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RP: Christianinity -- the Political Arm of Beelzebub that KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME!!!

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Thankful that God gives grace and mercy...NOT karma! Because of what Jesus did for me on the cross, I am forgiven and redeemed.‪ #‎IamFollowingJesus‬ ‪#‎Redeemed‬

The gospel of grace!
The gospel of grace!
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  • Scott Kenan What kind of silly Tom-foolery is THIS??? Jesus didn't get what I deserve nor what my mother's co-strategists deserve. Mom was the Papal co-ordinator with Cheney, Boehner, Hannity, and others to pack the Supreme Court with NAZI -style Catholics. We had swastikas on dinner plates growing up and daily beatings. I KNEW the Reagans, Kennedys, etc., so was blessed with the contacts to get the real story. Even Jesus couldn't make amends for the traitorous Republicans and Dems like Obama and both Clintons. More:
  • DeWayne Howard Because of our sinful nature that we were born with, we deserve Hell for eternity, separated from God. But, Jesus died on the cross taking on our sins and God's wrath so that we didn't have to. Because of His sacrifice, we can have life and live eternally with Jesus in Heaven. We certainly don't deserve Heaven, but it's ours when we choose to follow Jesus and give our lives back to him.
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  • Scott Kenan Nicely regurgitated and I have learned not to argue with those who deny the Bible, which tells us we were made in the image of God. The only way to reconcile the Bible with what you wrote is to say that God, too, deserves hell and is sinful. Although no longer practicing Catholicism, that church teaches much better things about God and his Creation. I hope this all works out for you -- but no one knows before dying, really. All best with your eventual death!!!
    • DeWayne Howard Sorry you don't believe, Scott. I will be praying for you. I don't argue either, just present what the Bible teaches.
    • Scott Kenan Sounds good to me, DeWayne!!! As you know if you looked at my blog, not only did I work for playwright Tennessee Williams, but my family founded UNC Chapel Hill, inherited Henry Flagler's fortune, took the only shot at President Lincoln by a Confederate within Washington, DC, caused the only coup d'etat in US History as well as the passing of all Jim Crow Laws, and currently are the largest support of University Education in the world for 101 years now. and there is this as well: . 

    • They are the largest financial support of the Episcopal Church, which in "Our South" rules from their only seminary, Sewanee in Tennessee -- and only in 2005 did they give up their symbol of power, the Confederate Mace. Currently, I work with the Mexican Army and Marines, giving them the info I have on the CIA's narco-trafficking, but Christians and Republicans have jailed and committed me so many times -- then dropping all charges, that Col. Dottie Newman (was Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocal Officer), told me that the Republican Party decided they had to kill me, and I could no longer live in the USA, so I am a political refugee in Mexico now.

      We are an interdisciplinary “think and do” tank...

Dr. DeWayne Howard

>>> Dr. DeWayne Howard, Pastor of IMPACT CHURCH in Kingston, Tennessee, has a large congregation and although he only blogged ONCE (April), in all of 2014, here is his blog about giving to his church, investing, and TAX ADVICE -- perhaps the IRS should visit him . . .


Justin LaNasa ran for a North Carolina Senate seat this year, but lost in the Republican primary. He lost in 2011, too, when he ran for Mayor of Wilmington as a Republican. He owns a tattoo parlor on Front Street:

Hey Justin -- I wish I understood more about Wilmington and North Carolina politics, although what I DO know is more than enough for anyone who cares about Justice -- LOL!!!

I never looked deeply into what actually was happening with Brian Berger and his New Hanover County Commissioner's seat, but it seemed to me that it is true that Berger got shafted by the machine, but he probably deserved his general fate -- just not getting it the way he did. And I've never seen an actual inventory of the weapons he broke into your locked arsenal in Western NC to get, but it seemed excessive to me (and thank God he did NOT have a confrontation with police when they arrived to arrest him!!!). I certainly understand that some would want a hunting rifle and maybe a hand gun for protection (not me, but others), but you had a lot of other weapons there. I've always wondered why you feel you need so many and what you intend to do with them.

Someone like you probably knows a lot more about how my rich relatives actually operate, and between Thomas S. Kenan III's being gay without issue, and the FACT that the book THE KENAN FAMILY in both editions lists NO INFO on Frank Hawkins Kenan's brother James G.'s children -- and in their case, I assumed this was because they are Catholic and that's almost as bad as Jewish to those Kenans, "Uncle Jimmy" having married a Catholic Clay from Kentucky so had to raise them Catholic, and I HAVE discovered that two of the five kids are now Catholic clergy.

Then Tom's full brother Owen died very early with little explanation, but left behind several children ALSO not told about in the book. With Tom being 75 or so, now -- and EVERY picture of him in public even in morning has him drinking an alcoholic beverage, so I assume he's pretty bad into alcoholism -- who the hell will be the new face of the Kenan Family???

Any idea???


On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 6:53 PM, Justin LaNasa wrote:

I think Marvin McFadyen pissed off some of your relatives Scott he's about to be "Bergered"!!!

Brian Berger

See more here 

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On Nov 16, 2014, at 4:24 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:

The reward for a Christian Life is JOY, in this life and the next.



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