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RP: True, False, and at LEAST Hooty!!!

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Something TRUE -- I am alive and thriving ONLY because I do this!!!

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“If Texas doesn’t want to have gay marriage, then I think that’s a right for Texas people to decide."- Former President Jimmy Carter
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FALSE CHRISTIAN!!! Previously Jimmy Carter said gay marriage should be legal country-wide. If it is a RIGHT, then how can a REAL CHRISTIAN change his mind to say it is up to each state???

Jimmy Carter's CURRENT STRATEGY is to let Christians off the "guilt wagon" if they hate gays -- in other words, he now supports REPUBLICANS!!!

For the RECORD, in 1990, when I was delivering my reports documenting the huge Stone Mountain Drug Operation to Newt Gingrich's office, I also dropped copies at CNN HQ (no surprise THEY never investigated or reported -- HA!!!), but also at the Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta. They must have been part of it too as they never responded at all either.


1. This morning, there were NEW comments to me regarding Bernie Marcus of Home Depot and the Georgia Aquarium, so I responded, adding MUCH, and added them to the last posting here:

And this includes something I had never calculated before (using this tool: Mary Lily Kenan inherited -- in 2014 dollars$11.5 Billion, from Henry Flagler -- but the Kenans were enormously wealthy already!!!

2. For the last two mornings, I got up to find that my GMAIL was shut down due to "suspicious activity" while I slept. Fortunately, this only happened one other time, about 1.5 years ago. Google made it simple to get it back.

MUST be highly accurate in my observations for me to have gotten these people this angry and aggressive -- BULLY FOR ME!!!

I have suffered MANY irregularities on Facebook the last three weeks. I believe they are PART of the CIA/NSA, while GOOGLE is more Humanitarian -- even if the US Government works through their flaws.

3. On my way to Puerto Vallarta Writers Group today, I ran into the "showboat" Mexican male, who dominated many of the  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meetings I had previously attended. I gave him the big hug he asked for (he is hot and likes to tease gay guys), and he said I should come back because I am missed.

I replied, that Lee Gosney, my co-worker at, had been a CERTIFIED ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS and NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS speaker, and using that as his way to travel the eastern US (at LEAST including Maine to North Carolina -- I knew cocaine distributors both places who bought from him), made deals with local REPUBLICAN politicians to distribute the illegal drugs flooding into the USA at Maxwell AFB in Alabama (where Pentagon Publishing had three legitimate advertising contracts), and I really didn't want to hear the name "Alcoholics Anonymous EVER AGAIN!!!
He literally ran away from me in a PANIC -- HA!!!

4.I received an email this morning from a woman at Act II Stages here in Puerto Vallarta, asking to be taken OFF my email list. This is the first time in nearly TWO YEARS that anyone associated with theater has asked to be taken off -- and the same woman emailed me a while back claiming that what the owner of Nacho Daddy's here had told me AT ACT II STAGES, that the Boutique Theatre would move in upstairs at that restaurant was entirely incorrect. Very shortly, it was CONFIRMED that this would happen.

Throughout my life, some women just do EVERYTHING ridiculous and try to alienate me from men who are their friends. These women are either straight or gay -- neither predominates. I don't know what to make of it.

But for the record, I will tell you that the last woman I had troubles from in the World of Theater, was the head editor of, who insisted to me that I could not POSSIBLY know Edith Love, who had been a closest friend at Denison University, and who went on to be the Managing Director of the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta for many years, before going on to head the top theaters in Austin, Texas, then Portland, Oregon.

I taught her a thing or two, and she remains on my list.

But seriously, with the local politics in Puerto Vallarta being what they are and EVERYONE somehow connected to drug mafia whether they like it or not -- and with the recent rumors that the Mexican Federal Government will soon step in and REPLACE many of the Puerto Vallarta cops to continue cleaning out the Drug Mafias (and two connected Mexicans telling me the city election campaigns for mayor are starting LATE due to worry about all of this and who all might get arrested, etc.), I think it wisest for me to only do the Writers Group in that theater.

5. And the LAST item today, is that Frank K. Meyer, DDS (the shared surname with my mother is only coincidental), who had been Frank Sinatra's dentist and good friend in Las Vegas, and to whom Frank sent all his girlfriends to fix their mouths, beautifully, not only MARRIED one of Sinatra's old fixed-mouth girl friends (although he has a Mexican wife now), he told me after Writers meeting that he knew all about the Sinatras doing old Joe Kennedy a favor and getting the ballot boxes stuffed in Chicago to steal the election from Nixon -- from FRANK SINATRA.

I guess this is why Bush stole HIS election from Al GoreKARMA PAYBACK!!!



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