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RP: So HOOTY I HAD to Publish It!!!

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I didn't mean THIS was hooty!!!


I can prove President Obama is a blackmailed homosexual (and it is fairly well known outside the USA) -- why he supports the CIA and totalitarian schemes of the Republicans. It is WORSE than just a PITY!!!

Twelve Nobel Peace Prize winners penned an open letter to President Barack Obama urging his administration to release a U.S. Senate report on the CIA's use of...
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Sad ... because it's probably true.... Check out all the HRC news you can get your hands on here:

(thanks to BNR fan Kris Power for sharing!)
Sad ... because it's probably true.... Check out all the HRC news you can get your hands on here:
(thanks to BNR fan Kris Power for sharing!)
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  • Molly Barrett Cooper I am so looking forward to the day we can all like or dislike, agree or disagree with someone without such bigotry - liberals are so down on freedom of speech, even freedom of thought. I believe in the freedom to see another for who they are, not the liberal/fascist dictation that one must be seen first and foremost as a race, as a gender, as straight or gay AND then my interaction/reaction must be according to those 'liberal' rules. I cannot stand Obama, I adore Allen West; I do not care for Hillary Clinton but I do like Mia Love, Condoleezza Rice. And, as for gay or straight I DON'T CARE and I am for marriage being between "two consenting adults", period.
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  • Scott Kenan I feel sorry for Molly Barrett Cooper. There are elements of good will from her, but she has no clue as to what is actually happening in the USA. My mother was Cheney/Boehner/Hannity's chief liaison with the last three Catholic Popes. We had swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings (and devout Catholicism), and Mom and her allies engineered the Nazi - style packing of the Supreme Court. I won't go on because I've bumped heads with her and know she refuses to RESEARCH anything. Having known or still knowing JFK's generation of Kennedys, both the Reagans, and Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold my family Bank of America, etc., I have DEEP contacts and knowledge, while she has silly assumptions.

    Scott Kenan's photo.
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  • Molly Barrett Cooper Scott I have been respectful of your posts. I kindly ask you give me the same. I do not debase or belittle your history, inside information. What I am saying is, I can reject a politician based on that politicians acts and policies, period. I can even reject them because I don't like them. It is not about race or gender and I am so tired of that being used to silence rebellion, disagreement. If you find that 'silly' then you need to refresh yourself on the true meaning of the word (not party) 'liberal'...
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  • Scott Kenan Nice try, Molly, but I have never hacked in or done anything else disrespectful to you -- because I respect all people. I just disrespect your ignorant mind that you developed and that has the effect of hating God. That is not the God-made you, but the lazy thinking you. That's all -- and it's your business. You do not have a significant area of influence, so no reason for me to argue with your little self. I don't consider myself a Liberal -- and I often blog against the hypocrisy of Liberals -- but it usually does not come close in negative effect on society to the willful ignorance of Conservatives.
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  • Scott Kenan And for the record, Bill Clinton advanced Bush/Cheney/CIA narco-trafficking for the Bush Family more than either Bush President (and I've met the Bush family money launderer), which any Mexican can tell you!!! Of Democrats, I especially don't trust either Clinton, Al Gore, Rahm Emanuel, Gov. Cuomo.
  • Molly Barrett Cooper Last week you told me to kiss your unwiped ass...classy. Today your words of choice are silly, ignorant, lazy. You posted the same background info. Take care Scott, perhaps an increase in your medication is in order.
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  • Scott Kenan Look cunt, I AM angry, but most people -- even white Christians -- are slowly coming to realize the lies we've all been fed so cannot make good decisions or opinions based on the junk we are served. This is NOT as true outside the USA where the CIA and NSA control the news less. If you had googled "Scott Kenan mental illness" and did some RESEARCH, you would know that my mental health has been cleared many times by shrinks in the USA -- except some of those associated with the Republican Party -- LOL!!! And cunt is just a word meant to shock, I admit it. Shock therapy of THINKING (not electricity), is what I'd recommend for you.
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  • Dan Kiessling Or, perhaps a decrease in meds. It is pretty obvious where the respect/disrespect lies.
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  • Scott Kenan Words are only that. Trying to shock a stubborn ignorant person is a FAVOR showing ultimate respect. Disrespect is to allow people to live in ignorance. I leave this thread now.
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  • Molly Barrett Cooper In your delusions of grandeur and paranoia too bad a more advanced vocabulary has not been developed.
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  • Scott Kenan Thank you Molly for your self-righteousness and psychologist pretensions. YOU are always the potential for the greater expression of God in this world -- regardless where your mind and heart are now. Just remember that, and you cannot eventually lose!!! That's the BEST news of all -- and the basis of Jesus's Teaching.
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  • Molly Barrett Cooper You're welcome.
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  • George Xillas LOVE IT, AND SHARED IT!
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  • Scott Kenan And here is my latest -- contacting the TOP of the episcopal Church, USA:
  • Dan Kiessling Mr. Kenan are you from Claxton, Ga.? The head of the Episcopal Church is Jesus Christ, let me know if he gets back to you.
  • Scott Kenan Not from Georgia originally -- or Claxton at all. The head of the Episcopal Church in the USA is Katherine Schori (whom I just directly contacted, fool -- you should read my blog). Also, you might not know that the reason the Episcopal Church is SEPARATE from the mother Anglican Church is that ALL CLERGY in the English church must vow FIRST ALLEGIANCE to the monarch of England -- which the Americans refuse to do. Thanks for asking!!!
  • Dan Kiessling Sorry to correct you, and you may wish to contact Bishop Katherine again and ask her but the head of the Episcopal Church is Jesus Christ. I did read your blog, that is why I figured you were from Claxton, Ga.
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  • Scott Kenan My blog has 2,500 postings going back to 2008 -- you read how many??? Stop publicly lying, and Bishop Schori has had no time to respond. Well, I guess you are Catholic -- that church makes the same claim and it's a lot larger, older, and more experienced at it -- or are you Mormon, the church claiming Jesus at head -- but that Jesus came back bodily to North America and told them to marry multiple wives. Also, if associating me with Claxton means I'm one of those horrid fruit cakes they make there, I TRULY appreciate your WIT -- Thanks for that, but I make my OWN fruitcakes from my family's 19th Century recipe -- and they are aged and soaked in bourbon, and MUCH BETTER!!!
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  • Dan Kiessling Yes, the Claxton, Ga reference was certainly about nuts. Thanks but I read the one blog attached above and it was enough for me. Your disconnected thought patterns and rants are not all that amusing. I am sure the zoo gets over 500 attendees looking at the monkeys a day but I need not be one of them either.
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  • Scott Kenan Sure wish I had your email address so I could send ya more NUTS!!! Start yer own blog, and spew your ideas. I'm sure white racist Christian assholes will love them!!! My family has given nearly one hundred million dollars to the Episcopal Church over the last 90 years (mostly Sewanee and Atlanta diocese), including many major pipe organs like the Kenan organ at All Saints Episcopal in ATL, where I worshiped in the mid-1980s.
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  • Dan Kiessling Once again, one of your blogs was plenty for me. Given your family's generous gifts to the Episcopal Church and your past worship history might I suggest They may be able to assist you during this time of trouble in your life. God bless.
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  • Scott Kenan LOL!!! On mental illness and the Episcopal Church. I'm NOT surprised you knew about that site!!! Also, first popularized by Red Skelton, a cheesy but popular TV showman in the 1950s and 60s, "God bless" has no object to the verb, so is non-sensical. Well, God blessed YOU, so I hope you soon WAKE UP TO IT.
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