about my circumstances.

Also, I had recognized your friend with the prosthesis as someone I sort of KNEW, but did not -- yet had a great respect for. He can tell you how I know him if he wants to. But I didn't figure out where I knew him until the next morning, and that is when I decided to try to email you instead of going to the church to find you, eventually.

As it was, about March of 2013, I called and spoke with both a top admin at Sewanee and one in Prelate Katherine Shori's office as well, letting them know that I will get this all straightened out or be killed trying. BOTH treated me with respect, but my email is so hacked, I doubt I could find that email -- and so is my blog, all postings showing photos of Fernando Merino, the son of Colombia's top cocaine exporter who held me hostage in 2010, and whom I've since forced into hiding, were removed by the CIA, NSA, or other hackers. Then the photos of him I had on computer where scrubbed off by hackers.

And in other practical things, in Mexico, I have helped Mexican authorities now imprison a human butcher, sentenced to 25 years in US Max Security prison, who admitted to me the CIA let him out 14 years early to protect the CIA narco-operation in PV -- "Sonny" if you google for info in my blog, and the Guzman brothers, one of whom was in jail in Los Angeles awaiting trial for three drug-related murders there, were forgiven their heinous crimes -- as well as of illegal entry and living in US, and the CIA -- according to them -- released them to Puerto Vallarta to protect US narco-trafficking. THEY held me hostage once too, but now Albert (the more dangerous), is convicted and imprisoned in Ixtapa for a grizzly murder here in late 2010, the other is hiding in central Mexico.

I have also caused both Mexicans and "rouge US Special Forces Ops" to flee town.

In the USA, I have SHAMED my rich relatives (the ones who NOW give the most to the Episcopal Church and Republican Party), who solely own the top 1%-ers' destination in the USA, THE BREAKERS HOTEL, Palm Beach, into advertising WIDELY -- instead of being primarily the largest advertiser on, had much to do with the felling of NC state Senator Thom Goolsby, and got the investigation into the death of Natalie Wood reopened because of privileged info I had -- but it is hearsay, so cannot convict anyone.

I hope you will pray for me by seating yourself in God's Love, then knowing WITH God, that God is ALWAYS giving us everything -- but that I will have the intelligence and love to work my way through all this for the best of God's World. I have problems with asking God for ANYTHING, since by my definition, God is perfect, so if I tried to influence God, I would be trying to make Him less -- a FOOLISH show of disrespect.

Well carry on with your good work. I will publish our conversation after being sure you cannot be identified.

Thank you for your kind considerations -- and just for you being you.




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