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RP: Well, I AM Calming Down (in fits and spurts)!!!

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But I wasn't sure about the new "Butt Plug Christmas Tree" in Paris:

But last night, for the sake of JesusGov. Chris Christie flew over and sat on it.




Yesterday, after I came to find the graphic that IS that posting, and its significance, I realized how FUNDAMENTALLY the fight with AIDS in the 1980s, especially, had affected me. The US Government was doing next to nothing, Christian Leaders were thanking God for bringing this painful retribution on homos and black Haitians, and while nice people even sometimes helped, they did NOTHING to purge the Christian religions or the Republican Party (especially), of those who hate and wish slow painful deaths on gays and certain minorities, in the Name of Jesus, of course.

But then, I had to consider that while a great number of those people are still alive, they and much has changed the last 30 years, so it is more important to find understanding NOW, than to try to assign blame, etc. for the past.

The realization of this, caused my anger to dissipate about like the air in the Paris Butt Plug overnight, last night. But wouldn't you know it, something at Puerto Vallarta Writers Group TRIPPED ME UP this morning -- LOL!!!

Too few are scoring the stories they promised to, in deciding what to include in this year's anthology, and it all was being argued from many points of view, today -- long after decisions should have been made and responsibilities taken, CHIEF among them being the correction of errors that each applicant should have done BEFORE submitting.

So I quite literally cussed them ALL out for being a bunch of spoiled White Americans (mostly), ACTIVELY in a culture of "FEED ME, BURP ME, CHANGE MY DIAPER" -- and most of them are old enough to be retired with plenty of time to do this before submitting.

But the bottom line, is that I and two others volunteered to read and score the entries that only two of the "promising five" have bothered with the commitments they made, TIME now being of the essence. I do NOT yet know how many that will be -- and am waiting to get them by email, shortly -- AI YAI!!!

But Charles (sometimes called in this blog "The Jaw"), is in charge of getting all the scores together, and while I can't help but like him, he has carried an NRA (National Rifle Association) tote to group, claimed that Muslims are fundamentally trying to convert or murder everyone on earth (I know some do, but I've known MANY very kind and loving Muslims, so I judge on DEEDS not WORDS of the yackers -- and GOD KNOWS I know many Christians who are at least that Evil), and I have even supported Charles's recent two-week trip to Wyoming to shoot antelope -- NOT my thing, but I am not against hunting the non-endangered for FOOD, even though not needed for that, really.

A scene from THE MISSION

But here's the kicker: Charles (a football player sized 68-or-so-years old white man, whom I have no lust for), at one point (when everyone was paying attention), raised his arm and invited me to sniff his pit to calm down -- like those two old "Indians" offered their penises to the priest played by Jeremy Irons in the movie THE MISSION (1986), when HE was in great distress -- a practice of Naive Americans who knew what science has recently proven -- human semen is CHOCK FULL of natural mood enhancers.

I didn't do it, but LOVED that Charles was so smart and ballsy.

Anyway, it did NOT stop there, because at lunch for eight of us, we all got to bragging about all the times we have all bribed cops in the USA, other countries -- and especially Mexico. Perhaps writers are fundamentally criminals.

But Charles told a great story of having gotten all the necessary paperwork together to marry his second wife, a Catholic Mexican -- in the Catholic Church. It had not occurred to him that he would need to PROVE HE'S CATHOLIC (which he never was -- nor is he now), for the interviewing nun who could issue his Marriage Licence, he had to have a Catholic Baptismal Certificate.

So remembering his successes bribing cops, he pulled out a 500 peso note, slipped it under the pile of papers and slid it back to the nun. She immediately issued his Marriage License.

Now, some might think that means he is not actually married -- but I DISAGREE. Marriage is between two people -- and God, if you will. The Church is just there to push the paper, and the equivalent of $37.03 USD is what it took to LUBRICATE THE WHEEL.

That's all (and I might make Charles an "Honorary North Carolinian" for that)!!!


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